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Celery soup diet side effects Videos

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Thanks for sharing this video ! My tummy and intestines are killing me and solid foods are making me have horrible reactions ! :( So, I'm going to go on a 30 day juice fast to try and heal my digestive system. It's in sad shape and I'm in sad shape !
Never. I occasionally ferment vegetables in a mason jar with dates blended in water. Cabbage being one of the veggies, or carrots, peppers and others like kale. Left for 5-7 days, I enjoy on the side of a meal. Hope that helps. :-)
Now I have cabbage juice almost every night . cabbage carrots celeryevery day and beets every other day .I usually juice the beet green first and depending on the amount of beet greens can yield about a cup worth .
Glad I'm not sharing that juice. Nasty...he keeps running his fingers thru his hair and handling the vegetables without washing his hands. And he dropped a carrot on the floor and put that into the juice. YUK.
Jay Kordich says to never drink vegetable juice like water and to swish it around before swallowing .I think its for better digesting it . The cabbage juice definately works . I have some on a empty stomach .
Can be if you're not used to it! Start out with a smaller amount of cabbage and add more when you feel you can. It really is a great tonic for digestion issues/health. Many thanks.
sir,good am,what if i gonna put into the boiling water and put it together the cabbage,carrots and celery??it could be sir?pls.respnce.cos i got ulcer for the fast few days...
@ShanrM2012 We all touch our own hair and skin - it's harmless. The vegetables are, I'm sure, washed in advance. I'm sure he ain't died from dropping a carrot, for Crissakes.
Lol i think u meant to say centrifugal juicer/// Single auger and twin gear both are masticating juicers... great video anyways!!!
potent stuff that cabbage juice ! It stings alittle like the way hot peppers do .
oh shuddup
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