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Marriage counseling sw portland Videos

Jeanne Bjorklund, My Portland Counselor

Elizabeth Limbocker MS LMFT - Therapist, Portland OR

T0424 //www.therapick.com //www.therapick.com/Elizabeth-Limbocker //www.rosewaycs.com Elizabeth Limbocker is a licensed marriage and family ...

Jane Meskill, LCSW Therapy and Counseling in Downtown Portland

//therapists.americanmentalhealth.com/305204742467470.page I'm sure our work together will make you feel better, understand more, find avenues of ...

Couples Therapy Seattle With Sacred Secrets of Sex & Love Workshop

//www.sacredsecretsofsexandlove.com/#!seattle/c1l41 Couples and individuals can give their romantic life a boost this year by attending a one-day ...

User Comments

This sounds like an excellent seminar and they do have great material on their website to share for those that can't attend. I've personally met them and they are two genuine spiritual, loving,and open individuals willing to share their wealth of knowledge.
This sounds like a very interesting workshop and I would like to attend it myself. I went to the website that belongs to the presenters and it appears that they have a lot of knowledge on this subject.
I don't live near where the workshop is being held in Seattle but I went on their site and I see they are having another workshop in Portland and in Chicago.
Nice music for that kind of video and it really got my curiosity. I need to find out if they are having that workshop in a city near me.
I just went to their other site and these people have a lot of products to go along with their workshop, very cool.
This sounds very interesting. Has anyone heard of this Patricia and Dan Cardona ? I want to check this workshop out.
The video really sets the mood and made we want to sign up just to find out what it is they are talking about.
Wow that looks like it would be an interesting workshop, kind of reminds me of the movie “Hope Springs”
Thank you! We can't wait to share this amazing information. We hope you can make it on Saturday, April 27.
Well done video and it really puts you in the mood to want to check out what these people have to say.
Congratulations, Patricia! I'm so happy to see you bring this sacred teaching to the world!
Nice video. I think I will check these people out, that workshop sounds interesting.
This will be a great seminar, thanks for bringing it to our area!
Very cool, I think I will sign up for the workshop tomorrow.
They will be in Seattle, Portland and Chicago.

‘Til Death Do Us Part: Late Nite Catechism 3

Portland'5 presents 'Til Death Do Us Part: Late Nite Catechism 3 at the Dolores Winningstad Theatre for three performances January 29–31, 2016.
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