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Cavalia: a Dazzling Display of Horse Power and Beauty

A show that has charmed millions of people in other parts of the world is now playing in the United States. What makes Cavalia special is that the stars are ...

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I've attended and sat front row center, the horses seemed to enjoy themselves and I did not see anything that suggested animal cruelty. I was stunned that some animal activist suggested such. I have risen since I was a child and now retired. I highly suggest this amazing experience with sight sound and awe.
Wow this is amazing. Why is the horse at 1:52 badly frothing at the mouth though?
+Sabrina Kuehner who cares horses are dumb AF anyways
Okay bud. 
+Kaitlin Hingle Frothing isn't very natural for a horse unless under stress. But In Dressage it is encouraged. It's good for a english rider. Not good for the horse. Although some horse's froth when getting excited. (Or under stressed as I said.) 
Frothing isn't good.. They froth bc the can't get release from the bit...
+Tiffiny WOooh, ok.  That makes sense to be honest.  I've just watched a few dressage videos and you're right, the horses do froth, and it makes sense to what you've said.  I'm not a horsey person so never really understood why they froth, but do now thanks to you :-) Thanks for clearing that up! Do the horses tend to use their long tongues to lick it off after they have been ridden, or does the rider usually wipe it off afterwards?
Okay you people have no idea about horses. Frothing at the mouth is GOOD thing. Watch any top level horse in Dressage and you will notice they are frothing because they are soft supple and enjoying what they do. A soft mouth (frothing) is a good thing as long as the RIDER has brains enough not to abuse that softness from their animal.
+Kaitlin HingleHorses are such gorgeous animals, but it just looks horrible seeing them with a mouthful of froth :-\ It looks so thick, it must be hard for them to swallow it as they don't lick it off.  If I was there, I'd have gone up to the horse and wiped the froth off with my hands to help it...Bet it'd feel all horrible and foamy and slimy, but I'd rather have it on my hands than the poor horse having it all around it's lips!
No they don't lick it off... They are extremely uncomfortable.. Horses we're not made to have bits in their mouths..
+Kaitlin Hingle Oh right, that makes sense actually. There just seems like so much froth there.  Would you say the horse minds all that froth on it's lips and in it's mouth, or would it be uncomfortable for it? Couldn't it just lick it off with it's tongue, or not?
Bc the rider is holding the reins to tight and won't give the horse release from the bit

Drag Makeup Tutorial-Becoming Londonn DaVeil

i don't own the music!! all right to jeffree star. Hey Everyone! this is my second tutorial, I am 14 and living in Odessa Texas. My Drag Style is Very Scary And ...

Mickie James in OSW Wrestling

Finally I had the honor to meet my favorite former WWE Diva, Country Music Singer and current TNA Knockout Mickie James who was in a house show against ...

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I dont care what anybody says...I love Mickie James she a sweet talented young lady,but she has been frustrating for the past weeks every since she return...Even time her oponent beats her down,she can't find a way to get back in her own two feet and she has been doing the same moves all the time...Look at her matches back then then look at her current matches since she's return..You'll see a difference,hopefully she improves much more in the future..She not doing much more for me now.
I really like mickie, bur I'm not a wrestling fan at all, I just think shes hot. but this is really sad to watch, she was like a top wrestler, why is she in a gym? in nowhere texas, fighting a whale? most of the stuff I've seen of her is all in big venues with the WWF or TNT, is this the beginning of her career? or the end of it?
GREAT MATCH, the ONLY problem I had was THAT FAT ASS MANAGER getting in the way a lot. DAMN HIM AND HIS FAT ASS! lol This match to me is like Mickie vs a Latina version of Beth Phoenix. Sorry for posting again but I just got done watching, while the first was mostly before watching. Anyway again, THANK YOU A LOT FOR POSTING!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Did I forget to say.... THANK YOU!!!! TY SO MUCH for posting Mickie's recent indy match against Star from OSW. I knew about this match but I live in Jersey while this happened in Texas. Anyway THANKS FOR POSTING!!! YOU KICK MAJOR ASS!!!
Good match between the awesome Mickie James and a very capable and cute Starr. Too bad the promoters still allow these pathetic male "managers" to ruin the match at ringside. Otherwise, a great match up load and thank you, Miguel!!
OMG thank you so much for uploading the footage from Old School Wrestling! I wanted to see Mickie kick the crap outta that referee and manager for having no money in that briefcase tho... Anyway, Mickie is AWESOME! ^^,
Hey Miguel, did Billy Gunn win his match at this event? I really wanted to go but I don't live anywhere near Odessa and couldn't take off work. Please reply back.
Love your commentary throughout the video. freaking funny and awesome. Mickie James for the win
I love that lady who said go on otherside ur blocking my view. Then he moves.
aww man your so lucky u got to see her in person!!! She's my idol!!!!!!
Mickie is The Number 1 Babe And is Loved By Everyone. Thank You Miguel!!
Sounds like an anorexic trying to play trumpet for the first time....
1:07 - 1:14 ALL LIES, you know girls whistle at her ass too
Yeah he did. I have two videos of him in this channel too.
Who's the blonde? Looks like a curvy Beth Phoenix
@miguel castaneda you should hmu sometime :)
Who the hell is playing the failed trumpet?
Damn..., Mickie James is so beautiful.
Mickie needs to beat this fat ass bag
AT 1:04 somebody shake that ass

MHS State Prelims 2015

The McKinney High School Royal Pride Band performing their 2015 Competition Show, "On Fire," during prelims at the 2015 Texas UIL State Marching Contest ...
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