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Why Durianrider Promotes Eating UNLIMITED Calories from Carbs

To learn more about durianrider, subscribe to his YouTube channel: //www.youtube.com/user/durianriders Harley Johnstone aka "Durianrider" on why he ...

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One thing is eating unlimited calories and another thing is not limiting yourself. If you eat whole plant based foods until you are satisfied, you are still spontaneously limiting yourself. If the point is to show that you dont have to be starving to thrive and lose weight, then they should be more specific, because confusing between unlimited and not artificially limiting yourself would lead some people to think that they can, or even should, stuff themselves.
But as of yet, no one on a high carb, low-fat vegan lifestyle has explained how a person can lose weight eating unlimited carb calories. I understand why you wouldn't GAIN weight, but how would you LOSE weight? Would someone please explain the science behind this? Don't you still have to create a calorie deficit somewhere in order to lose weight?
Does he mean total energy consumed per day? If so, that's fine. If he means net carbs, he's wrong. Anyone who takes the time to plug their data into CRON-o-meter will see the true of this. Also, he is obviously an ectomorph and likely has a high metabolism rate, so he can do it. So, he generalizes himself to everyone else.
3000 calories is for athletes. These guys do not mention that you must burn those calories. If you eat 3000 calories of anything and you don't burn it off, you will gain weight. Thumbs down on the video.
I love Harley. I could listen to him talk all day.
a calorie is not a calorie
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