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180 lbs 12 weeks pregnant Videos

Vsg post op week 96/97 pregnancy week 12/13

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Omg u do not look old!!! U look purty!! Thanks for the update doll. Love u
Great to hear that things are going well! You look adorable! :-) 
168 heartbeat....I am guessing girl..has a pool started ?
You look fantastic!! Congrats on your pregnancy!

606 Pound Deadlift @ 21 yrs old 180lbs

606 lbs/275KG deadlift. Huge milestone for me as a drug free powerlifter. My Training Program - //www.canditotraininghq.com/products-services/ Facebook ...

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Damn, mad props! Also, am I the only one who noticed the guy in the background looking like he had a fake leg?
Exactly what i thought too :D
look at the black motherfucker trying to say he didn't lock out
to me it doesn't look quite locked out. but i'd still say he can deadlift 606
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The judge says otherwise.  
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Those 5 dislikes doe 
+CanditoTrainingHQ ya i bet ur lift just made them insecure lol,btw im 21, working out for 6 months and  i started deadlifting and squating for strength a month ago and i maxed out 265 deep squat and 300 conventional deadlift (not the best forms), id appreciate ur opinion on whether im below average or not or if my squat and DL numbers r too close. Thansk
haha can't win em all 
Jonnie im havin trouble gettin my glutes and hams involved in my deadlift (conventional) my lower back is always the most sore the next day. Im 5'9 180. Anything u reccomend without seeing my lift. I start with my hips almost as high as you do. Do u think low hips could be the issue? Thanks
Put up a video on your channel, it will make it much easier to critique. I would take a guess and say your hips are shooting up, leaving no room to push your hips through.
OP i figured out the issue for me, and maybe it'll help you out too. So all I was doing wrong was I had too much weight on my toes, rather than sitting back on my heels. Weight on the toes causes you to use too much lower back. It makes such a huge difference just sitting back on you're heels and pushing through them. Right when I made that change, I instantly lifted more weight too lol
Honestly, My lower back is the first area that is sore. Next is my upper back and traps, my hammies are never too sore unless i push deads really hard but strict good mornings tear them apart.
If your lower back is sore, it could be rounding a bit at the bottom position. Also to learn how to activate your glutes, switch to sumo deadlifts for a month. Worked for me. Also they require less flexibility so if your lower back was rounding during conventional deadlifts it won't during sumo DLs. And you can try stuff like barbell hip thrusts too.
I think I'm pretty flexible, but I'll start stretching more. Thanks for the reply.
do ham and glute stretches every night and morning, flexibility issue here 100%, after a month of solid stretching 2x a day you should not have anymore problems
I have the exact same problem.

180 lb Paused Bench Press 65 kg Powerlifter (180 for a paused rep.)

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clean rep!

Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 8 - Get It Girl!

Not a crazy week, but still seeing results from all of my hard work! ----- STATS: Starting Weight: 247 lbs. Current Weight: 235 lbs. Goal Weight: 180 lbs. Height: 6' ...

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Could you do a make up video? I really like your make up look everytime and it would be really interesting to me atleast :D And make sure to make a video about the Color run!
Excellent progress! You're going to meet every incremental goal you've set to achieve your ultimate goal! YAY
Where are you??? I miss your videos!! Come back please!!! You are an inspiration!!
So glad I found your channel!! :D Good luck with this week!!
Good luck!. You are beautiful :)
Hey girl where are you!?

50 pounds lost in 12 weeks

Down 50 pounds in less than twelve weeks.

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Thank you so much for the kind words :) . Some suggestions that I have are: remember that losing weight is about 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Try to make small subtle changes in what you consume and don't do it all overnight. For example, you can first eliminate all the liquid calories you consume and replace them with water which is 0 calories. Also try to cut out the junk food a little more each day, and soon you will be so motivated to only eat nutritious food that is low in calories.
congrats to you! talk about inspiration! i just started my weight loss journey yesterday & im hurtin LOL gotta lose 60-80lbs asap. any suggestions? Thanks! oh thanks for subscribing to my channel btw! :D
Wow, thanks for sharing and for the inspiration. Appreciate it bud. #Thank you
No problem my friend, just remember that YOU CAN CHANGE ANYTHING YOU WANT!
Thanks for keeping us posted I will be starting Monday.
No problem, let me know how you are doing! :)
Thank you :)
Good job!

Beltless 2-sec Paused Squats with 185 lbs. for 5 reps @ RPE 5

Then did 180 lbs. for 6x5. This was a big PR considering I hit this the week before, but with a belt and @ an RPE of 8. My first set was supposed to be @ an RPE ...

Shayloss ~ 250lbs to 180lbs in about a year

Yeah sorry about it being 7 mintues that's the shortest i could get it to... Jeez are my teeth really that bad? I guess that's why i have braces.

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amazing! congrats, so nice to see you accomplishing such great things. keep it up :)
Keep up the vlogs! And check mine out practically the same story.
congrats on winning the shirt
Good job dude!

PICTURES 18 months post-op Lap Band!

Started 12/17/09 at 308.6lbs Today 06/16/11 at 180lbs Enjoy :)

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wow thanx for the great video...I've been back and forth on if I should get the lapband or not...I guess I'm over informed, and there are so many point of views out there...but its nice to see your videos and how you've progressed...you looked beautiful before too, but now you seem to have a glow about you...if you don't mind, I just had 2 questions for you... 1) Did you have any loose skin/hairloss issues? 2) Does the good outweigh the bad things(sliming, pbing, etc?) I'm a nervous wreck...
How about you look so AMAZING!!!! You are absolutely STUN-NING!!!! My mouth dropped when I saw the difference in these pictures. The red dress just made you glow, that's a great color on you. You rock the band chick. Congrats to all of your sucess and to the last 25 pounds I know you will make it in no time, especially with all the running you do. You have truly inspired me.
you inspire all of us..whether we've had/are having lap band, sleeve, bypass, we all love you and look to you for motivation and inspiration to get us thru our WLS journey. You have come so far and to see the side by side comparison is just mind blowing. You will reach your goal before you know it, and we will all do a happy dance for you when you do!
hi u look great i was just wondering did u ever get bored with it as i an starting 2 i had my band in feb 2011 and ive lost 129lb so far i was 25,1 stone now ime 16,5 but i just cant seem 2 push my self no more any ideas or how did u keep your self motivated cheers
Of all the videos I have watched I think yours might be my favorite. Your "Before" is my present. I should be having my surgery in June. Watching this helps me have some realistic expectations of where I may end up as long as I do the work. Thank you!
@kapsanras Thanks!!!! For me, very minor skin/hair issues, I would actually almost say not really at all. And the good is 8million percent better than the "bad"... I could NOT be in a better place if I tried. :)
What a beautiful girl.....before and after. i have had the lap-band and have lost 80 lbs. I can't believe how good I feel! My goal is another 40 gone. Thanks for your video they help on my "hungry" days LOL
KATIE! Girl you know I love you and all the support you have given me! I am so proud of all you have done! You look fantastic and you can see that you feel it! Those potatoes will be gone in no time! :)
AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL OMG Katie I played the video twice!!! CONGRATS you look Gorgeous!!! Keep INSPIRING ME , I cant get enough of YOuuuu Beautiful gal!!! GBY :)
You and your new toy have accomplished great things! Thanks for sharing your journey and being an inspiration to many! Cheering you on as your reach for your goal, Katie!
Wow! I started almost where you did......I'm still working, but seeing these pics makes me want to get there faster!! Thanks for sharing and you look H-O-T!!! Hugs! ~Dana
Awesome Katie! Thanks for sharing that! Notice you were out in the ocean, beautiful waters. Your doing sooo well! Look great great girl! You inspire many!
Wow, you look absolutely amazing! BTW - that is my fav workout song. I can't hear it without thinking of the elliptical! Awesome job girl!
aww!! sweetie I love that you have inspired me!! really your journey has blessed my life ...thanks again so proud of you...love rosemary
Wow ...u look great! I kept hearing ur name here and there throughout other people's videos ....u are now added to my "SHEROES" list!
Thank you for sharing your inspirational videos! This is going to be me soon!!! July 21st 2011, my new life will begin!
u look so good! I loved the differences in the pics! It even looks like your hubby slimmed down some too! take care
Great Video.. You've worked hard for it and you are definitely GOLDEN!! Thanks for inspiring all of us.
woot! woot! rocking it! the train is moving full steam ahead. keep your eye on the prize. hugs!
you look great.....and I watched your other video and you are beautiful before and after
You look absolutely fantastic!. You are on an amazing journey. Thanks for sharing.
How inspiring! Just Beautiful! Beautiful~ Beautiful~ Beautiful =) cindy
amazing transformation! your smile was & still is so beautiful! Sarah x
STUNNING!!! So so so so excited for you. You look AMAZING!!
You've come a long way, baby!! Awesome!! Love Janine
Very inspirational! You look fantastic!
wow!! amazing job -- what a difference!
Look awesome girl! Always beautiful !!
Fantastic, you look sooooo beautiful!
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