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11 weeks pregnant kpop Videos

CHRISTMAS TAG 2015! - Teen Mom - EagerlyExpecting

Check out Celeste's Christmas Tag and SUBSCRIBE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONOrymv7heo. Tag Questions: 1. What is your favorite Christmas...

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HAHA, I'm dying. Is it wrong that I love all the bad words in this? You're a girl after my own heart.
My best friend's name is Celesta (slightly different), and we have been friends for 13 years :O
I love your blanket! I almost bought that from target .. back when we had target
Merry Christmas, love your sense of humour, best Christmas Tag so far
Oh gosh that beep sound in the video almost gave me a heart attack
I love your videos! You're too funny!
Oh my gosh. I adore you!!

[HOT] BLOOD Korean Drama Ep 16 KISS Scene/V-sub OST

Source KBS Chanel Thiss Kiss Scene from Ep 16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-RYo_mVOF0 We are really looking foward it for along time. And Now we ...

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This was the only kiss they had in the drama.. it was gentle and passionate.. ive waited til ep16 fr this.. i said to myself ok its worth the wait.. il be seeing more.. but then, i got dissapointed.. t'was their only kiss scene.. HAIST.. i guess i have to play this over & over again.:( thank u fr this video! AJH & KHS did a great job! Now this makes it in my fave korean drama list.☺☺☺ 
Same goes to me...
+mayk0421 LOL!! Me too. Destroy the replay button. XD This has made my fave kdrama list as well. :D
I was planning to watch this but this is their first kiss?? At episode 16?? 
Nice..atleast thier lips are moving unlike other kissing scene in kdramas..nice one oppa hwaiting..more kiss for the next ep.. Gidaehaseyo..!!!"
Also my love from another star is the best drama to watch!
+Tina TheKoolster aside from 1 or 2 most korean dramas have the most passionless kiss scenes ever. I mean it looks so force fed.
+Tina TheKoolster  I will make one video about Yoona and Jang Geuk Suk 's Kiss Scene in the next time. :)
Uhh no honey If u watch this drama love rain featuring Yoona and Jang gun saek their kissing scene is hot! A lot of affectionate and lip moving.

KPopCountdown796 March Week 5

6 March 2014 Week 24 Day 4

Giveaway Q&A part 2!!! MrStrawberriBunni

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YES THEY WERE!!! And Daphnee (the girl in the middle :D) won tickets to go to their sound check and concert for free! She had a blast and showed us videos of the show. haha And Yes we all like Rain and Jaejoong...they are beautiful haha
Did you say you like Rain and Jaejoong (from JYJ)? Wasn't Big Bang in New York a while back?
I recorded it so I will try to upload the tape....I'm very special in the video haha
Thank you! And yes we were blessed to meet so many people during our stay in Korea.
Haha You girls are so funny! So lucky to meet so many people! :D
Yes we are! And we are happy you are happy :D
Which episode of Star king was that?
wow i luv u girls, crack me up
Hi girls good your back :)
you guys r soooooooo cool
Thank you!!! So are YOU!
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