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Pex plumbing pipe reviews Videos

Reworking the Existing Plumbing and Replacing Brass Water Pipes with PEX Tubing

Bob reviews the work done on the existing plumbing in the basement and the replacement of obsolete brass water pipes.

Milwaukee M18 Press Logic Press Tool Review 2673-22

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Nothing said about repairs? What if you get one in a hard to reach point and it crimps a little crocked and leaks. How do you get it out of there and start over? How many crimps do you get out of a battery charge? Is there a cutter tool to remove a fitting you say want to change or add to after the fact?
+Peg Hucke Press tools are perfect for repairs because you don’t have to drain and dry the system before pressing like you would with solder fittings. If the fitting is not pressed correctly, it can be removed by cutting it out along with the copper tubing before and after it. You can then start over with a new fitting and pipe. As you can see from the video, press tools are easy to use and most users don’t have to repress many fittings. Battery run-time depends on the tool (M12 or M18), battery pack and the size of the fittings, for most sizes you can get over 100 presses per charge. For Maximum run-time you can use a 4.0 battery for M12 and 5.0 battery for M18.
is it legal to use this on hvac system?
+Beryllium this tool does not press refrigerate lines. This only handles copper water and gas, plus the new megapress for black iron pipe for hydronic, gas and sprinklers. You can go check out the Viega website for more info.
3500.00 dollars just for the tool ? umm no. ill stick to pex tubing thank you . redid the majority of my house with pex and love it . under 400.00 dollars for tubing fittings and tools . its been two years and no issues at all .
This tool is not for working in a house unless its on a heating system where you need copper at the boiler. This is for working in condos/apartments and on larger piping.
Great new technology, indeed! I know you're loving that one!
Our plumber is!!
This is a tool that changes the way a plumber operates - faster, cleaner, safer work means more work and money
+Dustin K there was a shut off on that riser to the unit but someone installed a saddle valve upstream of the unit shutoff. To minimize downtime, we froze the pipe cut and pressed a new isolation valve. It was a real time saver and did it less then an 1 hrs work. Hope it clarifies my situation.
+Dustin K I'm not a plumber but why wouldn't you plumb the shut off in copper?
+PrimeMechCo I can't believe designers would design a system without shutoff valves to the risers. Back when I did plumbing design, I always put shutoff valves at the base of the riser as well as right as the unit runouts entered the unit. There would be additional shutoff valves right before the pex manifolds. I can't imagine a plumber having to work on a system that didn't have it that way.
+A Concord Carpenter I just used press technology for the first time up in a condo unit, we replaced a saddle valve that was install before the unit isolation valve (Saddle valves are illegal to install in a Canada). The water could not be shut off to the riser. So I froze the pipe, used a press tool to install a new isolation valve and length of pipe. I was amazed how I can install a brand new, leak free valve without shutting down the entire riser in under 1 hour and not disturb the buildings water supply. I see the value of this tool that Scott said and it made me convinced that this technology does help us to work smarter, safer and more productive. Thanks for the video!

Basement Renovation - How to Waterproof Basement - Bob Vila eps.3402

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I forgot just how boring and annoying Bob Vila is. Much prefer the current cast (well, plus Norm, of course).
Vila went on to do his own show it isn't that bad but yes I agree This Old House is the best home show. 
This video seems to name some good systems and items to use in home repair, but it does not give any step by step instructions on how to actually set up a basement drainage system, or how to install a sub pump, etc. questions like at what depth do we sink pipes, how much rock fill should we use for drainage, at what degree should the drainage system run towards the sub-pump etc... none of these are addressed. This video gives me options to go buy some interesting systems, but I could not do any work on my own based on what I've been shown. Most viewers are looking for a "how to" video, not ideas on the latest system upgrades. 
I have a better solution that I used. I hired a small company and it cost me half what the french drain people wanted to charge me. No mess.
Why would you remove a cast iron soil pipe only to replace it with cast iron again? Surely using plastic would be far better. Plus the lead used to seal, though small, will be seaping into waste water.
MA has very strict plumbing codes and you're not allowed to splice cast iron with PVC in the middle. If it were a commercial building then you can only use cast iron or copper for drainage.  There's no concern for lead contamination from the lead caulked joints because the water can't go through the oakum. The oakum is packed in the hub first and that is what makes the joint watertight. The lead just keeps the oakum tightly compressed so it stays watertight.
Isn't this the same guy who does that foam insulation videos?
yes, he's a con artist that has gone nationwide
I can't believe you took out the copper pipes and replaced them with that cheap plastic crap.

ShopMothership - Custom Apex scooter build #3

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Why ride a scooter when you can ride a skateboard?
+Linus Åslund lol
why go watch a scooter video and hate?
Can you fit 120mm wheels in the apex forks 
hi there im coming in from Canada next week for some parts and i checked the website and the Envy Reaper bars are not there and there are no orange river wheels could you please get these in stock by next weekend! thanks

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