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Glambot Review Ft. DISCOUNTED Inglot, Nars & MAC Makeup!

EXPAND FOR MORE* Glambot! //www.glambot.com/coupon/vadisrad10 Use that link to receive 10% off! Glambot was very quick to respond to my complaint ...

User Comments

I've only juuuust discovered gambot and it's incredible! In Australia, our makeup prices are ridiculous, so these are some crazy discounts for us aussies. In the 5 orders that I've placed, I've not had one gross product or mistake. Absolutely fantastic company! 
+helloflossy how long it tooks for your orders to arrive? I just made an order 2 days ago and I don't know when I'm going to receive mine :/
Question.... if you send them makeup and they email you an offer can you decline if you don't feel the offer is high enough and have them send your stuff back to you?
Yes, but you have to pay for them to ship it back to you.
I use this website all the time to buy makeup. I love it!!!! :) 
from reading the comments on this video, i've noticed a lot of people saying "it's only a few dollars cheaper and it's used, whats the point?" this website is for makeup that is gently used. maybe one or two uses. i tried to send in makeup once and they couldn't sell it because it was "too used" and i hadn't even hit pan or anything. all the products i've bought have looked brand new or hardly ever used. it's a great website! it's like when you buy an eye shadow and use it once and then hate it. ya know?
one time they sent me the wrong thing but i contacted them and they sorted everything out very quick. i've never purchased foundation or lipstick but everything that i have bought has been great! 
have you ever had an issue with anything you bought?
The concept of the box is just stupid!
+VAD IS RAD klja;dhkadjkhaa
what box?
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