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Getting pregnant 300 lbs Videos

BIKINI-CLAD 300 LB MAMMY Shows Women That You Can Be A Slob & STILL LOOK GOOD!!!! (Description.)

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If any of you ignorant fucktards had any idea what black woman BIG black woman at that go through on a daily basis! She said out of her own mouth "I know I need to lose the weight" the point was little girls and woman go home and cry themselves to sleep and think of suicide and kill themselves to try to hold up to EVERYONE ELSES standards! Being obese is NOT healthy WE FUCKING KNOW THAT! But neither is mental abuse from crule people who feel its their fucking duty to criticis other people's faults! I hope ever person on here who had something negative to say has a daughter with self esteem issues and a weight problem. And you look that little girl in her eyes every night and you tell her that the world is full of people like you and SHES NOT GOOD ENOUGH! You all sicken me to the core of my being! 
+3811iberis its called a typo fuck tard NEVER been there I have NO kids and workout daily. You are probably fat yourself if I ever seen you in real life I'm sure you would have the gall to speak to me with this form of disrespect
Hmm, what is this? Why is this being encouraged? She is dangerously overweight, morbidly obese. Not a good role model for anyone.
It's really the message behind superficial mentality we develop from other people's stereotypes and bias interpretation of what beauty is; developed by non-other than homosexual fashion designers. Go figure.
waaay too many negative comments
I would love to marry her she has a nice belly and ass boobs and I support her all the way
She opened the door.
Honestly, what is the reasoning behind this? Is this really newsworthy? Is she accepting donations? Does she work? What happened to people having hobbies? I guess being an attention seeking whores accounts for one now-a-days. Wtf, can she fathom the thought that maybe, just maybe these people are making fun of me? 260 pounds....lol
+3811iberis And if you also notice, mainstream media doesn't attempt to promote and sexualize big fat white women.  They know that shit ain't cool, and black women are so hard up for attention that they don't realize when they are being made fun of... 
Wut the actual fuck? These fat ass hair-hats have no shame 
RickyStackz: You are right brother that is the black woman for you no shame at all. But the sad thing about this is these stupid thirsty ass black men as well as other stupid races of men are going to say this dumb fat bitch is sexy give me a damn break.


I'm now on Instagram!! Get to know me even better through my pictures, lol! Just search Mrsbabyfat, I took one with me at the gym in this video!:) Please, if you ...

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maybe try some b12 shots.eat smaller meals.like if you were to eat a sandwich eat half of it go for a 2 mile walk/jog to speed up your heart rate then when you come back you can eat the other half.eat a half of a piece of chicken eat the rest of the vegetables,no bread with that.big meals you body doesnt use all that at one time so it stores it=fat.eat small meals 5 or 6 times a day.3/4 of your plate should be veggies.and i am with you i know it is hard.i am 272 and have neck injury.hope i helpd
hey, i was at 230lbs in January 2012 and when i saw that on my scale i almost had a heart attack! So i had to move fast, i did the sacred heart diet for on week and shed 10lbs. I still felt horrible about the weight, so i did a lil new thing for me, eating portion size and girl let me tell you, it was hard!!! but between Jn. 2012 thru march 24..2012 i am weighing 202lbs. Yes i count calories sometimes and slipped too but i try to consume 1 gallon water each day, i pee like a pregnant lady..
I know you can do it, losing weight is the hardest thing to accomplish in life. I had gastric bypass in 2005 and was 469 Lbs and the other day I stepped on the scales and have lost 209 lbs. it's been a long road but hopefully I can be an inspiration to you as well. I made a video on my site the other day and you can see what I did look like. Good luck to you. And your daughter is lovely by the way, and I can tell that you are also a lovely lady just by listening to your personality. :)
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Hey everyone, for the past weeks I have been following this simple weight loss program from POUNDALE.COM , I lost 27 pounds so far! Its 100% natural weight loss solution. Follow POUNDALE.com for best results. You would be very surprised on how easy it is to lose weight, I would highly suggest visiting this website called POUNDALE.COM The spotty mist conserves the trick. When does the attraction zoom in the hilarious heat? How does the lethal sleep aid the ice?
you need to stop this LIE!! your title is misleading? you have not lost 300 pounds as your title says you have. what is that about?.. and you been on this journey for over 2 years and i have yet to see any transformation... get REAL with yourself before misleading people to believe you can do it when you have nothing to show for but TALK a whole lot of empty promises over the last 2 years...SO frustrated watching this now..unsubscribing now!
Diva i want you to stay focused, stay blessed, and stay inspired, because you can do it 1 year ago i started at 251 and now im at 205 and i still got sixty pounds to go.. come on girl we are in this together okay and im here for you!! PLease as soon as you can find a water aerobics class girl its amazing and i have become addicted to it! I find that im toning as i lose. im going to watching out for you my sister!!!!!
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@imagineme2wice I don't know what on earth made you think that I had given up! I will NEVER give up! I fight this battle day in and day out my dear! I just joined youtube last May, it's no way on Earth that I could have lost 300 pounds in 5 months, now even with surgery. Sorry..But..I would love to see you finish, keep me updated!:)
I keep you in my thoughts an prayer ... I know first hand that this can be a hard road to travel ...no matter how the devil try to discourage you try harder ....CAUSE SOMETIME I NEED YO HEAR THE SAME THING ....BUT WE HAVE TO REMEMBER WE CAN DO IT, IM PRAYING that WE WILL MEET ALL OF ARE GOALS AN IM HERE IF YOU JUST WANT to TALK!!!!
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im grateful that you are sharing so much of yourself...i just want to say while using your daughter's weight as an inspiration pls know that you have your own perfect weight just for you which may not be exactly your daughter's weight...however i know youre gonna get to where you gonna reach your goal!!
Mrsbabyfat want an accountability partner in your weight loss journey? I need one because I need to lose 160 pounds. As I was watching your video I thought we could if your interested encourage each other daily and hold one another accountable in some areas needed to stay on task. If your interested
I happened to come across your video while looking up people who have lost weight using Sensa, and I have to say you have inspired me and I know that this is my year to lose this unwanted weight not just for me but for my daughter. I thank you and admire your courage for posting your videos.
Hello there, have you tried Bellyfattack yet? Just google it. There you can get a helpful free video presentation by an experienced physician revealing the right way to reduce body fat. It made it easier for Brenda to get rid of her belly fat. Just give it a try. It may work for you also.
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300 Pound Fattest Model In The World - Velvet D'Amour

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dude. y r u blocking her she is gorgeous and u blocking her. everytime i see a bony bitch. im thinking. 'bitch , u need to eat' u have one life to live . y would u want to suffer . i dont get it
why don't you stop skinny shaming to make yourself feel better, mmh?
i am in fact , a plus size woman.... i was just commenting...im sorry if that offended the people who like slim women.  that wasnt  my intention.... i was under the impression that we were allowed to voice our comments or opinions. Thought this was a free world. but i forgot .... its not free..... my bad... i guess bone without meat....WINS....  i pray that society will change and realize whats more improtant.  just saying.....
you don't have to be thin to be pretty and sexy
true, but this woman is UNHEALTHY, it isn't good for you to look like this, she is likely going to contract some kind of heard disease later on. If you are a healthy weight, most people will find you attractive, regardless of your body type or what you can or can't achieve. Being healthy, eating right, and respecting the one body you are given, is the best way to look attractive, and feel attractive.
+Poppy Zebrafrog yes u do i bet ur a fat ass
she rock she a model i wanna be:)
+Barbara Freytes u wanna be a big fat ass?
People can weight what they want. 
+Jaye Nielsen ya but people judge her cause she is a big fat ass
Im a kid I2 and I weight 85Ib
who u talking to? she cant read... her fat is covering her eyes, and btw i blocked u soo err sorry no way of respoding to me... lol fuck you
+Jada Forde Don't listen to that dickhead. You're fine
+Jada Forde damn thats fat ur obese

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Listing it did NOT take YOU seven kids to put it ON, it take years, it’s only going to take maybe years to take it off. Let me tell you this story when my son was younger the little boy next door call me fat, my son did not like it, I just laugh because his mother is fatter than me. What I did was take one day it a time. I have been on every diet you can name, but the best diet that I can up with was the diet I make up myself, plus I when to the gym every morning and the weight begin to comeoff.
Hey girl, so nice to see you, we are rooting for you. I was out for a couple weeks with a serious spider bite, and I have just gotten back to making videos, I'm uploading either tonite or tomorrow. But I am so happy to see you doing well. It's all good. Hang in there. And keep it moving and you will make it, every little bit counts, just tell yourself as long as you do something each day, something is better than nothing. Just 30 mins of something. That's all, just push it out girl! :) Love you!
u know what, I'm so glad you are doing these video's. When you said that people were looking at you to see if you would make it,, that reinforces how people view overweight people. Of course it bc you look down on "them" to make you feel good. Its like you shouldn't go certain places or do certain things because of your size. I can relate in the sense of being a 6ft tall woman and i have learned thru the years to not care what people think, as you do too i'm sure. Thank you for being brave enuf!
@Lovingthenaturalme Don't keep a lot of junk in the house just because you have kids & you think you have to keep them loaded with snacks...even in the summer. Children are at risk for being overweight when they have parents &grandparents that are overweight. Instead of dieting, you should all work on a new lifestyle. The shakes for breakfast, lunch, or in between are fine for now but are not a permanent part of your lifestyle so don't keep them in your diet for very long. Stay strong!!!
You are so beautiful. I wish you would try the Atkins low carb. diet, that diet is amazing. Other diets make you starve yourself and we can only starve ourselves for so long before we revolt against the hunger and then we gain it all. Atkins you turn your body into a fat burning machine and make it burn that stored fat. It's easier than any other diet and works better too. You eat plenty of meat, cheese, limited veggies.The weight comes off steadily and that keeps you hyped and its FREE
Thanks for the update and congratulations on more weight lost!!! Yaayyy! Every pound counts! Please do NOT do weekly weigh-ins. Watching the scale that closely will only drive you mad and cause disappointments. Every 2 weeks is a much better plan. That way, if you stalled one week but lost on the next, you won't know it. And it will happen. Also, make sure your family is aware of your journey and your goals. Their diets should not be much different than yours...
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Awesome vid. First time viewer, and I am loving what I see. U hav a sweet spirit about urself an I wish u much success with ur goals. Word of advice, it can get discouraging to keep focusing on the total amount of weight u hav to lose so break down ur weightloss n2 smaller increments an Time frames. That way it helps to keep u motivated by seeing ur progress. God bless u and I look forward to hearing from u. U can an will do this!
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Hello MrsBabyfat, I wasn't sure what Weight Lose Plan you were using, but this one allows you to win cash prizes while you lose. So, I thought why not let her know, if she doesn't already. We are currently the LARGEST WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE IN THE WORLD - Bodybyvi - Visalus - loseweightshakes.info I can send you a free sample if interested as well. Hope all is going well Sincerely, John loseweightshakes.info
Hey there, have you tried "BELLYfatTACK" yet? Just search on Google and you will spot bellyfattack.com On there you will discover a good free video by a well-known medical professional revealing the best way to eliminate weight. This made it possible for Andrew to reduce his stomach fat. Just give it a shot. I hope it will work for you as well.
Your very pretty,and you diffidently use things like the people staring at you as motivation. Im trying to lose weight myself, im currently 5"7 and 181. My motivation is my mom and sister they criticize me for my weight, but i use their hate to lose weight. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOURSELF YOUR A POSITIVE MOTIVATION!!!!!
Hello. I will be tracking your progress. Thank you for taking true steps and brave revelations of your plans of losing weight. You will make it. I will pray for you. And I hope and pray that I can do it, too. I have included in my prayer list TO LOSE 40 lbs before my 40th birthday on May, 2012....
w0w.. she is very much determined and i salute her to that! Hey, @maicgil1010 thought im gonna end up ruining it all! Thanks for sharing me that program offered by the site: WeightLossAction [dot] info it was the bomb! ive lost tons of weight only in a short weeks. Thanks to it.
I always thought BBW was Big Beautiful Women....but just wanted to tell you that you inspire me to continue my trek on the weight loss path and I'm going to be posting my own videos for weight loss because of you =] I'm going to tag you in it so I hope you enjoy it and all haha
Hey there, have you tried Bellyfattack ? Simply have a look on Google. There you can find a helpful free video by a recognized certified dietitian talking about the best way to reduce extra fat. This helped Madellane to burn her belly fat. Hopefully it helps you as well.
Fat Combust Factors (do a google search) kept on appearing on different Youtube videos thus I thought they were scams. Right after my co-worker follow it, and lost alot of unwanted fats, Im convinced. Dont take my word for it, look for Fat Combust Factors on google.
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