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How to save money cnn Videos

How to save money on summer travel

This summer, millions of Americans are hitting the road. Travel expert Mark Murphy shared tips on ways to save cash. For more CNN videos, check out our site at ...

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Oh yeah this is great to know.

CNN: The high cost of death row

Should states abolish death row to save money? CNN explores the controversy.

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Well, for those of us found guilty of committing no Crime, but are sitting on Death row because the Government and Media and Medical community falsely called me delusional about serious adverse reactions to drugs that a court ordered them not to give me because they cause me harm, so to try to murder me they forced them upon me & deny me Medical Treatments for the Kidney failure that they deliberately caused, it would have been cheaper to murder me if you Fascist Nazis would have just shot me.
"Should states abolish death row to save money? " YEP! ... when there is clear, convincing and irrefutable evidence of guilt, and a correct verdict has been rendered WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, then speed up the damn process. A 60 appeal process, 60 days for Judicial review ... then, if not overturned at the Appellate level ... execution is carried out within 24hr. The "Charles Mansons" & "O.J. Simpsons" get life in prison. The Jeffrey Daumers & Ted Bundys go straight to Hell on day 121. Next question.
I could not get my Medical Records because they will not Obey Cort Orders when I go there, and will not return calls. Some of my Medical Records that I could get, and some of what I have adverse Reactions to are linked here. I need a Kidney Doctor, a GI Liver Doctor, a Neurologist and a Doctor that can deal with a Drug Induced Immune System Disorder. Replace the DOT with a Period to a link. tinyurlDOTcom/5svetk2
What can you not understand that deliberately violating Court Orders and deliberately causing Kidney Failure with Medical Maltreatment deliberately giving and forcing upon me everything that I and my Medical Records say that I have Adverse Reactions to, is attempted Murder and if I die from deliberate Medial Neglect i it is Premeditated Murder? tinyurlDOTcom/3pmk6un
What can you not understand that someone in the Public is going to have to respond because I cannot get to any Specialist Doctors that I need here, because all that is here is Specialist Doctors that deliberately violated Court Orders and deliberately caused Kidney Failure and no one in the Government and or the Media will respond?
$308 Million, per execution? A waste of money, but only because of inflated costs. They have to reduce costs. States like Illinois abolish the death penalty, not because they are money conscious, but because they are highly liberal. 
What can you not understand that the Specialist Doctors deliberately violated Court Orders and deliberately caused Kidney Failure are not going to get me new Kidneys or the Liver Treatment that I was trying to get before I die?
Wrong! Its not 308Million/execution its 3.08Million

How to save money on smart phone usage overseas

Travel expert Chris McGinnis gives us some tips on how to save on smart phone calls when traveling overseas.

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Just learn how to use your phone. Most smartphones track data and minutes for you and there are a ton of apps that let's you text for free.
Can't believe i subbed to this bullshite! Must of been drunk. UNSUBBED.

CNN Weekend Shows - Money Saving Tips from Clyde Anderson

Financial analyst Clyde Anderson says to make saving a habit and rounding up on checks helps you save more money.

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Baffled the crap out of the host... At the end he was like Wow Um Uhhh...
Best money saving tip - elect Ron Paul.

Four partners, one love: It's polyamory

Imagine being in a serious relationship with your husband, a boyfriend, a girlfriend and dating around on the side -- that's polyamory. It's not new, but is ...

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is polyamory destined to follow in the footsteps of gay rights in the public eye? More redefinition of marriage: why isn't anyone mentioning that the ideologies that drive these movements are not motivated to redefine marriage but to abolish it? This world is playing russian roulette...
Who is trying to abolish marriage and why? Many poly people would be happy to get married to their partners.
Instead of becoming gay and lesbian at the same time and trying to bend people's social values and proving how cool you guys are... why don't you invest your time and effort into solving global issues such as poverty, famine, global warming etc. What a bunch of jackasses!!
+Mainul Hossain I don't believe it's about bending people's social values. It's more about awareness than anything. I.E. one does not have to feel pigeon holed into monogamy. And as big of an issue as poverty, famine, and global warming are, there are plenty of other issues that exist to discuss. It is important to speak out on what you believe regardless of the issue. As long as it is done in a healthy manner. Also, you don't have to be gay or lesbian to be in a poly relationship. It is unfortunate that if someone has a belief/moral that you are not fond of that you have to resort to name calling. Especially one that is not harmful to society.
These are not true engineers, the real hard core engineers changing the world are busy working their brains out instead of chasing after some carnal fantasy....I know because I work with many of them.
Good thing you're here to define what an engineer is for the rest of us. I'll remind my 20 year ex-Air Force engineer vet partner to ask you next time I goes to tell someone what he's been doing for the last 50 years of his life. Really though you have zero clue what you're talking about. 
I genuinely wish they had spent some time talking to Dr. Dossie Easton, who backs up her theories with extensive research as well as personal life-experience. It's fairly obvious from her comments that Dr. Fisher has an axe to grind, i.e. supporting monogamy as the normative option in relationships. I would love to ask Dr. Fisher just one question: If monogamy is so hard-wired and polyamory isn't, why do so many partners either cheat, divorce, or both? What's better in Dr. Fisher's view: Cheating, or an honest open marriage?
Also, she says 'many years' but she doesn't seem to mention that in ancient Greece and Roman times there was ALWAYS polyamorous relationships going on. And what u said,douglas, has a point. If Monogamy is for everyone, then why is the divorce rate/cheating so high now-a-days? And its not just about loving more than one person. Its about how YOU feel and how your partner/other people feel about it also when they are invited into your personal thoughts and feelings and respecting it if its not right for them. I've recently come to terms that I have the capacity to love someone else wholly and selflessly without judgement. Unconditionally. Some people are able to do it. 
The way that she was speaking makes me wonder if Dr. Fisher has had some bad relationships in the past. She seemed quite condescending and almost angry. Keep your personal opinions and feelings out of the science.. Also, I feel like there is no basis to any of her "facts". Monogamy is heavily influenced by all of the Judaeo/ Catholic based religions. "Millions of years"?  I don't think so.
+GMSBALTIMORE2/GMSBALTIMORE3 Slut shaming isn't cool btw. 
+DisjointedImages Could not have said it better :)  
+GMSBALTIMORE2/GMSBALTIMORE3 Then Poly relationships aren't for you - and that's perfectly alright as well. But like all the other flavors of relationship it doesn't mean it isn't viable for others.  :)
+Holly Abair well I don't know any man who just wants to cuddle and not want to smash. Unless he has sugar in his tank. If a women tells me she just cuddles with other men or women I would not like that. There is only room for one cuddlier and that's me. I want all the love no sharing.
Actually, polyamoury is not about being promiscuous. It is about finding multiple loving relationships.

CNN Reclaim Your Career Saving Money for Later

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