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Sinus surgery pain Videos

3-25-13 Sinus surgery post-op

I had just gotten a sinus surgery today which included straightening of my severe deviated septum, opening of my maxillary sinuses on both sides and a clean ...

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Hiya kid - I just had this done this morning and feel kind of like you do in the vid right now but I don't have friends here - they are laughing with me on Skype! . Actually you are quite funny & I hope it turned out well. Later tonight though, OUCH !!
feel better doll xoxo

Benefits of a Sinus Surgery

Sinus causes allergies, infections, nasal polyps etc and is a common ailment today. Some symptoms are facial pain, headaches, coughs, ear pain etc. Log on ...

Balloon Sinuplasty Sinus Surgical Procedure

Sinuses and mucus membranes can become infected or inflamed from a cold or allergy. These can swell and block the nasal passages so the fluid cannot drain.

Balloon Sinuplasty Frontal Sinus

Balloon Sinuplasty animation shows how the balloon can gently open up the frontal sinus and frontal recess. This allows us to safely and effectively open the ...

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As expert, I'm sure Sinuzolax Miracle is actually great way to cure your sinus infection safely. Why don't you give it a chance? perhaps it will work for you too.
thanks now im gonna try this DIY

I Feel Like Singin'! - After sinus surgery

Me on major pain meds. I don't even remember half of this!! :P.

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Awwww Kenzie. Wishing you a speedy recovery and looking forward to hearing you sing soon. My 15 yr old went through something like this last year and hasn't had a sinus infection since the surgery. He had one sinus entry blocked by sinus polyps, and some breathing issue at night before the surgery but now is doing great.1st week was rough but Austin healed quickly. 1st post op visit was interesting with packing stint removal but didn't hurt him bad,just uncomfortable. After that smooth sailing.
Aww thanks Steve :) It's been hard, but it will be worthwhile! I'm worried about having the packing removed. A lot of people say that it hurts really bad when the doc takes the packing out, but I guess we'll see! :) Thanks for the encouragement!!
Thank you!! Yeah, it's been pretty tough these past 5 days have been pretty if rough, but they could have been a lot worse if I'd have had any bone shaved! Which thankfully I didn't :) but thanks again!
Hope you feel better soon ! I know you feel a little sore but in time even in a week you will see you will feel so much better , I know I have had surgeries to know how it goes. Hang in there!
Dear Mac - you manage to be adorable even when flat on your back & drifting around in woozy lala land.. get well very soon, song bird and please stay that way. (^_^) Rodger
OMG! You are soooo brave. Get well soon, I rather see you up and singing; then in a bed in the hospital.
Thank you!! It's been hard but it will be worthwhile after it's all said and done! :)
Haha thanks Al! It's been hectic but I'll be a lot better after this first week! :)
You poor thing, Mac! I hope you heal quickly and can get back to singing soon.
Awwww! Get healed up real soon BabyMac.You'll be better than ever.
You are so sweet! Hope you get better soon Mackenzie! Kevin
Aww thank you so much Rodger!! I appreciate it so much!
Thank you so much John!! I appreciate all the prayers!
Awe, poor little sweety. Best wishes for a fast recovery!
Awwe baby.....feel better soon Kenz...yikes! Al (Idolx3)
Aww thank you so much girl!!! :) I appreciate that
Aww thank you so much! I'm feeling better already! :)
Haha! I sure was crazy!! :) Thank you so much! :)))
I call healing on this girl in the name of Jesus!
ouch that;s hurt get well soon mis talented girl
precious video...get better quickly, Mackenzie!!
Thank you :) I'm feeling better already! :)
Thank you so much!! I'm trying to!! :)))
Wow, she won't remember ANY of this.
Aww hope you feel better soon.....
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