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Abs diet eggs beneficial sandwich Videos

How To Make A Egg Sandwich, Healthy Breakfast!

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In germany we call this "strammer max" and we add some bacon ... tasty :-)
+Richard Siebels Yea i was thinking about putting the bacon in it but i can't find good low fat onces in my country! Bacon is goood.
Hi bro, i had a problem i am Spanish and is hard to me understand all, what is the spray that u use in the frying pan
+hunter 123 456 no problem! I wish i knew spanish so i could subtitle my videos in spanish, so you could read it if you don't understand something.
+hunter 123 456 No problem! It's a none-stick cooking spray without calories :)If you don't use a spray like that, then you need to use olive oil or something els, and it has calories I rather spare my calories! The spray has olive oil flavour :)


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Hey, first of all, i really appreciate that you share your knowledge on health, especially during this time in the world, but my problem isn't a weight issue, but more of a Acne issue. I'm 16, and i have a minor condition of "cystic acne", after after taking medication, it has not gone away. After i tried a "Japanese diet", and to some extent it worked, so then i deemed a diet the only way to control break outs. I would greatly appreciate if you could give some tips or recipe on skin care. Ty!
Take a spray bottle, fill it with one cup of ORGANIC apple cider vinegar (can get at krogers), one cup water, and about 5 drops of natural tea tree oil (I got it a health food store). I stopped wearing makeup for now, I just rinse my face with water, spray the cider mix on a cotton pad and wipe my face. Then I put a drop of tea tree oil on my hand and mix it with this hydrating face lotion I have (I would suggest something natural). It has helped with my acne and the cysts I had are gone
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She is awesome and so are you. Both of you have given me strength to take back my health and start my juice feasting. It is going to be a great start to the new year. I agree she needs to change her user name because she is so not the same woman she was when she started this journey. Thanks for what both of you do to inspire people to make that change.
I like this recipe. I like your suggestion to add a date jam but what about also adding on top of the fruit sandwich a nut butter and putting the date jam between the slices. Would that still keep it 80/10/10? I'm new to this type of life style and really want to embrace it fully. I'm trying to research and learn all I can as I move onward.
...Wow. Okay. He used the word to the extent of its definition; to sandwich something between two other things. He didn't mean bread. He never mentioned it. And given his reasonable assumption that people would actually watch the video, he is in no way responsible for conjuring anything. I can't believe I'm having to explain this :\
I am male, 5'10 - 118 lbs (at best). I want to eat raw foods such as smoothies, salads and juices to feed my body easily absorb-able nutrient dense foods, but also gain weight and muscle mass. (I am your typical vegan computer nerd). There is a wealth of information about losing weight with raw/vegan but how can I gain weight?
For some reason I thought you would of put the fruit in bread.Anyway believe that's a good idea because some fruit I know its good for you but test-less.I will try the fruit sandwich. Dan I do appreciate your video & your time. I will be going healthy this year step by step. Happy New Year...
It still surprise me, just how lot of people don't know about Proladox Diet Plan (search on google), despite the fact that a lot of people get good results because of it. Thanks to my buddy who told me about Proladox Diet Plan, I've lost a ton of weight by using it without starving myself.
This still surprise me, just how some people do not know about Proladox Diet Plan (do a search on google), despite the fact that many people get great result because of it. Thanks to my buddy who told me about Proladox Diet Plan, I have lost a ton of weight with it without starving myself.
Why fruits and sandwiches in the same breath. What does this conjure?Crucial Part of permanent weight loss are images that drive and motivate us.We become what we think. This is important for cleanse and detox.Fruits and sandwiches do not mix.Thanks.
Dan, I'm sure all of your recipes are good for gallbladder health, but I would really like to know what foods in particular are the best for the gallbladder. Mine has really been acting up and I really need some help!! Thanks DTM!
mmmh some lettuce wouldn't be bad here. ICEBERG SALAD!!! Come on, sandwhiches/burgers must be too big to put in mouth, also the raw food ones :D That's half the fun. Laughing at everyone being incapable of eating. Mwuhahaha.
loved the camera angle! love the simpicity! loved the knife choice. Are you just using whatever knives are available where you're at/....or are you carrying your own set of knives on your travels?...........Blessings! MM
I like your answer to fatwomangoesraw. There is a positive attitude I get from you on your video's. Speak blessings over your life...I like that...life affirming. Interesting idea about a fruit sandwich.
@hassel buske,what are you eating,are you getting enough food in? Sounds like your starving yourself and do you cycle or run maybe a little weight training? Then some good fats to, avocado and nuts etc!??
I love those combos. I've been chopping those fruits into a salad w/ pomegranate seeds and it's delish. I love the idea of making some sort of sauce or seed butter on the "fruit sandwich" for kids.
that persimmon wasn't even near ripened. if they're ripe you can they're almost like apricot jelly. so the sandwich idea still stands. ^^ Anyways, thanks for all the great video's.
Dan you're so hot! happy new year. keep finding myself thinking about going raw, for spiritual and health reasons... need to loose weight... any support or advise much appreicated.
Fruit sandwiches, ha, never thought of that before !!! Cool. Happy 2013 all from Scotland, from a 10+ year manic depressive alcoholic CURED in one year with a raw foods lifestyle.
Dan asking about Recipes in your DVDs if im making some recipes (dressings) should i use Food pocessor or i can do the same with blender for example Cauliflawer dill sea salt ?
I love the simple stuff you make. My son enjoys very simple meals and doesn't like mixing a bunch of ingredients together. You always give me good ideas for snacks for him :)
My family laughed when I told them I was going to lose weight with "Blazing Fat Loss", but then I showed them the results. Google "Blazing Fat Loss" to see their reaction.
not saying i dont appreciate the effort... but whats the difference between this and just biting into the fruit and eating it like its literally the same thing hehe

Secret Six Pack Sandwich

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Been eating this for a month now o.o i don't think its working.
+Isabelle Pummilllearn to read sarcasm dude xD
Are you serious you know this was a joke right
Idk if this is serious and I should try it or if it's another hilarious video
OH MY GAWD :D , thanks Josh you changed my LIFE :3 , best sandwich EVAH , made me ripped in 2 weeks :) . thank you :) *OFC I'm joking please don't take this seriously xD * .
I'm a sissy faggot
this is a joke right? lol i had my hopes up xDDD
So fake.. Everyone knows that men don't makes sandwiches.
realy how do you get ripped
go to the gym duh
Does anyone know if a shakeweight actually works for a 11 year old boy
Yeah I am 15 and I just started working out at the hit center
If you're 11 don't do weight lifting like crazy... At 14 or 15 you'll get taller and bigger... Whatever you think is fat right now is gonna be muscle in no time:) I know this for fact!

Weight Loss Week 1 - SORE & SANDWICHES

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Tried? Can't remember how often I tried, never worked. Than, about 1 and half years ago, I lost like 15kg ( I think it's about 33lbs or so) don't know how I did it, got lucky I guess, now I started running half an hour 3 to 4 times a week and everything has just become so much easier and I'm more active than I ever was before. Another 10kg and I'll have reached my goal =) I know I can do it and I wish you all the best to succeed yourself. xoxo
i lost weight. i lost over 100 pounds. I am 6ft 4inches and I weighed at one time, 275 pounds all fat and no muscle and now I am a healthy 175. I just started to play more soccer and cut back on everything. just sticked to subway and to tell you the truth. i would eat Corn Flakes with bananas for breakfast and dinner and a 6inch sub from subway for lunch and i lost it in 6 months.
Dude you're funny, you remind me of my cousin Chuck.Good luck losing weight man. I was having some issues with wieght about 2 yrs ago, ended up just jogging in my neighborhood until I was back down to about 200-205 lbs. (5'9' large frame). Up to about 230 lbs.... got lazy and quit jogging. This video inspires me to lose the 25 lbs. Take care dude
Well, I tried to get myself good shape (if you know what i mean) 3 times. I trained my arms , torso and it was pretty good, I trained about 1,5 month and results was really awsome, but i failed it cuz of computer games... I felt awful and still. I hope you gonna make it, Pete. Good Luck and (just from my country) keep your ass hard :D
Hi, have you considered BellyFATtack yet? Just search on Google. There you will discover a good free video presentation by an experienced medical professional talking about the right way to burn unwanted fat. It made it easier for Andrew to reduce his stomach fat. I will probably give it a try. It may work for you also.
hey man, just started watching your videos and subscribed right away, as a responce to your other channel i like the un edited better, you taking the time to actually connect with fans, and if this some how makes it to the next un edited comment video just wanna know how the weight loss is going
good luck man. just remember that losing weight isn't just about eating right and working out. you gotta have discipline. if you don't,when you lose the weight,you will go back to your habits. try hard to keep off the weight. keep it up though,and stay disciplined and motivated,good luck bro :)
I used to be 191.8 lb (14-16 years old) and i got down to 149.8 lb by the time i was 17... im 19 years old now and im 150 lb. I didnt even exercise.. just ate healthy and didnt touchany kind of fatty food... all i need to do now is exercise and ill be done.
Guys thanks so much for all the support! This time I WILL lose all of the weight and get healthy! I definitely will need all of you guys here with me on this journey to a new life so I urge you ALL to stick around with me on this awesome adventure!
I used to weigh 245, now i weigh 215. Thats 30 pounds :D. It's not very hard to lose weight you just have to scale it to your physical abilities, I used to only be able to run for like 10 minutes, now i can run for over 30. SUCCESS STORIES!
i did thumb up :) keep it up dude !! i use to go the gym on a daily basis 4 a couple of months n got ill.... i really need to sign bk up to a gym....... i saw a link from ur void vlogs or w/e its called, so i've now found this channel....
@FukYoCouChHD noo he should do insanity p90x is for when you lose most of your weight because insanity instead of useing weights you use your own body as your weights and i used to do insanity and i lost 40lbs in less than a month
d) You are gonna get in shape =D...As a Veteran (I am watching you since day 50 or something like that) i never lost hope in you ... I know you can do it =D
good luck on the weight loss dude, just remember, eating healthy and eating normal sized portions r just as important as working out good luck. :)
I've tried to slim down twice, I believe. Failed both times. Pete, do you think you could send me your exercise program in a PM or something?
at subway i get flat bread with chicken breast spinach and tomatoes and onions, and lettuce as a filler. it good but no cheese or dressing.
I totally agree Pete.Since I'm doing the whole weight loss thing right now. This is my third attempt for that actually. Great video.
dude, you wont survive working out cuz you barely survive talking to a camera for 7:00 minutes you sound like darth vader god!!
I was 315Lbs. Last month I was 286lbs. This month I am 276lbs. I have dealt with so many trolls I haven't been eating as much.
can tell ur heavy on breath by just walking around your house.....................get workin pete we believe in you
y u not eating salad with your diner and y u eating a 6 inch freakin sandwich the workouts will freakin not help
awesome u r a fat guy at heart your first weight loss blog was you eating sandwiches good luck buddy u can do it
you can do it... that dinner.... looked kinda weak.... no veggies???? c'mon pete!!!!!! hahaha good job man
@TheRealChiefVlogger Good luck. I'll support you throughout your "journey". You've got my sub&like too :]
how much have u lost soo far i wigh 246 punds and imma try to gett more tone and slim soo im wit yaa bro
@ccaarox there's no way that a 5'5 150 pound person is fat and i dont think you're going to be the first
i try to exercise and walk i get out of my home but i got tired and i get in to sleep (lazy bastard) :D
There you are. I wondered wtf happened. Glad to see you're taking life positively among the downers.

Healthy and Quick Sandwich in 5 minutes

Healthy, Easy and Quick Sandwich Recipe Ingredients - 2 Slice Bread - 3 Eggs - 1 Small Cup Chopped Onion - 1 Small Cup Chopped Tomato - 1 Small Cup ...

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Dog Gets Caught Hiding An Entire Sandwich in His Mouth

One dog was guilty as charged when the owner confronted the pet asking where her freshly made sandwich went. The dog's owner kept asking the dog named ...

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This dog is a typical democrat- just take what belongs to other people.
0:33-0:35 That must be her orgasm
fifth comment
2nd comment
1st comment

How to Make Healthy Deli Sandwiches

A zesty deli sandwich can be a healthy option for the quintessential American lunch, and a couple of quick spreads can make this typical fast food a little easier ...

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It would be helpful if you guys would include the ingredients in the description. English isn't my first language so sometimes it's a bit hard to catch what the chef is saying.
@diddy004 Best thing is to make them yourself. Making your own food gives you great pleasure and makes you appreciate even more the food itself!
i think id rather just use the low fat mayo instead of adding the other stuff, taste better and still less calories than adding the other stuff
why dose she call her self the skinny chef? there's nothing skinny about her.Oh i get it she helps people get skinny my BAD.good vid
She said that Americans make sandwiches because we are real busy but these sandwiches are 3 times longer to make than a normal one
if my girlfriend made sandwiches like that id be asking her NOT to make me a sandwich. and thats saying something.
@thecheeze9001 This isn't where you want to learn how to make good healthy food.
you need to be more detail in how much of every ingredient you put in
R u going for a party--d way u r dressed in d kitchen to cook :{
She put the bread on the counter .......cross contamination
You eat that much meat??? 3 slices maybe enough for me :(
Sprouts on sandwiches ? Americans really do eat weirdly.
@diddy004 LOL make them Yourself, don't be lazy :D
she said its healthy and she adds sugar idiot
Processed meat has too many chemicals in it
@badmedgirl ;I saw a bunch of meat there
@diddy004 simple: u get a new wife
Damn women chill on the mayonnaise
maybe you can make them yourself?
@diddy004 Find a new wife.
Comments are hilarious lol
@diddy004 cant make what?
Are those bean sprouts?
@diddy004 do it urself
Get Jennifer to do so!
@diddy004 Divorce! D:
Cook it yourself.
@diddy004 STARVE.
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