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500 calorie diet ckd Videos

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HOLY SHIT MARC, you kinda tore me up here... I appreciate all you have done for the sport and just letting you know I haven't fallen off. Im about to hit year 3 of lifting so id still consider my self a beginner but im almost in that "intermidtae faze" benching 225 for reps squatting 225 for reps, pulling 315 all day so im getting there. appreciate all the help You and all the other youtubers have given me these last couple years. and thanks again for tearing me up about the PH's lol
Do you even read? I can't sleep because I have an education to pay for, If I cut out any gym time I would not get any. Why are you phaggots even responding, unless you have something actually helpful to suggest and contribute rather than taking a path that clearly is not an option for me, why not just gtfo? Surely by cutting my calories back to 500 below maintenance this would be a more suitable cut, I was simply asking Marc how he thinks that a 198lb man would cut at 3000 kcals.
This kid does not know what he is doing at all..... Besides whey protein and creatine diet takes care of the rest. Damn some people really will do anything to get big like sacrificing their health pretty sad actually. Put in the work fool take the long route like everyone else and be natural and stop taking steroids damn thats sad. But as the Twins say DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANNAA DO but when your huge and your kidneys are all fucked up then you'll feel accomplished.
to everyone thinking of taking pro hormones...DO NOT DO IT. I...If you have to take a cycle then take the real stuff. Pro hormones are the last route you wanna take, i've taken them, and they do fuck you up, especially without a post cycle. If you care about your health just don't take them. I think its safe to say i gained more naturally when i was educated about diet and training than when i was on a PH and didn't know half of what i do now.
First thing, half an hour of running does not burn 600 kals. Secondly, on a weekday I wake up at 4am, work until 9am, then University till 6:30pm, then work till 12. 4 hours of sleep is already detrimental to muscle building. I fit in an hour of lifting four times a week, intense as FUARRRK. Don't tell me I have no excuse, at the moment I can't stop working, I need the money to put me through education.
well i can tell you. eating more is just overall better for body composition. that way u can get plenty of calories to maintain the muscle and that way when u workout more to expend the calories in efforts to loose fat the calories you burn will be fats and carbs and not proteins/,muscle. its hard to maintain muscle with few calories.
I really want to be a Pilot, I need to pay for my APL and PPL hours, plus get a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. I'm motivated man, I don't understand why I'm getting told to stop working and start running, what you lose in exercise you can make up for with diet (in terms of burning extra kcals through aerobic exercise).
..and you don't need ANY supplements at all.. I've been off protein and creatin supplements for a year now.. I keep gaining strenght i keep gaining size and i'm not a newbie, i've been training for about 4 years now .. so supplements.. no supplements.. if you eat enough and if u train right.. u will still keep growing
The question is if you are just recreational lifter who set a goal to be fit and helthy for the rest of his life and doesnt compete just wanna look good spends a lot of money on suplements which should be used only used by people who lives of playing professional sports and compete as bodybuilders
if i have to explain that then wow dont know what to say really that should explain itself. creatine number supplement on the market safe and studied other than protein its background explains itself. preworkouts are fairly new and mainly for getting you hyped up which coffee or fruit can do
Is the fish oil from GNC good ... it contains EPA and DHA... i read about the side effects of EPA and i am not really sure or whether fish oils are safe ... i am 17 too and i take Whey by ON and some soy protein as well as multivitamins.... i am also a vegetarian. thankyou ( from India )
All i got is german creatine, craze preworkout (ordered from tigerfitness =p) some casein protein and some six star whey. I like the taste better than gold standard and it's a lot cheaper and gives ME the same results. Multi vitamins in case i need em and lipotrophin-PM whenever i cut
i woke up 2 hours after sleeping and thought it was the morning, therefore i ate my 300g of oats and whey(over 1000 cals) and then when i realised i went back to sleep for 6 hours, should i take those calories out of todays meals?
What are you even talking about now? I am very interested in the proposal of just eating less calories, but I was hoping Marc could provide me with an explanation as to why eating 3000 kcals a day is so beneficial when cutting.
I assume you are referring to the 'anabolic window'. This is just broscience. Not trying to argue, just bugs me when I see so many people buying protein shakes because they think they have to for one reason or another...
ur saying u cant wake up an hour early and go for a 30 min run and burn an extra ~600 calories? or somthing liek that. running or bodyweight stuff is perfect cardio and u never have an excuse not to do it
You don't have an excuse. Sleep is more important than working out. You working out hard is a waste if you can't get enough sleep. Lower the gym hours and up the sleeping hours.
putting your base at 3000 calories or at maintenance calories, will lead you to more a beneficial cut then starting out low, you start out low you will plateau much sooner.
Id let my 18 and 17 year old watch your vids if it wasnt for the swearing, It isnt anything they havent heard before, but Im not setting it out for em. Save it for the gym
In the end, the only supplement really needed is MTS Nutrition Whey (I don't even consider it a supplement) and creatine. A varied diet takes care of most other things.
I firmly believe all you need is whey protein, creatine, and maybe a pre workout. If you're not going to compete, why the hell do you need all this other shit?

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Lindsey..... I wouldn't stress about the Ketones.... I use it just because I find it interesting to watch.... Many I have heard are losing just fine and have lower levels of Ketones.... So if you are losing!.... That is all that matters!.... Maybe a certain vegetable makes the reading different or something like that.... Me, mine usually are middle to higher range, when I am doing everything exactly right... but me I never eat the breadstick...that may make a difference!... No stress!.... Hugs!
I was able to get my keytones to 80 and over after eating VERY small meals 6 times a day. I literally bought a stop watch and set it to count down every 2 hours. I keep a cooler in my car with a breast of chicken. Also exercising helps a lot. Also eat peppers every meal. It will raise your metabolism. Vegetables high in fiber also will help metabolism. I'm loosing a pound a day.
Yes I loose more when my keytones are about 80 or more. I cant seem to get them up in the highest range, but its still very good. If I feel really tired, I will eat 2 grassini's that day. They can tend to stall me if I eat them more than 2x a week. I also eat lots of veg foods cooked in coconut oil & also eat choco delite. Helps me stay in hi ketosis.
I most always have shown low ketones on my journey with hcg. A couple of times in the moderate range. I don't sweat it. I have lost and kept off 76 pounds since starting this protocol. Good luck! U look so much thinnner! :)
after watchin a lot of vlogs and your guys comments Im not gonna stress about it :) it is interesting to check here and there but as long as Im releasing thats all that matters. Thank you all for the comments
Interesting you guys I had no idea I felt kinda bad posting the last video I was thinking the total opposite.. Oops, well thanks for the info
I can't have the Melba Toast/Grissini Stix as that keeps me out of Ketosis.
You are looking good Boo.

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