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Cosmetology @ Odessa College (OC) www.odessa.edu

Cosmetology @ Odessa College (OC) www.odessa.edu.

Seminole Student Sent Home to Cut Hair, Parents Say It’s Against His Religion

SEMINOLE - When all other Seminole students were headed to their first day of school on Monday, one little boy was sent home because his hair was too long.

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Isn't it crazy that us natives still have to prove who we are in our own country? someone asked if I was native and they told me to prove it lol
Exactly! But it's crazy that we still have to prove it
Anyway, it's written in your face that you're Native, the guy surely had mud in the eyes to don't notice it
lol he said "how prove it?" lol I just "my parents" lol my mom works in enrollment at the tribal office too
"someone asked if I was native and they told me to prove it "o wtf..What did you say? "Yeah, come to my long house, I've many scalps to show you?" :P
Right! It's crazy
so sad, was hoping after my generation that the next would be spared this
uhh being indian isnt a fucking religion its a race
+MLGTroy1 Dumbass: indian by race can convert to islam, buddhism, hinduism christianity anything. His race wasn´t the point - at least it shouldn´t be - the point was his religion. I, as white, could convert to animism. So, if i´d be a boy, blonde, wearing long hair - it´s the symbol of my faith.
+MLGTroy1 Do a little research on Native culture and religion/spiritual beliefs. To a Native, the hair is sacred and every tribe has its own reason. Some belief it is the mannifestation of our thoughts, an extension of who we are, others believe it has to do with the water, the one thing that without we would all die, it flows just as water does, from our head, the place that our mind is kept, our thoughts. We generally do not cut our hair unless in mourning of an immediate family member, or letting down, no braids, for extended family. Like I said, every tribe is different, but hair is sacred in every tribe.
+Native Legends huh
MLG huh, You're already outta here CoD Thug.
you do not understand

How to create the perfect Bob Hairstyle :: Hair Tutorial

Creating the perfect Bob hairstyle - Celebrity inspired hair tips and tricks. Find out how to create a bob like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Victoria Beckham and Katie ...

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I've been hesitant to do backcombing for fear of major knots. Has anyone experienced bad knots in their hair from this? I'm worried I might wind up with a rats nest of knots.
You dont have to worry that much about knots. Just start small with it because you can always make it bigger but it harder to brush it all out again. and you can always use conditioner to help get the teased hair back to normal.
You can use conditioner in the shower and brush them out

Harlem Shake [highschool cosmetology edition]

Filmed at Odessa College! Please give us likes! For 103.3 Kiss FM.

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Next time u guys should get Mrs. Cox in it!!!
lol that was funnyyyy
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