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Holiday Hair Styles | Beauty School

TRESemmé hair expert Tyler Laswell is helping us achieve haute, healthy, and hydrated hair for the holidays. From beachy braids that work during winter, to an ...

Swindon Advertiser's Sleeping Beauty

Panto 2009/10 Sleeping Beauty, Wyvern Theatre.

Boyd School of Irish Dance, Swindon in Panto

Dancing in the Thames Water Charity Pantomime "Peter Pan" at the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon.

Beautiful and Less Beautiful: The Miracle of Swindon Town #131

In which John addresses the concepts of beauty, ugliness, and the innate beauty of human awareness. Also, the Swoodilypoopers play football.

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I'm currently learning to like myself. I really love fashion, but before recently I refused to watch runway shows or get fashion publications because I thought it would hurt my self-esteem. Turns out I don't look at models and see an ideal, I see marketing. The dress she's wearing may not fit my body or my budget, but that is what being creative is for. Instead of trying to force myself to fit a mould I don't like, I've decided to design my own ideal. We define ourselves and what we give value
I'm not saying that girls only like douchebags or jerks, far from it. However, girls, just like guys, very rarely date someone they don't find physically attractive, it's the nature of relationships. Jenna Marbles says that I should look for girls I have something in common with, but what if none of those girls find me attractive because that's been my experience? I'm not out there looking for some down-to-earth supermodel and I'm not even saying that girls should be attracted to me simply...
Funny thing about beauty being in the mind, many widely acclaimed beautiful models/actors/actresses have had a hard time struggling with their apperance and have often been teased for it before their careers. Yet here they are, awing millions with beauty. So even people who's careers depend on their "looks" can be people who previusly thought they were ugly. Heck, sometimes they're even there because of their struggle.
It's not a question of finding nice girls. I find nice girls every day. It's that they're not attracted to a guy strictly because he's a "nice guy". Girls are as much a creature of desire as guys are. They crave beauty just as much as I do. The fact of the matter is that nice guys do finish last or at least physically unattractive guys will always be passed over for nice guys who are, at least, moderately attractive.
Well it's not like I'm introducing myself and then saying "I'm really nice. Pick me, pick me". I understand the concept of just being a good person and not forcing it down someones throat. I was being whimiscal about the fact that personal experience has proven to me that outer icky trumps inner beauty 9 times out of 10 contrary to what our beloved Mr. Green is postulating
It's the first time I experienced that "watch this video uninterrupted by choosing one ad" thing and I was confused and afraid to click anything so I just stared at it 'till it went away. But in actual relevant commenting: When I was younger, I certainly felt ugly (like many teenagers do) but then I realized people simply differ in what they find attractive.
I'm a guy (On a vlogbrothers video? Improbable!) and not to be too humble but I'm handsome, popular, and intelligent. Picture the girl I date. Did you think of a girl who's slightly overweight, acne ridden, and unpopular? Well if so you would be right. It doesn't matter what you look like, just be awesome like her and the guys will come to you, I promise.
This makes me feel really great about myself! I have 3 sisters and family has always said "Oh look at this girl look how good she looks" or "your so pretty now" to my sisters and then it's just a " you look nice too" or "Alma why don't you try to dress up like your sisters?". It kinda sucks being compared to others all the time
Basically: John is playing (badly, usually aiming for a nil nil draw). The Swindon town Swoodilypoopers is the club he plays with. John Green and John Green are two gay players madly in love, and several players have their own songs. John talks about all sorts of serious matters in between all of this. It's interesting.
I love when you say that you thought your body was something disgusting that you had to haul around and horrify people with. It sounds so ludicrous it made me laugh out loud, but only because I know that's how I feel a lot. Hearing someone say that, though, really helps you remember that that in fact, is not the case.
This topic reminds me of a dream I had the other night where I dreamt that loads of my teeth fell out and John overheard me telling my friend that I couldn't go on stage because I was ugly. John then gave me a note telling me that I was beautiful no matter what. Thanks John, DFTBA.
Now, I don't know if the girl who said you were "lower normal" had forgotten her glasses the day she told you that, but based off of the two videos I've seen of a young John Green, I can say with complete confidence, you were (and still are) ridiculously attractive, inside and out.
I like to listen to these videos while I do my chores. It makes doing chores more interesting. And so now I am like "My body is beautiful because it has the capability of carrying around baskets of washing, and nicely folding clean clothes and putting them into drawers."
All I can speak of is personal experience and personal experience has shown me that no matter how I hard I try or how much we have common, it doesn't matter. Now maybe it's not neccesarily my looks that are the problem but they are certainly the leading candidate.
When John talks about the brain and how amazing it is, I get weak in the knees. Not cause it's super sexy (although it is) but because it's so extraordinarily amazing. Really the concept of humanity is truly the most compelling thought out there.
"Lower normal" damn that must have sucked to here. I also grew up thinking I was ugly and frankly even now at 25 I pretty much think the same. Although I wasn't called ugly after high school sucks you kinda heard it after to.
This reminded me of the "Dear Body" campaign that, I believe it was MeMeMolly who started it, ran on youtube a while back. : ) If someone feels ugly or not encouraged enough by this video, I wouls recommend they watch those.
"Oh, I'm having a bad game today, am I?" *Makes a goal* "Fixed it for you." Ginger Rampage is still my favorite Swoodilypooper-- and I don't care what anyone else says. (Either him or Fat Lucas, who's with us in heart)
Great game! I remember all the kids making fun of my looks in middle school. Then I grew a foot in high school, got some confidence, and never got called ugly again. Middle schoolers are terrible.

Behind The Scenes Wyvern Pantomime 2015 (Snow White)

It's panto season and lucky students from Isambard went along to the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon to find out more about life behind the scenes of this year's ...

Road Trip: The Miracle of Swindon Town #43

In which John talks about the beauty and occasional heartache of road trips. Also, the Swoodilypoopers are on the road against Charlton Athletic.

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I'm from England so for me a road trip is impossible, without leaving the country there's nowhere to go that takes more than one night to reach, roadside attractions aren't really a thing, I mean you have the odd castle and ruin and that sort of thing, but there aren't that many, plus you can't drive until you're 17, soon to be 18. Road trips are very American things, in a lot of places it just isn't something that people do. You can go on a day trip, but that's about it really.
"Alaska where everyone was strange and I was not.......... emotionally stable. " I dont mean to make fun of your emotional unstableness, but I thought originally you were saying you were not strange. Says the guy who partly makes his living from making up stories about the marriage between two fictional soccer (pardon, futball) players in a video game.
Pericard finishes pretty well but it looks like his ball-handling (in his pants?) isn't great, so my vote still goes to bald JG. Also, you really need to start subbing your players around the end of the match. Not only will they get less tired, they seem to be making more mistakes & fouls in the later parts of the game than in the beginning.
My parents bought a video about the Grand Canyon for my brother and I to watch with our video. They thought it was a video with commentary. Nope. 3 hours of sleepytime music and slow moving shots of the Grand Canyon. It's not meant to be on film like that...
Here's a suggested lineup to keep VP & BJG on the field: 4-3-3-(1) Fat Lucas in goal L-R: Ramsden, Rampage, Fitz Hall, Cuthbert L-R: Gordon Taylor-Fletcher, Leeroy Williamson, French the Lallalalana L-R: Other John Green, Bald John Green, Voluptuous Pericard
Canadian's are VERY into our "World's Largest" too, although not usually in ball form. In fact, there is a great Canadian road trip movie starring Joshua Jackson in which he rides a motorcycle across Canada stopping at "World's Largest" locations!
In Australia, we have the opposite problem: most places are just far too far to drive, and not having to be places at certain times risks you being stranded in unsafe situation... Plus weeks of driving across the desert is not in the least fun
I think BJG needs to take a while out. The injury still has him down a bit. He needs some time out. Get Voluptuous up in front with OJGnB and we have a team better than Wigan, better than Man. U, better, dare I say, than the great Liverpool
I know you're not a Chelsea supporter John, but you should know I was playing FIFA 11 today and I defeated Manchester United as Chelsea for the FA Cup, at least keeping it out of their hands. Hopefully the Swoodilypoopers will do the same.
Here in Australia our roads are obsessed with big things in general, like the biggest inanimate objects, rather than balls of stuff. Big things such as the big banana, big beer can, big bouvine complete with massive balls...
Oh man, John is so not playing semi-professional anymore. The AI seems to think defending from behind is the optimal strategy. Also: You could go with a 3- forwards formation so both J.Greens and V. Pericard can all play.
you cannot replace bald john green. what would happen to his and other john greens marriage? I don't think he'd like to see his husband celebrating like that with Volomptous and just sitting on the sidelines himself!
Last night I had a dream that I was at my primary school and I was graduating highschool, and John was there, and he was holding me like you'd hold a toddler, and then I yelled out, 'I LOVE VOLUPTUOUS PERICARD!'
You had me there for a sec John. "The people were strange and I was not... actually mature enough to deal with it." I thought you were gonna claim you weren't strange and we all know that just isn't true. :-D.
White is the colour of death in Chinese culture. It's what they wear to funerals, traditionally. While red is the colour of celebration. So the Swoodilypoopers have it made both ways, if you think about it.
If you ever want to write an autobiography- Actually, never mind, you will never need to write an autobiography because it will all eventually be here, entwined with the history of the Swoodilypoopers. :)
i just think other john green needs a little more credit.. you kept saying how your best players weren't out today but other john green IS the best player! even before bald john greens injury.
@potatocouches You could just eat it. Some chips, salt, vinegar, maybe some herbs, it'd be lovely. Small but lovely. *fights urge to say 'that's what she said'* *fails* ARGH! Burgfreiden!
why is everyone saying to get rid of fat lucas in the last 8 games the guy has only given up 3 goals i mean is this the way you do thngs abandon any goalie who has ever let up a goal

Cinderella the Pantomime - Rising Aspirations Academy of Performing Arts

I do not own the rights to any music used in this video) Rising Aspirations Academy of Performing Arts present 'Cinderella the Pantomime' - Friday 27th ...

Polk School "Sleeping Beauty" Play

Performed on May 17, 2013 Director: Jamie Carey Music,Lighting,Scenery:Glen Nelson Choreography: Lisa Laplante.

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great job!!!!
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