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Makeup Monday: Quick Sultry Brown Eyes

Hi Loves! I have now decided to begin a series called "Makeup Monday" because I feel that it would motivate me to put up videos more and to overall experiment ...

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I loved this video! You really deserve more views girl! Subscribed.
All eyeshadows were from the ELF Warm 32 eyeshadow palette. (:
You're so sweet! Thank you! (:
what eyeshadows did you use?
Omg your gorgious! Amazing"
Aw, Thank you!!

✿Nuovo Home Tour!

LEGGIMI(◡‿◡✿)¸.• -PAGINA FANPAGE FACEBOOK: //www.facebook.com/pages/MakeUp-MaRiA-OfficialPaGe/130606086957813 -2 CANALEYT: ...

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ciao Maria la tua casetta è una bomboniera !! mi piace molto il modo in cui l'hai arredata... ti mando un bacione " 
mamma mia tu sei sempre dolcissimaaaa..grazieeeeee ^_^
è piccolina ma molto carina!!
si si infatti... ^_^

My Mother In-Law can not keep a secret! || Change Your Life With Raji

To see more advice videos, subscribe to my NEW advice channel: //bit.ly/1BPEA9U My mother in-law can not keep a secret! What do i do? Mother in-laws ...

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Hey raji Where did you get ur bag from ?? 
Hey i bought it from Accessorize :)

Pam Anderson -- Courthouse Tirade ... Rick Salomon was Bad Sex and Tricky

Pam Anderson showed up in court Friday in a very short dress ... and it's weird on so many levels because she knew the person she's going after, Rick Salomon, ...

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Wow! Pam Anderson has turned into a nasty old hag.
I wish! I'd be out fucking dudes if that was the case.
+twn5858 so has your soul. how did that happen?
+twn5858 She's still hot. I'm no spring chicken myself and we are about the same age (Pam and me).
+Laz R Well, that's good news.
+John Doe they actually have a cure now it cost around $80,000 I'm sure she can afford that
She has herpes as well
That sucks!
+twn5858 She's sick, I think I heard she has Hepatitis C.
Hepatitis C sucks
+ouuuhhh yea i know smh
They actually have a cure now I'm sure she cured herself by now

2015 Canoe Valley Skating Club Skating Carnival

VCTV (Valemount Community TV) coverage of the 2015 Canoe Valley Skating Club's Annual Skating Carnival held in Valemount, BC. Videographer: Gord ...

Superdrug Beauty Haul + Giveaway Announcement

Congratulation to the winner of my back to school supplies GIVEAWAY The winner is: Millie Henderson here is link to her channel please subscribe she is ...

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Your videos are great ^.^ You're super cute and fun. Just as a tip, be careful with what cosmetics you buy- especially at SUCH a young age. I didn't use make-up until I was twice as old as you! There are a lot of dangerous chemicals in makeup including some that lead to aging and cancer, and a lot of them test on animals which means they torture and kill them. Just be aware, be smart, be beautiful
Hey thank you for nice comment I am 9 year old and I know I am very young but this is my passion and I hope I am doing ok I will definitely subscribe to your channel girl I have already watched couple of your videos well done girl xoxo
For such a young age you are very talented. Also I agree that moustaches are so cute! Thanks a bunch for commenting on my video and saying to checking out your channel. I can see you going far. I hope we keep in touch. Xoxo, Halie
Aww thank you I really wanted to show how curler works and because I am so young I would not do it as good as them so I asked if o could make a video and they agreed I think they awesome it takes only 3 seconds for one curl
Hi Vicky, I saw your comment on one of my videos, and I decided to check your channel out :) I loved your haul, and you have such a cute and fun personality! I subscribed to you :D I hope you can subscribe back c:
Great video! Thanks for commenting on my video! Sorry if I unlike my YouTube does that! :( could you give me a shout out :) it would mean a lot great stuff also
:( dose anybody know any other giveaways cause I really need supplies we only have one place to shop for school supplies and we can't buy all the school
Hi I love your channel your so pretty and beautiful where abouts do you live I live in Hampshire xx please may you do a what in my makeup bag xxx
Sorry what I ment was it is so great of Vicky to do this giveaway for people in need I needed the supplies but may the Winner might need it more
Great Video Hun!!! I love the way your hair came out. . . . I subbed as well... Thank you so much for checking out my channel. ✌^_^ ❌❌
This is so cute! Great video, especially for your age! You are sooo cute! haha and bubbly :) Thanks for the message! Thumbs up!
Hi omg you are so beautiful at 10:16 in the video you looked like a model :) you should curl your hair more often :) lol ♥
i have naturally curly hair and i waish i had straight hair, by the way the curling wand was a 19mm not a 16mm!!
You very lucky to have naturally curly hair I wish I could have curls every morning I wake up :)
Love your personality thanks for showing us the way they styled your hair it looks so great! ;)
I'm really not trying to be rude but is it just me or does her accent keep on changing
great video vicky! you are so cute, and you have such a fun and sweet personality!! :)
Don't worry very soon next great GIVEAWAY for all my true friends who subscribed :)
"Comment down below if you think mustaches are CUTEE" OMG your so adorable x'D
i subbed girl :) please check out my channel and sub

Dr. John Lowe of Contemporary Dental Concepts

Dr. John C. Lowe is the dentist to the 500 Festival Princesses.

Preparing for the Vera Bradley outlet sale 2013

Here is my preparation for going to the Vera Bradley outlet sale in April 2013. This was filmed the night before I left.

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Thank you everyone! It was great & I got a lot! The crowds were not bad at all. No waiting in line to get in or to pay. Some deals were pretty good. I will try to post haul tomorrow. I am sorting&organizing my two huge bags tonight, and I am tired! GiGi : )
I wish I lived closer to Indiana to be able to go to the sale. I live I Florida so that's a pretty far way to travel. Hope you have fun and I look forward to seeing a haul :)
Have a wonderful time. Oh how I wish I could go but it's too far from Massachusetts. Looking forward to seeing what you get!
It looks like they will be coming out with a travel mug for hot beverages in the Prep. for Campus launch this year.
Hope you had a great time!! Can't wait to see all your vera purchases!!
Hope you have an amazing time!! Can't wait to see your haul!!
please make sure you do a haul video from the outlet sale!!!
I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see your goodies!
Have fun , so excited , can't wait to see your haul.
They sorry they made a travel mug
so jealous you get to go
Have a wonderful time!
The did
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