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Laparoscopic surgery compared to open Videos

Comparing Laparoscopic to Open Spay Procedure

This video shows what the inside of a dog looks like after a 'traditional spay' compared to a laparoscopic ovariectomy. The differences are profound - as are the ...

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@levittownvet Yes its a single port 12mm trocar using a biovision operating laparoscope: it has a 6mm channel through which the long (45cm) instruments pass..I use a Powerblade to grasp/cauterize/cut. I wish the ligasure had a 45cm instrument but they don't! It won't fit down the length of the scope :( ...and as you pointed out they're still very expensive anyways!! I'm very happy with this Biovision system.
This is a great video and I'd love to use it to educate my clients but the music is awful. Please post this video again without any music, I'd be so grateful and I'm sure more vets would link to it across the world. cheers.
nice job. looks like you're working via a single port. what kind of camera/scope setup are you using? which cautery unit are you using? i'm looking at the Ligasure unit -but they're still VERY expensive!
With the amount of blood, do vets use installed drains as we human surgeons do? Or is there an issue with your patients chewing and potentially doing more damage with the drain?
No blood involved. Only bleeding is superfically from skin incision. Internally there's literally not a cotton-ball worth of blood. No drains needed
Delightful procedure. What's the budget expected for such an equipment ? How can I get this overseas ( France ) ???
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