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How to sell gs cookies Videos

How To Sell Girl Scout Cookies

Single Dad Diary from RJ Jaramillo. Dad Blogger reminds parents the rules behind the Girl Scout Cookie Sales Season.

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good points and funny video.... just don't think parents should be selling the cookies.... or whatever it is, at all. this is the opportunity for the kids to learn and grow and do a little work to contribute to the club or group they are in. I've supervised my kids and others outside stores or gone door to door with them, but it was always up to them to do the talking and selling. it gave them a lot of confidence and pride to do it all themselves.
Thank you for your feedback!
This was hilarious!

How to sell Girl Scout Cookies

A slightly comedic tutorial on how to sell Girl Scout Cookies. Follow these tips and maybe you'll be a top seller. 8202931.

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What Grown-Ups Need To Know About Selling Girl Scout Cookies

Girls learn important skills by selling Girl Scout cookies...themselves. What parents and adults need to know to help girls sell Girl Scout cookies, by not helping ...

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We sold cookies last year and while i did go with her to neighbors houses etc. I made her go to them and ask them to buy, record what they bought and even deliver the cookies and make change herself. I was always by her side as backup but she did the brunt of the work. She may not have sold nearly as many boxes as some of the other girls whos parents sold for them but she felt accomplished because what she did sale, she sold and she did the work herself.
This is AWESOME! I am a Brownie troop leader and my daughter who was a Daisy last year made it to the 500 Club. She did the work and I couldn't be more proud. This video makes the point that the girls, themselves, need to do the selling. :D
I like being gs

Using Credit Cards to Sell Girl Scout Cookies (Girl Scout cookies.)

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