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Getting pregnant suboxone Videos

getting off methadome and takeing suboxone while i'am pregent

just to see whose been there before,like in my situation ?????????

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I'm 5 months now and I've been on Suboxone for 4 yrs, cutting myself back for the last 3 yrs, now I was on 5 8 Mgs at first, and the last time I seen the doctor I was down to 1 8mg a day as of two MThs ago, while I never when back and it's been a month now without suboxone and im about to die the doctor did put me on subutex after finding out I was pregnant I really couldn't tell a different but now feeling these crazy withdraws I wish the pain would just go away already.
You need to be under 30mg to jump to suboxone. New research came out sawing suboxone is better then methadone for pregnant women. Get on the lowest dose possible. I'll find the link.
@angelo212 hey iam in 10mg on the methadone and its working fine but i still like to kick that shit u feel me .../?????

Suboxone Program

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Chronic Neck, Back and Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief: Pain Management and Suboxone

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Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Prostate Cancer that had already spread to my bones, spine and spinal chord. They detected it very late and I had no symptoms just until 3 months before being diagnosed. I have terrible back pain from the tumors and bone matatasies. I have one doctor who is just in charge of my physical Pain. So she puts me on Suboxone 8mg, 3x a day. I have done some reading on this drug. It is only a partial agonist, reaching a plateau where if the pain increases, taking more will have no effect. Also this drug cost more than the U.S. Defense Budget. I can not afford to get buy it and I have no health insurance. I have Medicaid. I should be on a standard opiate analgesic like Oxycodone or Diluadid. Not Suboxone. The pain sometimes comes right through this drug. Now the doctor says that this drug binds very tightly to the receptors, so I will have to voluntarily put my self into withdrawl for 2 freakin days, and be bed ridden, until the full agonist optiate meds will have aneffect. Thank you doc for telling me all of this, she did not say one word about the high expense, its limited use for pain. Two days of agony. $10 per film vs $1 per pill. Let me know your thoughts on this. Of all I read Soboxone is for the treatment of getting of Methadone, Oxy and heroin. It is not FDA apporoved for cancer pain in the U.S.
If suboxine works as good as Oxycotin,Percocet then they should make these illegal and banned them.I almost ruined my life over opiates and if my Dr. would of prescribed Suboxine instead of Endocet,I wouldn't of gone down that dark road to addiction. FACT ! I just developed a severe back problem and I'm mixing Doan's with suboxine.If I had my motrine 800's,I'd do them in place of Doan's cause the 800's worked well for me.BAN ALL opiate base meds unless you have cancer,that's if.Opiates are EVIL !
Just wanted to let you know that I have 2 degenerated disc's, 1 herniated disc, and sciatica pain. The doctors started me on narcotics with vicoden ending on fentanyl 100 mcg and 30mg oxys 4 times a day for breakthrough. I had the facet block, steroid injections etc... Did physical therapy and still do stretches and chiropractic care. I found that when using the traditional opiates your tolerance increases very rapidly. I have been using suboxone for over 2 years now (4mg) and it works great!
Suboxone is primarily an opiate addiction treatment strategy but it does seem to manage pain in many individuals. Interestingly, much of the pain you are experiencing may be a consequence of the medication. Once clean & then managed on Suboxone you may find your pain is not as severe as once imagined or experienced. Suboxone is a combination of an opiate & Narcan, so you're not 100% clean but it eliminates the cravings & the urges to abuse, they're simply gone! Give it a try! Good luck! John
Suboxone is a lifesaver for many addicted to opiates, particularly those individuals who have not had much success with traditional rehab. Traditional rehab has an abysmal failure rate and opiate dependence can kill you. Suboxone eliminates the craving immediately and does a fair job of dealing with chronic pain. You can have a life on Suboxone. I don't know too many people who deal effectively with long term chronic pain AND opiates prescribed to control it. It's no way to live folks!
First, I am not a medical practitioner so I can only tell you what I would do. It sounds like you may be overdoing it. If the x-rays were negative, I would make sure I got involved with a good stretching and physical training program. If you are doing weights and swimming, you may be doing too much all at one time and your body is trying to tell you something. Get another complete medical workup to make sure it isn't nerve related and then try backing off a bit! Good luck to you! John
It beats the heck out of Oxycontin & Fentanyl dependence! Ultimately, you have to wean off slowly and over time. You can do it but it might take staggering 24hrs, then 30hrs, 36hrs, 42hrs, 48hrs...etc. Then half the regular dosage...6 more hrs...and so on. It's not easy but it can be done and it IS worth it! I wish you all the best! And YES, see your physician first. If you attempt to get off them, even Suboxone, I'd suggest an addiction medicine specialist. They're best qualified!
John, Thanks for posting this. Ive been on Suboxine for pain relief from Crohns disease and bone pain for about 3 years now. It is wonderful. Unfortunately I had to suffer from active addiction for 20 years from taking other narcotics. I so wish doctors would consider suboxine for Cronic pain before people destoy thier lives. I have never had the feeling that I neeeded or wanted to take more than prescribed. It has really helped me get my life back.
You are welcome! It has been a miracle drug for many dealing with chronic pain and addiction. It sounds like you have pulled it all together. Good for you and best of luck to you! It is interesting how some people respond well to it and some don't. From my experiences dealing with my back pain and talking to others who have deal with chronic pain who have given it a chance, it is super! Again, best of luck to you and thanks for commenting! John
hello my friend. im 22year old male. im veryyyy active. i do weights and swimming at the ymca. i been having upper back pain AND NACK for 1 year. some times when i bend over i feel little pain on my lowerback. when i wake up my muscles feel soo tight and painfull. i cant move my neck both side and i cant look up. i had an xray like 2month ago, negative. what should i do IM GOING CRAZY!! thank u.
If anyone knows of any other testimonials using suboxone for chronic pain treatment please list them. On the internet now there are several papers and studies that has been done showing very good reaction for chronic pain treatment using this drug. But compared to the negative, Postings they are very few and far between. Anyone who has chronic pain knows that any help at all is worth trying.
I took suboxone for 21 months, and although it helped me get off opiates, you CAN become dependent. Also, it is addictive to the human brain, because it activates the opiate receptors. You will withdraw and become dependent. Please be careful and talk with you primary care physician, not some fuck on YouTube. Coming off 1MG was very difficult for me!!

sleepless thoughts on suboxone

my first vlog: up-all-night rambling about the intensely frustrating experience of trying to get off of suboxone.

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Just keep a positive mind girl! You can do this! It's going to be hard for a while but if you just keep pushing and never look back!
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