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Pex plumbing earthquake Videos

Earthquake Valve Demonstration, Presented by Kevin Shaw Plumbing, Inc.

This video will introduce to the public, a whole house earthquake valve that Kevin Shaw Plumbing, Inc. of Monrovia California, is installing in homes all over ...

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They start at $350.00 installed. If you live local to us give us a call and we will discuss.
What is the cost to install something like that on home? Nice invention!

NW Seismic installs gas shut off valves

One of the cheapest and first steps every homeowner should take is to have a gas shut-off valve installed to protect them from fires in an earthquake.

Earthquake Gas Shut Off Valve San Fernando Plumber

//www.avps.net Every home in the San Fernando Valley should have an earthquake gas shut off valve to protect from a gas explosion. The experts at All ...

automatic earthquake gas shut off valves

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Why not have these installed on the main lines that would protect all homes? Or is this a money maker for someone? If a break occurs before the meter this valve will do no good.
Thank you Eric for the video. I can see you take pride in your work!

Novick: Earthquake gas valves stop fires

Portland City Commissioner Steve Novick wants to pass a law requiring homeowners to install an automatic shutoff valve on their natural gas lines to prevent ...

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Call some expensive service-person, just to reset a truck-vibration false valve shutoff? Totally unacceptable. What about poor people on fixed incomes, who can't afford unnecessary service calls? It is better for them to freeze-to-death on cold winter nights? Or to burn their house down, when they plug in electric heaters that can barely keep them warm, after the furnace no longer heats due to frequent false tripping, because the service-person can't come until next week? There are many ways to detect gas leaks, that most any do-it-yourselfer can handle. *I can reset my own circuit breakers, so why not this valve?* Besides, the valve is way too expensive, and does not detect excess flow? (Such a valve should have at least 2 triggers, certainly for that high price: excessive flow, excessive vibration, and then maybe an optional electronic gas presence (leakage) sensor input would be nice. And such an electronic sensor should *not* be triggered by power outage or blinks in the power, nor require over-complicated battery changes. If a battery is needed, it should be just as easy to change the battery as in a smoke-detector.) If I can light a pilot light, then I should be able to reset my own valves. And I agree with the complaints. This would seem to be a gas company issue, and not even a home-owner issue. Half-baked not-so-good ideas, are not the proper basis for rushing to policy. Why are politicians such morons, that they can't seem to think of all the possible downsides? Edited to add: I see from another video, that the valve can be reset with a screwdriver.
Why not put them on main lines rather than each individual house?

Los Angeles Earthquake Shut Off Valves

Dave Schuelke from The Twin Home Experts goes over the options you have as a Los Angeles homeowner for earthquake shut off valves. Call (800) 724-0601 ...

G and W Plumbing

G & W Plumbing, (818) 341-2018, is your local plumber contractor service. Serving the cities of North Ridge, Granada Hills, San Fernando and Sherman Oaks ...


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