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Mac cosmetics cvs Videos

Haul| MAC, CVS, Sephora, Beauty Supply

Thank You so much for watching, Don't forget to Subscribe! ❤ ~If a girl wants to stuff her bra, let her. If a girl wants to cover herself in a fake tan or make-up, ...

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You are so gorgeous! This was filmed on my birthday! LOL. I love your hair & this video of course makes me wanna shop!! *New subbie
Yessss pleasssseee we should! <3 
+Kayla Shante happy belated birthday girl! and of course we should collab sometime (:
i want everything you just got!!! great video love just subbed. thank you for checking out my channel
thank youuuu, i subbed to you as well ! <3
Your hair is so long!!
oh extensions extensions lol 
you're gorgeous omg you remind me of jessica vanessa from vine haha I have to get high end products when it comes to foundation because I have a difficult skin tone lol
i dont seeeee it at all, but thank you ! an yes to high end foundations lol
Which beauty supply store did you get the L.A girl stuff at?
any one, they all carry La Girl Products!

Victoria's Secret, CVS, MAC, etc. HAUL

New Video: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR2FjWbZ_ow Follow me on Twitter: //twitter.com/#!/HeyJarmaine Here is a list of everything I mentioned: ...

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i have warm vanilla sugar in lotion and cherry blossom smell amazing!!!!! i have halloween sour drop soap and u no more stuff that is really important from bathand body works but yea
lol the part when she is walking with her boots and gun. LOL her cute puppy is in the first few shots lol she looks tough hahaha with a cute white puppy looking up at mommy lol..
Lol I love watching your videos you're hilarious and so silly! I could see you as a good friend for sure, no wonder you have so many views! You're so likeable
omg I freaking died laughing!!! ahhh! I love you! (no homo) your freaking hilarious! I almost peed laughing when you were "describing" the type of gun lol
I can't help it, but you're too funny and my 3 yr old LOVES you!!!! He's always laughing when you make your voice like a chipmunk..keep it up girl!
I don't know why, but I always laugh at the "One little piggy, two little piggies, three little piggies, four little piggies" part xD
i love it i watch all of your vidoe omg now i make my videos of me sing and talking but i only have 2 but i love u jlovesmac
I was eating while watching you. i knew I shouldn't do that. now half my lunch is on my screen for gods sake!!!
I know it's not real. She clearly says it's an air soft gun, which by the way can still do some serious damage.
I don't mean to correct you or anything but sales person let you get eight soaps! Even better right!!!!!!!!:)
@julieeforever i actually did c that its jst that i thot u had said she carried hem by da tail sory bout dat
burned my husbands dinner getting carried away watching these videos. stop being so effin entertaining. :-D
Twilight Woods from Bath and Body Works MY FAV. You tend to cut of your train of thought on some things.
Please do a makeup tutorial on your eyeshadow your wearing and how you put it on! ~Please respond!~ x.x
"One little piggies, two little piggies, three little piggies, four little piggies!" HAHAHAHA
Bahahaha! I laughed my butt off at the air soft gun part. :) You rock! You are SOOOO funny!
@TheBisneyChannel16 IKR! tht was my fav part. i kept rewinding it over and over again lol
"i dont really kno how to shoot a air soft gun but we,ll learn as we shoot"lmao ahahaha
U R SO FUNNY!! And at 4:10-18 I almost laghed my head of! Oh that would make a mess :S
4:13 love them shadows in your hand :)) ily your awesome make-up is greaat!!! :))
So what? Kid's gotta learn early that life is no dancing on rose petals, muahaha.
hahaha i love your videos you make me smile and laugh everytime i watch them!!
a boy is turning 11. so what does Jarmaine do? she buys him a gun, of course.
One little pigie two little pigie three little pigie four little pigie LOOL
Ahaha. I just died when you screamed ANIMAL! lmao. Best part of my day..
You are MY FAVEEE GURU. I bow before you. Ehaha! And I know Benji. Haha.
"and u know, sometimes my hair is a little dehyd UGHGUGHHfsdgjhj sorry."

Collective Makeup Haul!! Ft. MAC, Ulta, & CVS

Hi guys! So I know I haven't been filming many tutorials but instead doing hauls/favorites videos lately but it's just super hard filming tutorials with my busy ...

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your so pretty!!! and what do you use to edit your videos with?

Sephora,Torrid, Mac & CVS Haul

Haul Video Went to Sephora, Torrid, MAC & CVS Instagram: @BeautyByBekahBoogs Sephora: Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette - $46.00 ...

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the fresh products r my fav 
they have a travle size of there clenser its $15 i know its still a lot but its so worth it i have been buy it it for years. the big tube lasted me a full year  
Ya they are really nice but come with a pretty big price tag I defiantly snatch up samples whenever I can

First Haul!! CVS/Sephora/MAC

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@xtusc I love it!!! I've had it for about 3-4 weeks now and have used 4 colors. They are really good. One thing that I have a little trouble with is the brush, but what can you expect with them being in a mini size, you're not going to get a full sized brush in a mini bottle. I'll have a new video up soon with my review on some of the products, you can expect to see the nail polish kit in there. ;)
You dumpster dive?

HUGE MAKEUP HAUL! Sephora, CVS, M.A.C, Target!

Hi beautiful peoples! I went a lil cray this past...

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UGH!!!! Now, I want to go shopping!!! I am telling my husband it is your fault!!! Amazing stuff!
Isn't it a problem!! I swear it's like you hear about or see someone else shopping and you're like omg I NEED! Hahaha no don't tell him! Just casually say you need to go...grocery shopping lol

collective Beauty Haul: VS, Mac, Sephora, Ulta, Cvs.Naked 3, Mac Pro Palette

Collective Beauty Haul December Follow me on IG and Twitter: TxbeautyQueen83 Equipment Used: Canon T4i, Photoflex lighting system Products Mentioned: ...

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Ooooweee I love Hauls deff subscribing ^_^
Thank you I will be doing collective hauls at least once a month


THANKS FOR WATCHING!! XO. products mentioned: MAC: fix+ prep and prime highlighter- light boost creamsheen lipstick- creme cup pro longwear lip pencil ...

cvs, mac, and beauty store haul!

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