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WVIA - Call the Doctor-Dental Dilemma Tonight at 7pm on WVIA-TV

Today, tooth decay is five times more common than asthma, seven times more common than hay fever, and according to the ADA, a person's smile outranked ...

WVIA Call the Doctor - Cleft Lip and Palate - Tonight at 7 on WVIA-TV

Approximately 1 in 700 children born in the US have a cleft lip and/or a cleft palate. These are variations of a type of clefting congenital deformity. They can be ...

ProvenCare Lumbar Spine Prediction Model

Presentation by Ferit Akova, Geisinger Health System, at the 2014 BayesiaLab User Conference. Lumbar spine problems occur widely in the U.S. Treatment of ...

colonoscopy starring Captain Poopy Pants, 37 yr old colon cancer survivor

I'm a 37 yr old colon cancer survivor. This is my 3rd colonoscopy in 2 years. 2 times they found colon cancer. I was treated with Xeloda (oral chemo) so was ...

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I was later told that the lesions had to be removed surgically and that I will possibly have to have 2 surgeries to remove them all. I was then told by the surgeon that there is a high probability that I will have anal cancer. He said that since I was so proactive in getting checked out, that if it is anal cancer, it is very early and near 100% curable. I really encourage people to get checked even it is something benign, it is better to safe than sorry.
let me start off by saying, I wish you lots of luck and hope your colonoscopy comes back clear :) I was given Fentanyl and another medication. It knocked me down pretty good, but during the procedure I felt the air which caused cramping. They did give me a little more medicine which eventually knocked me out but I was able to stay awake through most of the procedure even watching them perform a polyectomy! Please let me know how it turns out for you!
I'm very nervous for my colonoscopy on Thursday (I'm 21 and have digestive problems, so they're checking for Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis). Thanks for a very informative video. I do have a question, because in your video you said you experienced discomfort- but other people say they don't even remember the procedure or feel anything. Is that because you had a different medication?
I opted for the osmoprep pills rather than drink the dreaded solution. I just had to take 4 pills every 15 minutes with 8 ounces of water. You do this for an hour, so you take 20 pills in an hour. Then the morning of the procedure you take the rest of the pills until they are gone. They did not make me feel sick or hurt my stomach.
I didn't get sick from the prep..One thing that helped was drinking it fast like a shot...get it down...tastes like water with a ton of salt..yuck! It took appx 2 hrs for it to work on me...but when it did, it did! It does depend on the person how they feel. Pls dont be nervous..this test could potentially save your life :)
i'm 25 and getting my 2nd colonoscopy on monday. my first one was 11 years ago. i have to drink suprep. i heard it makes you very nauseated. my aunt had to drink it and she said she was sick at both ends. that didn't make me feel any better about the whole situation haha. i hope i survive.
Polyps are tricky. Some GI doctors will tell u they found polyps that looked cancerous. Others just say, "We'll send them off for a biopsy and let you know your results in 2 weeks!" Does he have IBS? Bowel issues? Please keep me informed! I've got my fingers crossed!!!
I wish you luck and hang in there, these things can happen to anyone at any age. there must have been a reason why they are making you get this done so I hope everything is taken care of as needed. best to catch anything early too. thoughts are with you.
Everyone should see and know this. And everyone who watches the video should read the book "The China Study" and Food Revolution this will answers a lot of questions in regards to cancer. Both of these books will blow your mind!!
Bless your heart. I am so glad that there wasn't any cancerous lesions. I am getting my first colon scope this Wednesday the 24th. I'm scared. I have diverticulosis. Thankyou for this informative vid. hugs, Chris
Did you get extremely nauseous as a side effect from the prep stuff you had to drink? or does it depend on the person? Im having a colonoscopy in october and Im scared to death of vomiting from that crap..Thanks!
Thanks for the video. I'm going in, in a couple of days. I'm also scared as Hell. For your IBS, try peppermint gel caps. They really, really help. Just follow the directions on the bottle.
For starters, I'm so glad ur going in to get checked. The soluion made me a little sick but nothing major. Everyone is different but I don't think you'll puke...good luck
My dr scared me half to death when he told me NOT to put crystal light in the go-lightly...I sure wish I hadn't listened..having chasers didn't help much.
well it sucks i know what it feels like now to see the one you love on a hospital bed it sucks and i never want to do it again... stay tuff girl...
I am only 27 and I'm having one in the morning..all the other vids r of old people..good to see that I'm not alone as a young female getting one
I had Go-Lightly with LOTS of Crystal Light. Next was some stuff with Gatorade. ONE COMMON WORD THROUGH IT ALL.......REFRIDGERATE!!!
How brave are you to show this on youtube! I'm sure you're helping a lot of people! So glad your test was clean!
@armywifeM08 it reminds me of muckis so i started adding jim beam. the doctor;s visit was a breeze
my husband had a colonoscopy today and the doctor removed 5 polyps........" IS that really bad?
I was totally knocked out for mine. I never felt a thing. Anesthesia is the only way to go.
thank you so much for your kind words!
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