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Getting pregnant low estrogen level Videos

How to Reduce Excess Estrogen or Increase Low Estrogen Naturally

//natural-fertility-info.com/estrogen-fertility-good-bad.html →→ Natural Fertility Specialist Hethir Rodriguez talks about estrogen and fertility. Estrogen is one ...

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I used vitex for over 6 months with the dosage your recommend in order to correct my short luteal phase but it didn't work for me I want to purchase the progesterone cream and would like to know how long does it take to see results right now I have a LP of 7 days thank you so much for your videos
+ginger I am glad Hethir's videos have been helpful! I am sorry though you didn't see the desired results from using Vitex. We have learned that for lasting changes, it may need to be taken for up to a year or more depending on how long the imbalance has been present. We also know herbs to be most effective when dietary and lifestyle changes are made as well. The guide Luteal Phase Defect: Natural Treatment Options here: //natural-fertility-info.com/luteal-phase-defect.html may share additional tips to consider. I wish I could answer your question, but I can not know how log it will take for you to see results. Our programs are reliant on the individual to take their health into their own hands. We have no control over lifestyle choices, dietary habits, other health conditions, commitment to using the products consistently over time, etc. If you are on one of our health programs, changes may be seen within 1-3 months. These changes could be increased energy, improved cervical mucous, ovulation, correction in cycle length, etc... ~Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH
Could I use vitex as a herbal tea? Or should I eat it? I need to incerase my estrogen levels and I am trying to find natural ways to do so. I have found vitex "berries" at my healthfood store and I am wondering of the most effective ways to use it. Could you please provide me with any kind of help? Thank you in advance! keep up the good work. Greetings from Greece!!!
+elenafissa You are very welcome! ~Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH
Thank you sooooo much! 
+elenafissa Vitex is rather strong tasting, almost bitter, so we often don't suggest making a tea unless you blend other herbs with it. We find that capsules and tincture offer the most consistent results since it is easier to control the dosage. It is also important to know that many of the compounds needed from Vitex are easily extracted in alcohol (tincture): //www.naturalfertilityshop.com/ and are not as easily extracted in water (tea), another reason why Vitex capsules or liquid extract (tincture) may be best. ~ Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH

Key to Fertility is Balancing Hormones

Chelsie suffered from a pituitary adenoma, headaches, stress, low thyroid function, hormonal imbalance and the inability to get pregnant. Mainstream doctors ...

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The Truth About Female Athlete Triad Syndrome

Sign Up for The Underground Newsletter - //www.yowhatsupyall.com Download this episode - //bit.ly/Vmdws8 The Truth About Female Athlete Triad ...

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T.S. Wiley? Seriously? Sean, I always liked your YouTube clips, but since you obviously don't care one bit about whether you or the people on your shows can actually back up their claims with scientific, peer-reviewed studies - I'm out of here. Luckily you'll be able to make a living spouting this bullshit anyway, since the typical viewer doesn't follow up on the claims. One can only hope that with each generation people will, as a society, become more intelligent.
I missed periods in my early 20's - the feedback cycle that causes periods was stalled. It was probably PCOS (google it if you haven't heard). The Docs would only wanted to put me on the bill. I went to Chinese acupuncturist whole also practiced TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). I took the daily broths and did acupuncture about once a week. It worked. If I did it know, I would also eat low carb/Paleo and eat more fats, including soup broths.
I haven't had a single period since early 2008 and the doctors still can't figure out why. :( I wouldn't be sad (who wants to have a period??) but my husband and I have been trying for a baby for six years and I'd really like to figure out what the heck is going on.
You're not 'done' as a woman if you're not menstruating - what an odd thing to say. My grandmother went through menopause at around 50, she's now in her 80s and still going strong!
Periods are all about hormonal balance, perhaps you should look at contraceptive pills you've used before and how they could have affected your hormones.
i didnt get my period for a year i never eat carbs expect a lot of fruit but i still have a lot of belly fat und thunder thighs ,,, how come ?
I have a question what about adoption? Why waste money on expensive treatments when there is alot of children who need a good home?
I know having your own child is a totally different thing, but remember you can always adopt a child
do you get enough healthy cholesterol? lots of butter, coconut oil ftw
Hi! I'm James.I did -15 lbs past one month.Go to hddiet.gs\#blNo
thin, no periods, no pregnancy, all sounds good to me!
you teach dem wimmenz


The endometrium is a layer of cell tissue lining the uterus. During the menstrual cycle, the endometrium grows to be thick and blood vessel-rich, because this is ...

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Thank you very much for this useful video
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