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Benco dental mission Videos

Mission Team Building Game - Through the Hoops

Game Instructions: 1) Split into 2 or more groups. 2) Each team assigns two "gate keepers" to hold the hoola-hoop at the beginning of the line. 3) Everyone has ...

=UHU= Elektronik Ist Fantastik

UHU= - Ultra Sound Melodies 2009|File|Transient Force|TF020.

War Games: Surviving a disaster

Allison Barrie breaks down kit developed to help people survive the first 24 hours of any crisis and make their way to safety.

User Comments

None of that shit'll help you in a weather event. You're good to stop the king of England getting up in your face but other than that, useless.
It is a basic prepper kit, a couple years ago Preppers were considered madmen, now MSM is promoting it like it is normal. 

Rockin' Hula Hoops (Green Group)

Newswatch 16 Promo 1 Fall 2010

First promo created for Fall 2010 under the "Covering Ithaca and All of Tompkins County Campaign"
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