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How to sell iron Videos

Runescape -- Why I Hate 07 -- (How to Sell Iron Knives) (Red Applez.)

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Identifying Old Cast Iron Pans

A guide to identifying antique cast iron skillets produced by several American manufacturers during the first half of the 20th century. Antique vendors (and ...

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Nice! When I was growing up, we had some very old cast iron skillets in so many sizes. When my parents divorced, they stayed with the house when it was sold and I lost them forever. I've been trying to build back a nice collection. Makes me wish I knew to look for this kind of thing way back when... though I was 14 at the time.
+Pinky Mixology my grandparents had tons cast iron it was all lost in a house fire I was a10 yo/ today I bought a 12 in LODGE my first CI pan 20$ at Kroger im never buying T-FAIL again there are lots of helpful peps on here im starting my collection here and now I will build 1 piece at a time and never buy a pan set again
Guess I better get my butt back to Goodwill and buy that pre 30's Griswold I seen for $15
+TheFoodnipple I better check my local GW I never see cast iron at garage sales
i inherited a set of cast iron cookware from my mother when she passed away in '97. My understanding is that she got them from her mother. Well all but one I am thinking. which leads me to this post. I have a 6-1/2 Skillet it has the cooking ring with the 12, 3 and 9 o'clock notches which I thought identified it as Lodge. but it says Made In Korea. What do you think?
I think you have a Korean imitation Lodge. I found one like it in a thrift store recently. If it's well seasoned it should cook as well as a real Lodge.
Is there any notable difference in quality between the pre & post 1960 unmarked wagner pans? Or is the only distinguishing characteristic the addition of "Made in the USA"?
"Small logo" Griswold pans in particular do seem to be lighter, smoother, and more well polished than just about any other cast iron pan ever made, including unmarked Wagners. :)
+Cast Iron Chaos another question for the master: in your opinion, how do unmarked wagners compare to small logo griswolds? i understand them to be in roughly the same era of production?
+Cast Iron Chaos that's a great piece of information. thank you! i see how the disamatic process would result in a rougher exterior, but would this be countered on the interior by the polishing of the cooking surface?
+Matthew McGinity The introduction of DISAMATIC automated production in the 1960s resulted in pans with a generally rougher and less polished surface. Those pans still cook fine. See here, for instance: //i.imgur.com/z9vvoEk.jpg and //i.imgur.com/9cDShgw.jpg

Farming Simulator 2013: MR Iron Horse Farm Episode 8 - Sell, Sell, Sell!

In this episode we manage to earn $40000 selling the sugar beet and potatoes. Then we go and combine the first small field and get ready to bale it. Farming ...

Bear Call Spreads, Bull Put Spreads and the Iron Condor

Visit our website: //www.wyattresearch.com/ Andy prepares investors to enter into the "Sell in May" period with Bear Call Spreads, Bull Put Spreads and the ...

Bangla Demo Ad- 02 (sell you old Iron ,TVC concept)

https://www.facebook.com/jibanufanclub Bangla Demo Ad- 02 (sell you old Iron ,TVC concept)

Minecraft Jailbreak: E1 Time to sell some iron!

Hello and welcome to my new YouTube channel!! server ip: mc.arkhamnetwork.org Please turn on your systems and like or subscribe to become a System ...

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sell cast iron gate

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Big Iron Online Auction, Case 1175 Agri King Tractor Cab, Sell November 4, 2015

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