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How to sell your eggs in md Videos

Women's Health Questions : How to Donate Eggs

Donating eggs is a lengthy process that involves hormone therapy, analysis and an invasive procedure to retrieve the eggs. Understand the egg donation ...

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thank you for the information.

13. SpecialtyHealth - FAT ONE: Milk, eggs and lamb chops; Thomas Dayspring, MD; Gary Taubes

Many people would have you believe you are fat because you eat too much fat and too many calories.....FAT is not the problem. Carbohydrates are the problem.

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Taubes is wrong, at 0:12 for example he says fat is 9 grams per calorie. This is total lie, in fact it's the OPPOSITE. It's 9 kcal per gram! I cannot believe this quack even sells books.
+Dexter Morgan It does make sense. You're just a retard and cannot understand it. We need 2000+ kcal per day, not calories. The measurement used is kcal. One gram of fat has 9 kcal. You probably looked it up and realized how retarded you are. 
nothing you said made sense. please don't reply
+Dexter Morgan Haha you don't even realize that kilo calories and calories are interchangeably. I never met someone who didn't know that before. So tell me do you just eat 2 kcal per day? lol Google it, then you'll feel stupid, technically it is actually 9000 calories per gram. 
+Siegfried Furtwängler Knappertsbusch he said it backwards by mistake , you lied about 9000 calories per gram
Biochemistry is the study of carbon. Carbohydrate in its name is carbon and hydrogen. So it is to say that carb is no good for health which means we need not to study biochemistry. Because carbohydrate transform to sugar. But, both fat and protein are also transform to sugar too. Westerners eat carb get fat ( obese). In contrast, the Asians don't eat carb (rice ) will get fat. For example, the Japanese used to eat lot of rice (carb) they don't get fat and have less heart problems. The westerners influenced the Japanese (Asian) not to eat rice (carb). Now the Japanese people getting fat and rapidly increase in high percentage of heart problems.
+Wozitoya Dude Go to Mark Wiens channel and see what Traditional Thai and other Asian diets look like. (I assume u r of Asian decent.)They are loaded with animal products, Veggies and Fat. Rice or Rice Noodles are used to soak up the liquid fat and broth in a meal. I am NOT saying that these cultures do not eat a good amount of rice, but they also eat Lots of Veggies soaked in liquid that is Literally Floating in fat.I would agree that Asians that turn from rice to wheat may be suffering for the choice, But, in Northern China, people have been known to consume a lot more wheat than people in Southern China. And that is why the Chinese "Believe" people in the north are taller than in the south. (Not saying they are right, just what they say.)BUT, I DO believe that Fast food is ruining the lives of Asian cultures. And I also believe it is from the Wheat, and what state that wheat is eaten. Does anyone notice that White Rice is mainly used?I wonder if THAT has an effect on the whole story.Peace.

Youngevity 90forlife Eggs are so good

Eggs are the best protein you can give your body. I love my eggs 6 in the morning with real butter and I am on my day. Cholesterol you say is bad not here.

Sunday Brunch: Deviled eggs with Maryland touch

Wit & Wisdom give deviled eggs a Maryland touch with lump crab meat.

"Bread & Milk" -THE ORIGINAL VIDEO- vicdibitetto.net

website vicdibitetto.net.

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This is not funny at all
+Ava Harrington Why don't you apply that logic to your own life
+That Guy if you have something bad to say keep to yourself
+That Guy if you have something bad to say keep it too yourself
This is one of those things that you just come across and think. . . Why are people so stupid as to like something so stupid.
+Supernova Emperor You must be one of those people who get bread and milk!
When it snows 2 inches. This is how everybody in the South reacts....(America)
Could you make one like this but for the hurricane coming to the East coast? This video is HILARIOUS!
+LostInPhilly89 Yea I know, like its really not that big of a deal, but whatever floats y'alls boats I guess lol
+SammyJay525 That's the exact reason I looked up this video. :-PI don't get why people go frantic over stocking up on food. It's like every little storm is the end of the world or something....
what does he have to get again?
+Sean Holton Bread + milk.. xD
I don't get it.... I live in Florida so that might be why. Can anyone explain?
Ah okay, so this video is basically an exaggeration of people up north when a snowstorm is about to happen, got it! I found this video because this guy was in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 and I didn't understand the video at all. Definitely more for the Northern US, haha
Living in New York, I can from experience that people up here freak out way too much over snow storms (even though it's pretty much a normal occurrence). Whenever one is forecasted, everyone runs to the store the day before to buy bread and milk, thinking that they need to stock up on the bare essentials because they'll be trapped inside for months. In reality it takes maybe a day at most before the sun comes and melts most of it and people continue on in their lives.Personally, I don't get it. It's like everyone is about to make fucking French toast.
This ain't that good, how did it go viral.
+Kousaburo It's southerner joke
People like you watch it
+Kousaburo by you watching it :)

Healthy Egg Meals (In Filipino) - by Dr Liza Ong Tips #7

TRY EGG Omelet: With Healthy Ingredients. Mix the ingredients so your family will enjoy the benefits of egg. Egg contains contain choline which is good for the ...

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Hi po doc..ask ko lng pede pk b mangaling ang ovkahilo dahil tumataas grado n b mata? Pls replt po..salamat
Thank you po doc. Try kopo.
thank u doc......

The Egg Yolk Myth

https://drberg.com/body-type-quiz1?utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=youtube Egg yolks could be considered a great multivitamin mineral supplement- ...

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I eat 10 egg yolks. is that bad???
That is my question too. If you eat 10 eggs per day (300mg x 10 = 3000mg of cholesterol) which is 150% of what your body makes, is that bad?  Would your body eventually stop producing all good cholesterol since you are taking in 3000+ mg per day?  If you ate 10 eggs per day for 10 years, then stopped eating eggs completely for the next 10 years, would your body know to start producing that 2000mg of healthy cholesterol again?  Also, what happens with that 50% (1000mg) of excess cholesterol that your body wouldn't have normally produced on its own.Is too much of a good thing still bad in excess (in this case of 10 eggs per day)?
It is bad????
+Lyn Ejara me too :P
How many whole eggs can I eat per day? thanks.
+Alexandre Cardoso It's recommended to eat not more than 3 egg yolks per week . It's not a bad thing to eat 2 eggs in a day but 1 egg reaches the bodys need for cholesterol, so it's best not to eat more than one egg in one day. ( I'm a Pharmacist}
Thanks Dr. Berg I can now continue eating my eggs ( white and yolk) without that nagging concern re the yolk ! Based on no scientific evidence whatsoever I just felt mother nature surely hadn't got the egg that wrong and it must be okay to eat them without extracting the yolk, so I did and so I will! 
+hopefulinhell Everything in moderation my friend that's best :)
Double check the arrows on HDL/LDL. High density lipoproteins are the ones that are returning to the liver. The density increases as the "cargo" is delivered.
That's what I thought as well
I LOVE eggs.. My favorite breakfast is an egg sandwich with three eggs, three slices of bread and a slice of cheese, sometimes some ham if it's there.. It's quick, inexpensive, nutritious, balanced, hot as opposed to cold, satiating, and just as important, delicious.. The macros are also not bad at all..
+Eric Berg I take 2500 mg of celtic sea salt before all meals.
+TubeDeviant Ask you doctor what the RDAs are for sodium per day - see if he gets it right. You need 1000 mg of sodium as a requirement. 1 egg yolk contains 8 mg.
I was referring to the cheese and ham high in sodium you mentioned . If I'm wrong then I'd like to know.
+Jones If you have an argument with the doctor here, I'd like to hear it, in detail.. I have also never heard of eggs being naturally high in sodium..
Good idea if you want high saturated fat and sodium
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