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Beauty schools perth Videos

Perth College of Beauty Therapy - Welcome

We take great pride in YOUR achievements so we are constantly changing and developing our courses, to ensure you receive the most up-to-date beauty ...

Wasantha Mela (Spring Fair) 2015 Organized by Perth Sinhala School

Wasantha Mela (Spring Fair) 2015 was presented by Perth Sinhala School as an inclusive event for Perth Community depicting the beauty of a Sri Lankan ...

SFM 2015 Beauty & Design Documentary

A short documentary film by the 2015 School of Frontier Media, telling some of the story of the design and decoration of our YWAM Perth home.

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Super cool! Great to hear your heart, Emma! I remember when we had a meal from the kitchen there the first time, real special.
It is an awesome building. I liked the combination of new and old.

Mt. Lawley Primary School | Today Perth News

The uniforms are ironed and the lunchbox is packed. 450 thousand kids will head back to schools across the State this morning, for the start of Term 1. And for ...

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Fish Phenomenon | 9 News Perth

Now to some stunning pictures which show the brutality and beauty of life on our coastline. The annual Salmon run has begun as huge schools migrate from the ...

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Channel 9 or media in general a continually grasping at straws to the point that they steal videos off people so they can try and polish a turd. Get a real job, I say.
They do that a lot?
Wow news to me, I never equated Salmon and Oz. Atlantic and Alaskan salmon are the most expensive seafood in US restaurants , best tasting too.
Australian salmon are different as in they taste like shit but fight hard.

Behind the Scenes Beauty Editorial by Charlie Octavia & Clare Mac

Behind the Scenes of Editorial by Cake Creative, Clare Mac Makeup Artist and Model Samantha from Perth Modeling Academy/ Viviens Model Management.

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So stunning!!! Amazing work

Lassana Lanka Concert Presented by Perth Sinhala School

"Lassana Lanka" Concert is presented by Perth Sinhala School on the 30th of January at the Theater of Life City Church from 10.30am to 2.00pm depicting the ...

Perth Modeling Academy Modeling and Development Course horse shoot

Behind the scenes from of Perth Modeling Academy's 10 Week Modeling Course Photo Shoots! www.perthmodelingacademy.com Film by Charlie @ Cake ...

Draw My Life: Lauren Curtis

VLOG CHANNEL: //www.youtube.com/user/laurenbeautyyVLOGS FACEBOOK PAGE: //www.facebook.com/laurenbeautyy TWITTER: ...

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At 8:30 did you say mating LMAO!?!?!?
I'm so sad that you don't believe in Jesus. Please read a Bible and ask God to reveal himself. I would miss you in heaven.
+tinkerbellsclock Oh well, I guess just because I'm Agnostic - I'm going to Hell (!) Mind you, from all the bs happening on this forsaken planet these days, Hell would be the best thing to ever happen to me.
I can relate to the evil girls... It's awful... They started last year to make fun of me, and they never stopped.. I changed schools, they still bully me, i deleted my Facebook and started to isolate myself from people. And here I'm still isolated from people and hiding and not going out... :/
if u did not do anything wrong , u don't have to live in fear :) i was acting like you 5 years ago but then ! i realized that I'm not what they say about me ! i'm stronger and i just ignored them and start living my life the way i wanted.
In my country, because it's small, people make fun of other people and they get like famous and all on social media and everybody is cheering them for making fun of other people. There is toooo many gossiping and judging here in my country, it's soooooo annoying and bad. They act like little kids. And I'm constantly living with fear, but i hope one they karma will hit them or something else, just so they stop. But i don't think they will ever stop.
+Angela Sotirovska who are they to make you feel this way? no body have the rights to make you feel awful !! U the only one who decide what to be :)just love yourself and be more confident and never ever let anyone get to you or make you feel bad :/i'm sorry my English is not that good tho :)have a happy life and live it the way you want it.
You don't believe in God? Omg 
I find it scary how many people do not believe in God... Someone told me once I would rather believe in him and find out he is not real rather than not believe in God and find out he is real... Not that I doubt he is real... I know my God lives... Look around how can anyone not... I do love your videos Lauren and your a very sweet girl!!! 
Does your God live? Isn't he just there? He has to be a physical thing to live doesn't He?
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