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12 weeks pregnant bounty Videos

Our first baby scan at 12 weeks 3 days

Kassandra's Baby's 12 Weeks UltraSound !

Ultrasound scan of our first baby at 12 weeks

Pregnancy!!....Week 12 & Scan

Yay I made it thru first trimester! So happy and bub is still healthy and growing fast :)

User Comments

Awesome! Luv the U/S clip at the end. Its a great feeling when you pass the 12 wk mark isnt it! sorry to hear about your dreaded morning sickness, i know what its like, i had it REALLY bad with my 3 babies and it lasted untill about 14 wks! Are you going to find out the sex at your 20wk scan? Regarding the dobler question, i personally think its a waste of money (thats just my opinion) I hope you are feeling better soon :) (ps: i reckon your having another boy ;))
Thanks.... I hope my morning sickness will stop at week 14 if not before then! We are going to find out the gender at 20 wks and cant wait! Sometimes i get the feeling itll be a boy but we would love to have a girl, so wil just have to wait and see :)
i can see the little bump =) very exciting hun!! your sooo skinny too!! lol i miss seeing my feet! its deffinatley worth buying a dppler... but DONT get the bebe sounds prenatal heart listener! aww the little baby arm!! its sooooo adorable!
Hey! I defo think you are having a girl hehe! I bought one and at the very moment it is on ebay! I loved it, loved hearing my lil baby's heartbeat. Its also very good for Austin to bond with his sister/brother :-) Mine was hi bebe :P xx
i think you should get a doppler....i personally regret not gettiing one ii wanted one so bad but i didi not have any money so if you have the money get one it will put you in a better mind set on ithe hole pregnancy
I think that it would totally be worth the money in order to hear the heartbeat. Also, keep in mind that you could always sell it to another pregnant woman afterwards and get some money back out of it.
aww, well i cant fit mine anymore either, it sucks having no clothes to wear! You could try those belly belts that fit onto the buttons of ur pants, I know they sell them on ebay.
Congrats on week 12!! Glad the baby is healthy! So sweet :-) Ugh sorry about the hot weather, I hate summer/hot weather! I'm glad it's fall here.
congrats...i wish i stayed as small as you im at week 11 with my baby and i cant fit into my jeans anymore =[ haha
yay for the end of 1st trimester!!!!! hope u have a girl!!! wish u the best!!!~eve
Cool I will check it out... hope ur right bout a girl ;)
That is true, I think i will definately get one soon!
Thanks i will have to check out their vids!
Cool, not long to go now! Good luck :)
Ahhh baby looks so cute on the scan!

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