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21 weeks pregnant lhhatl Videos

Kirk and Rasheeda Allegedly FIRED From LHHATL.

DJ Akademiks speaks on Kirk and Rasheeda Allegedly Fired from LHHATL. Like my Page //www.facebook.com/iamakademiks Check out DJ Akademiks ...

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"Some girl named Nivea"... Probably the singer & ex-wife to The-Dream, who is also the mother of 2 (or 3?) of his children, and 1 of Lil' Wayne's.
lmao its just his jokes it don't mean that literally
I can't believe I use to watch stupid shit like this. Now my TV is off ALL FUCKING DAY! I don't even know why I have a TV anymore.
Tie fireworks to the back of your tv and blow it
Donate the TV to a family in need or a local charity.
They were boring that why they got canned! Lol
Well thats how they get paid
Yea they didnt act like high school kids goin thru a midlife crisis, but at times like adults, too bad for them that niggas an ratchets love fuckery an coonin for the man, #smmfh
Yo Mona Scott young you be doing the most how you gonna fire Rasheeda and kirk that’s crazy to me..so you mean to tell tell me that you can fight act like a donkey a get suspended but boring story lines get you fired I hope mona you think about wat you doing those ppl made lhha wat is.started from the beginning you are real messy Mona
+Gage GoonTHIS^^
Mona knows exactly what she's doing and though about it very well. Black folks want to see themselves look like fools, so she shows it to them. Those who don't want to see rachet stuff don't watch anyway so she doesn't cater to those blacks.
people get fire over the dumbest stuff
I can't believe black folks still watch these minstrel shows let alone still allow them to air! Actually then again, yea I can.
+Malibu Beatz just wasn't the same
+christian6455 lol i stopped watchin tv around that time
+Malibu Beatz to be honest 2009 was the last year of good entertainment as a whole
+christian6455 its like listening to the radio, even the music on the radio is garbage, plug in ur ipod
+AllMightyKidBuu I say it fell off after 2009
+Malibu Beatz exactly! Why the hell are people watching television programming in 2015 anyway...
+ADAJ3 very true man. They were shows with dignity. Black people just do anything for cash now. They don't even save the money, they just blow it on Jordan's, fake jewelry, and guns.
+Malibu Beatz 2015
Who dafuq watches reality tv shows, nah, who dafuq watches tv in 2014, theres something called internet
+ADAJ3 and early 2000's 
Black shows were better in the 80s/90s

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Atlanta" stars Joseline Hernandez & Stevie J

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Stevie J Reveals Joseline Is Expecting Their First Child!

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Real housewives of atlanta marlo fight

THis week is a bomb show.

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Good review. I think marlo was way out of line, and how can she talk etiquette when she was not invited by phadra just nene, and she was not even going to go at first. I'm glad sheree did not back down to marlo. It was made clear only phadra, and kandi were invited at breakfest, so y bring it up again. marlo is putting to much on it for me she can go take a seat somewhere. I would have told her at the airport u can come but u have to pay ur own way. Cyn need to sit her scary ass down somewhere
@Chevonsharp: Another Great Review!!! - The Music Got My Bumpin' Boo - Thank You for including the linkie link, which I shared with my peoples on Face an bout to hit em up on Twitter! You know, Marlow was all kinds wrong for what she said, but she said it to magnify the insult and "Who Gon Check Me Boo"....Got Checked! I read that the reunion for Love and Hip Hop is going to be individual segments instead of a normal onstage reunion - can't wait for your review on dem clowns... GREAT REVIEW!
I like Marlo, don't judge me. Cynthia needs to get her own identity and a personality. Her voice is so fuggin annoying!! The ladies feel Marlo wasn't invited but Nene was the one who extended the invitation to her, she simply didn't notify them. I think Marlo was being cordial to everyone, making an attempt to be friends or friendly with everyone.
Sheree was being messy by inviting Cynthia, especially since they had already discussed which ladies were going to the dinner party, during brunch. Cythina was being an ass kisser and I guess trying to prove her loyalty to Nene SMH. She needs to be more vocal in her marriage to sorry-ass-Peter.
Cynthia is messy as HELL! It ALL popped off cuz of her....I loved this review. BTW, Marlo is off the chain-She is the best thing that has happened to the show this season. If she isn't on there nxt season idk what they are going to do for ratings...#justkeepingitreal
gurl sheree should have not even tried to be nice and she should have just stuck to her original plan of the tall ugly bitches not going also. i have yet to understand how u can just invite urself to go somewhere and then get mad when plans dont include you.
First of all I love your videos nene trying to be a peace maker as she should she brought that crazy bitch on the trip. None of these heifers have any class going to Africa betraying us as bafoons and materialistic nutbags.
@TheUniqueGemini : She was running fast than an African Giraffe to tell NeNe and Marlo - Just Messy - She should have been runnin' to the mirror to take them dry braids out her head....
Did you notice that Cynthia ran to another room to tell Nene and Marlo that they were not invited to the party? what's up with that? I feel like Cynthia is a two face.
Girl, I am LOVING your commentaries!!!!!!! I found you watching funky dinevas review and SO glad I found you. Now following you on twitter. You r hilarious!
Loved this review I died when u said she probably cant even vote society no longer care about your opinion and neither do I LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 1 Review

Ratchet Reality TV is back guys!!!! I promise to be more consistent with pushing out reviews! So MiMi & Nikko are over & Nikko wants his wife to move to Atlanta.

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I don't watch the show but, your review is good enough for me....Great review!
+TheMschrst818 lol glad I could help
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