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Melanoma and Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer

Visit: //www.uctv.tv/) Erin Huiras Amerson, MD reviews the causes of melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancer and reveals how dermatologists diagnose ...

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Well-balanced on the whole. I found the vitamin D defence misleading because I am sure the claim is not that low Vitamin D 'causes' cancer but rather that those with cancer are found to have low Vitamin D levels, so the hypothesis should be that low Vitamin D predisposes to, or perhaps impairs the body's natural defence mechanisms against cancer. She does talk about the questions around sunscreens, identifying the possibly carcinogenic ingredients and says that more research is required. So should we really be advising the public to keep slathering it on? I don't think so.
+Jean Russell Vitamin D, at 50k IU a day was a patented treatment that was found to be highly effective for breast cancer in the 1920, until the University of Wisc. patents were overturned. I posted three effective and proven treatments for skin cancer on this thread and some books to read.
Melanoma, skin cancer is serious all avenues should be researched to save lives, millions have been raised and spent to no avail. why have'nt our governments done all in their power to scientifically prove or disprove black salve??
with hemp oil your body cures it self goto www cureyourowncancer org
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