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Cosmetology school youtube Videos

My Life: Bad Hair, School, YouTube and MORE! (Vlog)

His Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/OFICIALXBOXGAMR Watch me LIVE!- //www.twitch.tv/ep1cgusher/profile NEW TWITTER- ...

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*Nice video! I subbed and liked, keep up! trust me, you'll get big with good consistency and effort and don't give up no matter what! Maybe we could record sometime and you could check out my channel if you want? that would be awesome dude!*
Thanks bro! means alot:) and that would be great! ill check u out:)
I don't vlog either 
Nice lol
Good luck with 8th grade Gusher, hope the homework won't be too bad for you, I haven't started school yet but I bet my homework will start up really quick 
ur lucky AF +Elisha Low
Nah I've got 2 weeks of holidays still :) 
Are you a vamp cause you really don't like light xD
Yes XD
Nice video EpicGusher! Your hair seems to be ok. Q&A Will you ever do a cod ghosts gameplay?¿ 
Thanks!:) and also i will answer that question in the qna;)
Don't cut your hair gusher!!!!
Don't exhale so loudly lol 
Lol srry:P
Gusher I think you should grow out your hair long, like a flow. If you are familiar with what that is .
Oh also can you do a setup video or how I make my video thanks

Why I Decided to go to Cosmetology School

How to get in touch with me: Facebook: //www.facebook.com/pages/LetsMakeItUp1/167528423302975 Twitter: //twitter.com/LetsMakeItUp1 Requests: ...

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i am 13 and i know i have a long way until college and everything in between but i really like hair and nails and fashion. when i was little i wanted to be a fashion designer, then i changed my mind, wanted to be a pediatrician but i notice at 9 that people who are sick gross me out so i would never survive that career. i only style mine and my little sisters hair so far and get compements so i want to be hair stylist but i dont know if i will get that far. HELP ME!!! i dont know what to do!!!!!
Good luck, Kaley, you're going to do great. You've been super informative not only for hair, but make up as well. I'm 27 years old, but up until recently, I've only ever put on make up or done my hair for special occasions. Because of you, I've discovered that my wild curly/wavy, THICK Italian hair can actually be tamed into a cute, sophisticated hair style and your make up looks are always super wearable and easy to duplicate. I can't tell you how thankful I am to have discovered your channels!
So weird how similar we are even though we live on opposite sides of the world! I was in the exact same boat - planning to do a masters then a phd and go into academia. Then I realised how fun it is doing make-up and hair (which was just a hobby), so I had to think about what I wanted for my life too! I chose academia - got my masters last year and am starting my PhD next year. Scary stuff anf very stressful, but I'm happy :) So nice to hear that other people are sitting in the same boat as me!
Very inspirational! I would be very worried if transitioning into a totally new field, so congratulations for building up that courage! You make great videos, hopefully this will make you more confident: I'm extremely picky of who I subscribe to because I guess I take the quality of their tutorials into account (obviously) but i also take their personalities/ positivity into account too. So I think you're doing amazing. Continue what you're doing and good luck with school and everything else!
That was very inspiring. I've had to make a very important decision recently too, and I've been regretting it a lot, but from what you said in this video, I'm really starting to think that it's going to be better. Thank you soooo much. I saw this vid at the perfect time! Not sure why I shared that. Guess I had to get it out somewhere! Lol But anyway, keep following your dreams, Kaley! you're going to be an AMAZING hair stylist!! I'm a loyal subscriber, and from what I've seen, you just seem
I've been watching your channel for over a year. You (along with my own desire and friends) really inspired me to do hair. I decided to go to cosmo the night before the semester started. I crashed the class and got in. I'm still pursuing my B.A. but I know that my real passion is hair. It really is difficult to juggle both!! I love beauty school- and it's comforting to know that other people like you have taken the leap
I discovered your channel about a month or so ago and now I watch your videos all the time. You've inspired me to get more interested in hair styling and not just doing a ponytail every day! I'm glad you've found something you're so passionate about, and I know you're going to make it! You seem like a really sweet person so ignore all the negative comments and know that your audience is rooting for you!
When I started to watch your videos I was worried wheter I would understand you. And I did. I want thank you because not even I learn so many many amazing hairstyles and make-ups, but because I understand what youre speaking about I get my confidence to use english much more and ,believe me, much better:D So thank you for everything and I wish you all the best in your life. - from Slovakia
when you were younger did you like doing hair? because i'm 13 and i want to be a veterinarian, but i love hair, makeup, and nails. i've wanted to be a vet since i was able to talk and know what they did, i've even picked out my college, but after watching this video i'm afraid i'm going to want to stop in the middle of going to school and get into cosmetology. do you have any suggestions?
That's like me with makeup and fashion. I love it so much but like you I'm a straight a student an while my parents want me to have a I guess "prestigious" job is the best way to put it, i just am in love with makeup and beauty and fashion so I think seeing this video, seeing u push yourself towards what you want to do, will help me to do what I want so thanks I guess! Haha(:
you are one of the coolest girls on youtube! You seem really smart-one can tell by the way you speak- you are very sweet and approachable without getting silly or cheesy and it is very obvious that you put a lot of thought and effort into your vidoes! And hey the fact that you're easy on the eyes doesn't hurn either!:) I wish you the best! Kisses from Greece!
I'm so happy you make a right decision. Go pursuing your dream girl ;) And thank you so much. you don't know how much your vids help me. When every time I have a date, a girls hang-out or if I wake up earlier that day, I'll look up your vids and choose one to try on. I really appreciate your hard work. Wish you all the best with your new school. ;) xoxo
Just think about what can support YOU and a family possibly in the future and what will make you the most sucsessful ! because You can always do makeup and hair and stuff for a hobby ! But if thats what you want and what your heart desires then go for it because if you dont wanna be a doctor then you will hate your job ! but its YOUR desicion
Thank You so much for sharing yourself with us : ) You are such an inspiration. I pretty much wait for your videos hehe xD You are amazing. Keep doing your videos and best of luck in anything you wish to pursue. May happiness always be with you : ) [[ I don't really comment-internet introvert hehe, but i had to comment on this video! ]]
I've went to cosmetology school also and no cosmetology school has an in-depth course on updos. But just for reference if your looking to learn more check online for classes around your area. I know for me I like really close to NYC and there are several updo/bridal classes that u can take as well as makeup etc. just some advice!!!
Really love your videos and you seems so nice and funny. Sometimes I watch you all smiles, saying something and half laughing in the same time and I just tell myself "awww too cute". Keep going like it and I will have no choice but to adopt you. Hope you'll understand this comment. I'm not sure of all my words. Love from France :)
kaley, that is a very mature decision, you have the capacity to do and to study whatever you want, you just needed to find your passion, and there it was, just in front of you :) you are great at it, and you will work very hard in the industry but always with motivation. Congrats for the decision! Regards from Spain :)
so u probably get confused by my comment here first because i'm struggling with my english and maybe because its not very relevant in your life that some random person very very far away from you writes you this but you really motivate me tonight and i really need it to say thank you really THANK YOU :)

DAY 3 Cosmetology School Tricoci University

Just a short video talking about how my first week of school is going...like, comment, and subscribe... please ask questions... love love.

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I am looking into different beauty schools, and so far Tricoci seems to be the best. I found your video very helpful, but was wondering if you experience has stayed positive? Any information of the school would be great! Thanks!! :)
+Danielle Hubble Hi Danielle! We'd love to take you on a tour of our beauty school. Please fill out this short form and we'll be in touch: //bitly.com/1f1OsRe
+Christian Paste Ok thanks so much! Looking forward to the video!  
Well I'm so glad this video has be a help to you... Actually I will be posting an update video tomorrow... But to answer your question... YES it is still a positive experience... Now, there are some people (in the world generally) who are just not positive, so of course EVERYONE may not be the most positive... However, it is whatever you make it... To me I'm learning A LOT, having fun, and creating memories... I love it...
Keep up the good work! And get some rest..
Thank you and yes ma'am I will try to rest as much as possible

Q&A | Adopting a Child, Cosmetology School, Depression

Answering the random questions you asked me on Instagram about fighting, relationships, makeup, thyroid problems, working out, & more! If you have a ...

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you're gorgeous love!!!
+Adonis Gogos Aw, thank you <3
How did you go about paying for college...? Any tips? 
+Jessica R College itself actually didn't end up costing me anything because I qualified for full financial aid, which was enough for my tuition. But I had to take out loans to pay for my housing and whatnot - paying those off is a pain in the ass. I really suggest taking full advantage of scholarships and applying to as many as you can find. That's something that I wish I did. Also, I REALLY suggest getting a job while you're in college so you can pay for at least most of your housing and other living expenses (groceries, etc.) That way you hopefully won't have to take out as many loans and won't end up in too much debt when you graduate. Good luck!
I love your look on this video and girlll!!! I love that nail color ❤️ its orly the name of the brand or the name of the color ?
+Yuliana Franklin Thank you! I actually couldn't remember the name of it while I was filling out the description.. oops! Lol I'll fix that now. But it's called "Glowstick" and the brand is Orly.
You should try the 21 day fix especially with ur schedule is so busy this will help u so much I love it it's only 30min workout a day 
+Romy Vera Thanks for the recommendation! I definitely prefer going to the gym though, and lifting heavy weights seems to be the most effective type of exercise for me given my thyroid issues. I'm kind of over the whole "at home exercise program" type of thing lol. Thanks though :)
Sam u are so beautiful and u have an amazing personality I get sad when I hear u feel depressed I feel like ur just such an amazing person and u shouldn't feel that way u seem like such a hard working young women ,strong independent and determined and just full of life I'll be keeping u in my prayers becasue the only way u can be healed 100 percent from that is through God love you and stay strong u look amazing btw!!!
+Jennifer Lozada Aw thank you.
Ur top and nails are life!!!!
+Jennifer Lozada Thank you! :)
SLAY QUEEN SLAY. Your hair is amazing in this. Love love love. I know how you feel with moving out. I'm in the process of moving when I thought I had a year I only have three weeks. Save up as much as you can before you move, it'll help so much. Glad you're overall doing well.
+caitlevesque Oh wow! That's definitely a huge time difference! Good luck. I've moved so many damn times the past 5 years, so I know how hectic it can be. I can't wait though! :)
I'm glad you're doing good :) I'm starting my new job on Monday, so hearing about your work was really helpful ,no more lazy days hah :) ohh what about some routine videos? like morning or night routine?
That's what I thought so :) but I'm sure its worth waiting for :) take care 
+hejtupati That's awesome! Congrats on the new job! :) And I've definitely been wanting to do some routine videos, but not til I move out. Everything is so cluttered and chaotic where I am right now :( It will probably be one of the first videos I record in my new place though!
Thank you for answering my questions ❤️❤️❤️☺️
+Vivian Chavez Thank you for participating! :)
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