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How to save a web page Videos


In, this Video i ll show u HOW to save a complete webpage from wikipedia or any other Website..

How to Save a Web Page as an HTML

Save a Web page to an html.

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if the webpage has pictures and videos in it. Will I get to see it offline? What if the webpage Im saving disapears later on?
nice,, your a hacker right?? :D

How to Save a Webpage as an Image in Windows : Computer & Internet Basics

Subscribe Now: //www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowtech Watch More: //www.youtube.com/ehowtech Saving a Web page as an ...

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Thanks it works :-) 

How to Save Your Web Page as an Image

In this tutorial you will learn how to save your web page as an image. Our tutorial is for Windows users. Don't forget to check out our site //howtech.tv/ for ...

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have watched this a dozen times and dont understand where it saves to
Well after you selected you will save wherever you want'?

How to Use Internet Explorer 7 : How to Save a Web Page on Internet Explorer 7

Learn how to save an Internet Explorer webpage in this free educational video clip. Expert: Ross Safronoff Bio: Ross Safronoff started using a two piece VHS ...

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Microsoft has made off-line browsing impossible because off-line browsing completely defeats their revenue from clicking on advertisments. For anyone who is using IE 7 with Vista it is also now impossible to save a web page to your hard disk. MS is designing all their software towards ''pay per view'' but they will never publically admit this. Use Google to try and find out why IE7-Vista users can't even save a webpage and you'll see how little information is permitted on MS covert strategy.
microsoft support 934817 BUG A script that uses the execCommand function together with the SaveAs command does not save a Web page in Internet Explorer 7 on a Windows Vista-based computer. Does this mean that a computer which uses Vista and IE 7 will NEVER be able so save a web page? If so, why have you not stated this? microsoft also state that a dll file from Outlook Express must be installed before web pages can be saved. Is this true? If so why haven't you stated this?
I have been running my vista laptop for 18 months and I have had many on-line windows updates. So why has this not been fixed? If it can't be fixed then why haven't my windows updated amended my system so that when I try to save a web page my computer gives me a pop up message telling me that this is not possible? Why is it that the screen shots on your video look nothing like my IE 7 dialogues?
Why is it that the basic matter of saving a web page presents an insurmountable technical obsticle to the people who work in the computer industry? Why is it that MS are incapable of explaining or admitting that they are incapable of designing a browser which is capable of saving a web page?
Why is it that you are colluding with MS by producing a video which expresses confidence in IE 7 while you evade any mention of the known fatal faults which make an computer with Vista and IE 7 capable of the simple matter of saving a web page?
I am at beginner level and this video is super helpful to me. THANKS.

How to save a webpage to your iPad home screen

This ShowMe explains how you can Save a webpage to a tile icon on your screen as if it were an app! Check out the full blog post explanation here: ...

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How To... Save a PowerPoint 2010 Presentation as a Web Page

The "Save as a Web Page" has been removed from PowerPoint 2010. But you can work around this and still save your presentation as a Web Page - watch my ...

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Thank you very much, I had just tried SaveAs and noticed the "Save as a Webpage" option wasn't there anymore - what a bummer, it made the job so easy, so painless! At least you have the workaround, very technical - I would have never come up with it on my own. Hopefully the technique will work for future versions of PowerPoint too.
+Professor Poglitsch After trying it, I ran into a Run-time error '424': Object required message.  Guess we're done here.
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