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How to sell lte Videos

[SELL][TRADE] Samsung Stratosphere 4G LTE Verizon SCH-I405

I have these Devices that I cannot unlock from Verizon's network to use Internationally, there is a way but I refuse to do this due to "Time Consuming." I am willing ...

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Hi dude!! here's some trick you can do to unlock the Emergency call lock screen. 1. Press Emergency Call 2. In the dialer, dial: *#83786633 3. Then hit send. 4. Then hit the Home key. Done! i Hope this can help somehow.....
@MyGHMASTER very appreciative for the thought, but trading one more due to the hardware cdma is locked, and no software out yet to unlock it out yet.
All yours, outside the country at the moment but will return in a month if you still want it at that time? Thanks again for commenting, good day.
@william2556 Cant take it if its verizon, but if there new OTA was released then i would trade with you, thank you very much.
Hello such'm from mexico and I wonder if you could send me the method that is longer and takes more time please :)
locate folder inside file system by learning ADB, then use file decryption to read codes.
in good condition? and send me good pic's to [email protected] and we are good to go.
not have any way to do it without the emergency call screen, for example by IMEI?
I have a rooted HTC thunderbolt
Would you trade for a t mobile
Trade for tmobile exhibit 4g?
Can i buy the white one
tmobile which model?

RIM To Sell LTE 4G PlayBook Tablet

Google Chromebook Pixel to sell for $1,300 - LTE verison $1,450.... WTF?

Here is the link to the article: //gigaom.com/2013/03/25/google-to-ship-lte-chromebook-pixel-by-april-8-heres-the-lte-service-pricing/ Or CNET article: ...

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Exactly! Google is out of their minds if they think people are going to be buying this... I highly doubt it will sell well.
The Pixel is too expensive ,when it down to $600 , I'll buy it
Yes well said. So would I.
The fuck they smoking?


Verizon Goes the Extra Mile(s) | 4G LTE Network | Verizon Wireless

To ensure that every device on the Verizon 4G LTE network provides a great customer experience, field tests provide a “real world” evaluation of how every ...

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Cool video, but what data plan do you have? Do you charge yourself exorbitant fees as you do your customers for going over their data plans. I mean after all, this is why you took the "unlimited data plan" away from your loyal customers; so that you could profit from them! *smh*
+nyrz I have Verizon wireless with a grandfathered unlimited data plan, numb nuts!Still, go suck a dick!
What a ding dong. Congrats - You caught a spelling mistake. But you're still wrong and you're a still a dope who has zero knowledge about the industry. Good luck with your Metro PCS Unlimited shtty service clown
+nyrz Idiot?  Go suck a dick, you corporate shill!btw:  You spelled "genius" wrong!
imbecile, youre arguing about a business because they made changes in their profit model now? wow thats a first. a Business who makes profit. nothing gets by you !!!  of course, if you actually took my initial advice and learned a thing or two, you'd realize why voice tier plans went away and now they simply offer unlimited voice. oh wait, that wouldnt meet your logic since its just profit... what a mistake they made, they shouldve kept those 50 min plans - if only they hired you genious
+nyrz Unlimited data was taken away to profit off of customers, you corporate shill!
+posting id The unlimited plan was taken away due to the changes in market usage. Making up false theories does you no good. It would be beneficial if you actually took the time to understand how the high demands for mobile data have change the scope for all wireless carriers. Afterall, when users are streaming youtube and netflix, who is responsible for providing that pipe? Not them. Yup you guessed it, the carriers. And I know what youre going to say, wells Tmobile and Sprint and Bottom of the Barrel carriers still offer unlimited, of course they do - because if you actually did your hw, youll see these guys are bleeding so hard they have no funds to even invest into the latest technology. So good luck with your unlimited plans on below par service, not to mention the throttling and caps they put out there.

QbKing77 1000 Video Giveaway! HTC Evo 4G LTE, FlyGrip, and CruzerLite!

As promised, I have something special for everyone on my 1000th video! To show my appreciation for your continued support, I am giving away my HTC Evo 4G ...

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Have you ever wondered why they use plastic on the top? It is because the plastic piece is the WiFi antenna. If you look at the inside of the removable plastic piece it has metal pieces to extend the WiFi rang. If they would of used metal for the top the WiFi would not work nearly as good. How did I find this out you ask? My plastic piece cracked and the WIFI started to have really bad signal. I happened to push the plastic piece back together and Wallah! the WiFi immediately went to full bars.
Hi please can I win one of these phone...u always wanted this phone all my phones I've had barely worked...so please please can I have one of these phone I will do anything please see this I honestly want this phone so much please answer back so please I really want these phone
Hey qbking77 Congrants bro hey just quick question man can u make a video on how to get a S-off on HTC Evo 4g LTE i would rarely appreciated and i knw that alot of ppl would enjoy that man thanks
love the videos man. keep them coming. b4 i go get an android phone i wait to see your unboxing and first impressions. thanks for the all the videos, keep up the good work
Congratulations Tim on the big 1000! Thanks for everything you have done with Android community. I know you've helped me in more ways than one for my mobile devices.
Happy birthday qbking. Congrats to all your success. Thanks for all your videos they helped loads of people (including myself) just continuing posting videos
happy birthday mr android :) happy birthday brother ! i have been a follower from the start if you remember :P kudos :D
Please contacted me from my email --- [email protected] Again please answer I really want these phone
Happy birthday !! you are doing great on everything and helping me make m y android experience fun and easy
Thanx for all the updates on the latest phones and tech. I'm a big fan. I hope I can win that HTC one....
Heyy please I need the phone I never gotten a birthday gift in my life and my birthday is next wesnday
I love hour videos! You've walked me through rooting and unrooting my past 2 phones. Thank you!
1000 videos! Wow that's a milestone!! Keep up the good work Tim!! I appreciate all your help!!

MetroPCS Big 4G LTE Smartphone Discount Sale

Personal Links: My Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrBudgetTech My Instagram: //instagram.com/iammisterish My Google+: //goo.gl/5lWHf My Channel: ...

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I know the exact reason metropcs is having this super cheap sale. I'm going to make a video about it tomorrow, subscribe to my channel. By the way look at my other videos to see why the lg motion is the best metro phone, even better than the gs3 one reason is internal storage but just check out my channel
GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communications. Its a SIM card that allows you to connect to the network you are paying for.
It sounds like they are trying to get new people to sign up for their service with low price smartphones.
Sounds like they cleanin house and makin way for the new wave of phones.
I've heard that but I'll believe it when I see it happen.
did you noe that MetroPcs next 4g phone will be a GSM
I use the Blue Yeti. It is a great USB Microphone

Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon 4G LTE Smartphone w/ otter box, LG bluetooth...

I am selling my Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon 4G LTE Smartphone with several extras. I am starting the bid off at .99 on ebay with no reserve. Will sell to the ...

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Why are u getting rid of this phone, didn't you it get it?
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