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11 weeks pregnant feel like i'm dying Videos

The Nerd - Justin Bieber Love Story - Episode 6

1 month later Jennifer-justin... I don't know how to tell you this... Justin-your pregnant? Jennifer-howd you know? Justin-a few weeks ago I saw the test on the ...

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AHH! i love how its my name is Jennifer! haha but the ironic part is i took a quiz on facebook and it said i would get married at 17 to someone with the first letter of their name J, and another one that i would have a kid at 17... haha and wow... 15 girls in their school were pregnant thats alottt!
tree words my felloew fuzzy friend!! I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 so does my friend darryl and he is a boy? O_o
r u gonna continue i just read this story and its so good and funny
Doc: I see the head Jennifer: GODD FOR YOU! Lmfao
doctor: i see the head jenn: GOOD FOR YOU! hahaha
i cant find episode 7 make more plzzzzzzzzzzz
can you post more plzz! :D
more please its awsome
please make more!!!
lol that fan

round ROUND round ROUND round ROUND

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thanks, much appreciated
dude!! genius!!

Close one acct and see us multiply ' Gary Turk '

Gary Turk's "Look Up" viral video makes me feel lonely, but not for the reasons described in the video. It makes me lonely because by now an estimated 100 ...

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fuck that gary guy, I met people online I get along with more than people ive met in person. if it wasnt for social media id be a much lonlier person.
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