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Getting pregnant cycle after miscarriage Videos

Staying Positive and Hopeful after a Miscarriage and Unsuccessful IVF Cycles

Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator, facilitated an Interactive Fertility Support Webinar and discussed staying positive and hopeful after a miscarriage and ...

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Thank you so much for this video. When you explained about thinking of your next cycle as a fresh start, with a completely different egg, different sperm and lining, things really clicked. Just because I lost my baby and I have the same body, this new cycle is fresh/new. I'm nervous to start trying again but this really helped me a lot.
This is so incredible. I so wish I knew of a place like this in LA. I wish I had the support your office provides!

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Great to see a new video from you. I am really sorry about the miscarriage. Just wanted to shoot you a note that in my experience on CD3 RE appointments, they take a urine sample for a pregnancy test, do b/w to check E2 level & FSH (sometimes), and do an u/s to check the AFC (antral follicle count- to determine ovarian reserve) and to make sure there aren't any cysts that would grow using stims. GL hon and I hope this cycle brings you that little boy you dreamed of.
@jonasnjennlove Jen, The RE That gave me the clomid did 3 mths because I lived 2 hours away from them, but Ive never had them do that before, yes, OB's do prescribe Clomid, from my personal experience they offer you which ever drug you want I had the choice of Clomid, Lupron, and Letrozole. I hope that helps, thanks for your well wishes, I got my new Trailblazer and love it, her name is Grace lol :) GL to you and Jonas!
Hello, friend!!!! I needed to see your lovely face! I am glad things are going well, and you feel like you have an understanding of why. I don't think I have ever gotten to that feeling and it's gunna be 4 years! lol. Love you! Hope you had a great weekend with your Stan! HUGS! And ALL my best for this cycle
So happy to see you pop up in my sub box! (And London too of course.) I am so sorry you are struggling with the ups and downs of life after a loss. It's an awful feeling to be stuck with and sucks that there's just no way to make it go away! Sending you lots of positive vibes that this cycle is a sticky BFP!!
So when you get prescribed clomid, they give you more than one months worth? Or did you have to ask? How does that work. Do you know if a regular OB can prescribe clomid or do you have to get it from a RE? Thanks love! BTW... so glad you're okay after that accident!
@PearlDahhhling Awww Sierra, you are such a great friend to me, always so supportive and there to talk at the most ackward hours of the night and for that I love you soooo much :) Thank you for always keeping everything cross for us :) XOXO
So good to see your pretty face! I have such high hopes for you and Stan this cycle and I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you guys! Love you tons pretty girl!
I am so glad that you are well. I have been thinking about you. I pray that this is going to be your year. It has already proven to be a promising year. :) Hugs!
Oh I remember those daily storms all too well! I think you look cuteness anyway!!! I hope your scan goes well tomorrow! I'll be thinking about you!
Its so good to see your face! Wishing you all the best in the world and peace and healing from your loss. babydust for you
OMG I didn't know about your car accident. OH Britt, I'm so glad you are ok! I'm praying for you.
I'm just hoping for some good news soon. Lots of baby dust your way for this cycle. Smooches! :)
Good to see you again! Good luck, as always, this cycle!! Sending you lots of good thoughts!!!
@taetwa Well thank you for watching! London is a hoot, we love her so much!!!! :)
@LeAnnaMae29 I hope one day you will feel that way :)
holy moly! I had forgotten what you looked like stranger ;)
Good luck This cycle .... girl your cute without make up
@Bwarren0609 thanks that helps :)
@MandeeTheGreat Thank you Mandee!

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