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7 weeks pregnant is everything ok Videos

16&pregnant 7

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OMG I NEW IT DIZ WAT WOULD HAPPEN IN MY FAMILY me:im pregnet parantz:*cusin in englesh nd spainsh fyi im mixed* dad:WHO IZ DIZ MOTHA FUKA then daddy would have killed hiz azz nd mommy would beat him in hiz grave soo love it
This is what would happend.in my family Me-im preggi Parents-O.O Mom-cusin In spanish Dad- who is he *very very very mean voice* Mom-prayin to jesus Me-:-( I'm screwed
Im keeping it idc what THEY say that baby aint leavuing me
O.O!!! luved ndd im preggo but i wanna keep it
ohh lawd i hope they dont beat some ass lol
Oh goodness gracious. Loved.
Love It !
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