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Cosmetology school kit contents Videos

Haul: cosmetology school kit (hair stuff)

thanks for watching :D x.

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Im in cosmetology school and we jist got our kits. Ive been in it senae August
Hey Amanda, can we chat are u on fb what's ur number?
Hey Amanda, can we chat what's ur number? Are u on fb?

What's In My Kit | Cosmetology School

Hi guys!! I recently started attending cosmetology school and wanted to do a video of my first impression and what I got in my kit. Thanks so much for much ...

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Did they go to the beauty supply store and get yalls stuff how much was your tuition
+Walter Wallace Some of it we did, tuition was cheap because I didn't go to a private school.
Did our school give you all this ?? 
The majority of what you will need will come in your kit and you might have to get a few extras but your instructor will let you know and congratulations it's a super exciting experience and I think you will enjoy it!!! Good luck to you!!!
+uniquia robinson I was just wondering bc I am starting cosmetology school next year and I was wondering what I need thank you
+queenofblue andpink It depends on which school you go to. Each school has different items that they order for your kit.

What's In My Cosmetology School Kit

Click to expand for more info... Blog Post with More Information: COMING SOON. What is Currently In My Kit: Miss Jenny Manikin...

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How is school going? I'm thinking about starting a part time program. Do they split the lesson?..for example work on some cosmetology and break it up over the months
Hope you are enjoying it! I love learning about makeup I just couldn't get into hair( just my own heheh) Thanks for sharing!

My Cosmetology Kit

Late Post******* got my kit... Wanna see it? Hea it go..lol Regency Beauty Institute Cosmo Kit Hair: Easy 27 from wigtypes.com.

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i cant wait to go to regency beauty school!
when do you start?
Great job! I loved the video! I'm addicted to watch others' "watch's in my kit" videos as I'm contemplating (and leaning more towards actually going) cosmetology school so I'm watching so many videos and will make my own once I get my kit. Thanx for sharing and you're funny
Thank ya girl! I wish you all of the luck on your cosmo journey. Knock em dead!!!
do you get any actual make-up
no we did not receive any makeup in our kits.
I love your video, it convinced my Mom to support my new journey in cosmetology. I start regency in January. What campus do you attend ?
Oh ok. That's what's up. I wish you the best of everything!
+Nautica LuxClientele I'm attending the one in San Antonio
+Tyra Cloud Thank you so much!!! I am so glad to hear that!! what campus are you attending?
Loooooooove this video. You're not boring, you ARE very funny, and you make me even more excited to start school in January next year. Great video!!
I will.  Thank you.
Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words. Good luck on your journey learn everything and Slay! !

Cosmetology School Kit

Hello !! So these are all of the supplies we got for school, I am still missing my makeup supplies but that will be given to me later:) Don't quote me on technical ...

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Did you pay for this along with your school tuition or separate??
+aimee turner The supplies are usually included in your tuition. I haven't checked this account in years and just noticed this video. Sorry for the extremely late reply.
the supplies are usualy apart of tuition

this is not everything but it is the most important stuff.

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@xCin75x i like your hair is that a sew in and a way to keep toting that stuff easier is to put it in a little duffle bag with wheels or carry-on which is better and put the heavy things in that. JCP has nice ones you can leave the light things in that kit you can also get a cheap lil lock for the bag if people steel when they lose things a roomy bag with many pockets is 4 u hope i helped ill ad a link to this
I knew it was a stupid question, but in high school in English class we had to pay for a book that was mandatory for us to read and we didn't get to keep it or get a refund. I'm starting cosmetology school on August 7th and I'm super excited. I want to know as much as I can before I go.
@MrzDivaPants youtube wont let me post a link but if you go to the jcp . com type luggage you'll see categories try duffle then go back and try clicking carry on see which one is best for you and your budget and then stop by your local JCP and get what you like and again hope i helped
Have you finished school yet? If yes, congratulations. Can you please do a what to expect going in to school. I'm hoping to start soon. Can you do a break down of semester by semester what they taught? I know you don't start off on a person, but how soon did you start on real people?
Just wondering what school you went to im sure you dont want to put it on here cause it looks like theirs alot of creeps. I recently regestered for regency beauty school and start next month and im wondering it that is the same kit ill get? Thanks for sharring you kit with us!
Hi xCin75x, I was just wondering where you purchased your caddy? Im not yet attending Cosmetology School, but I want to be prepared and the caddy looks alot more convinient and organized than tupperware or any of the other suggestions I've seen. Thanks :)
DANGGG! O_O a lot of stuff. What happens if you loose something? my friend dropped out because she said someone stole her stuff, and they said she had to pay to replace all of it. I don't understand that though..because she already bought it.
Hey, All of your stuff is really expensive looking and i was wondering was it included in your tuition(if a tuition was included) and its all yours to keep or if they gave you that and expect it back.
I went to orientation at Empire today and it was great. I will get my kit on Monday and I can't wait to do a video on it. I can't wait to learn about hair, skin, nails, and make up. Yay!!!!!
you look young girl like my age 14 lol thats a god thing and have u ever had problems with your hair falling out when u died it cuz i wanna die mmy hair and what is a good dye to use tnxs
They have a tech program at my highschool where I can do cosmetology and I want to do it.....is their any tips you can give me for maybe hair and makeup in general?
What school are you attending? I want to study cosmotology but I don't what would be a good school, I was looking into the Paul Mitchelle one. What do you think?
Im starting my class next month. Could you please tell me the name of the book and isbn# to the text book that i will be purchasing? Oh yea, and the author too.
after i got sick of buying cheap flat irons that didnt straighten my hair i took the advice of a friend and bought a Babyliss Pro Flat Iron! BEST iront EVER.
How much did your kit cost because im in the 9th grade and ours cost $250 but it was probably because it comes with 3 manikins and our workbooks.
What school do you go to and how much was your kit? I'm starting and taking my prerequisite classes the end of January at a technical college!
i go to empire and they gave my class such breakable stuff......btw did u recieve: Kyle, Destiny, Courtney, Angel, and Tiffany?
wow you got soo much in your kit!!! How much did all that cost? I only have like 16 things in my cosmetology kit :/ I'm jelly.
Wow! I wish my kit had that much stuff when I was in Cosmetology School. I wish you much success. You'll have a blast!!

Cosmetology School Makeup Kit

I recorded this video on September 1, 2014 but editing took longer then I planned.

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Awesome video love the hair as usual I feel like I learned a lot watching this video about the makeup kit. Actually know what stuff does now
Nice video love seeing the kit keeo up the good work



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Oh by the way I am a new subscriber :) Wishing you the best in school, videos and life :) Why should I win this contest?? Well I am a single mom who in believing for great things for me and my children. I went to esthetician school but after my divorce I put my dream on hold. But I recently went back to doing beauty videos, blogging, and doing makeup!! My life and my joy. I am so happy in my element. I also got picked to recently Tyra Beauty. The new beauty line from Tyra Banks from America's Top Model. (Which just made me cry, sing and dance all at the same time:. So I am so so excited to see things coming together. Thank God lol.. Well girly I look forward to your new videos. Have a great one.
+Flawlessmakeuplover Hello - Thank you again for picking me as your winner. I am so honored. Is it on its way yet? I have not received anything. I wanted to make sure you are ok. Thanks again.
+Flawlessmakeuplover What a blessing. Really?

My Cosmetology School Kit

Hey there, that's a lot of stuff right! Started school about 2 weeks ago. This is all the stuff we get. I love school so far. I will try to do a life update video asap.

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p.s Id like to see another video of all the stuff after you unwrapped it and see what is actually is in more detail.
hey that is understandable. Just do good in school, and then make lots of youtube videos of what you learned to do after lol.
Id like to do that but everything is at school nd its not easy to bring stuff home since i dont have a car and i go to school nd work so i dont have a lot of time sorry :(
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