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Fruit Mono Meals for best digestion 80/10/10

www.movemeyoga.com.au Mono meals are the best way to optimize your digestion. And the easiest food to digest is fruit! So a mono meal of fruit is the BEST ...

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what about just apples for a mono meal ?
+Tania T. I have digestion issues soo bad now that I now have chronic fagigue ...I wondwee what mono foods is good?
It depends if you have sensitivites to FODMAPs. check out a FODMAP food list. I love apples, but i dont digest them well at all:(.
+Katy Hughes-Brown Good question! Our experience with apples has not been great. We find we bloat and sometimes even have stabbing pains in the stomach. We find them very difficult to digest, so we don't eat a lot of them. In fact, we haven't had them for quite some time and just a few days ago, tried only 3 each in a smoothie (with dates)... we didn't digest them well :( BUT, if you're ok with apples, then eat away! Keep in mind that they are very low in calories, so you'd need to eat quite a lot of them to make for a high calorie mono meal. Custard apples are a much better mono meal as we find them easier to digest and they are much higher in calories than regular apples.
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