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"God's Ivory" - Reportage by Getty Images

Despite the CITES Treaty of 1989, which banned the global trade in ivory and rhino horn, the illegal business of killing elephants and maiming rhinos continues.

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This URGENT issue isn't just about protecting 'cute little elephants'. If China succeeds in killing all of Africa's species (with their ivory, rhino horn, etc demand), they will have killed Africans' livelihoods (tourism) as well. In desperation to regain some semblance of econ. independence, Africans will have no other choice but to resign themselves to the Chinese agenda that is stealthy and ruthlessly coalescing in Africa as we speak, e.g. exploiting African workers/stripping their resources.
These poachers have no concience whatsoever. Here in the Kruger National Park 2012 Rhinos were poached during the period 1 Jan - 30 April 2013. A total of 1024 have been poached in the KNP since January 2010, with a total of 1722 countrywide in our country. 85% of the poachers come from little villages in Mozambique bordering the KNP. Unfortunately the bureaucratic wheels of our Government are turning very slowly, we hear fancy words about what is still going to be done, but very few results.
Shocking! Thanks for making this video, people really need to know! If you want to help, there's a new FB group, 2014 Elephant Hungry Ghosts, to use superstitions of Chinese buyers/owners of ivory, against them. Every year they celebrate `Hungry Ghost Festival'. Before it starts, they believe graves open, ghosts come out, roam the earth. Must appease, otherwise angry! Spook buyers into being scared to buy/keep their ivory. More info at Indiegogo, search for 2014 Elephant Hungry Ghosts.
Hi Getty Images, I just watched your video of God's Ivory and would like to know will there be a version with Chinese subtitle? I am an elephants lover in HK and now having a Weibo Page under the name of Amboseli Trusts for Elephants (Facebook in China) to educate the Chinese to stop the demand on ivory and keep their awareness of elephants issues, so it will be great if I can post your video. My email is [email protected] Thanks, Dorothy
This is a social class WAR - 99% vs 1% We are witnessing the greatest evil of Capitalism.. and it is bringing upon the EXTINCTION of every species of life on Earth! Humans must embrace the Mother Goose philosophy, or else we shall soon be extinct ourselves! The highest value is NOT scarcity, but life! The highest value is perpetual regeneration!
Well spoken............The religous part has been and is very disturbing. I don't know what it will take to wake these people up. Corruption within the ranks of wildlife protectors is rising at an alarming rate. They make more money helping with the poaching than they make on their job. Thank you for this video - will share on my Facebook page.
Let us never give up the fight to protect elephants. Its sad to think that money can corrupt the world so much. But it is a proof that something needs to change for the long run. Or else, we don't know how far people are willing to go for just a couple bucks. Let us spread the world and hopefully change a generation, before it is too late.
It is the age old failing of religion that it replaces its followers own instinctive moral compass with a misguided obsession with devotion that leads them to heinous, morally blind behavior. WAKE UP! We are too far down the line of history to still use religion as an excuse for abhorrent evil behavior!!
this is great reporting, but I wish it would go one step further to explain how we in the US, Canada, Europe, and other countries around world will be directly impacted by the possible total economic collapse of African countries - because we will be.
I've tried to offer my help to NGO's, Animal welfare groups, even African governments but nobody wants to know. I'm only a writer, but people read don't they. I guess like so many others, I feel so useless to do anything.
Please share this and like, so we can spread this information about the fight for these beautiful animals to live on!! We have social media lets use it it could save some elephants and rhinos.
God gave man the responsibility to take care of the earth and the animals, it says so in the Bible. Sad to see people making statues of God and slaughtering these amazing animals for it,.....
very well done- we all have so much work to do to save the elephants. CITES is not the answer. sure let them continue whatever politics they are playing but it obviously is not the answer.
Thank you for posting this video. Should be mandatory viewing at all schools and churches. What would God, Buddha, Jesus Christ do?
Chinese government is investing in the wrong thing! Go make a remote controlled car of something. Leave the elephants alone!!
Please send the link of this video to all your friends and make them aware of what is happening in South Africa.
This is so sad.....slaughtering beautiful elephants in the name of God....so we can have images and trinkets!
They need to arm the villagers with instructions to shoot on site... and pay them a stipend for inducement.

Getty Images Extortion Letter

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I got the same letter and won't paye ever. Why ? Well because it's an illegal extorsian letter easy to proove in any court
Pray that the children of Getty Images get brain cancer for their criminal extortion actions.
Got one today, they want £815 for a tiny picture
These guys are crooks!
Excellent! :D

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Hi, Buzz my pager and I'll call from the nearest pay-phone.
+Vaseline And Ah... good old Dial Up..
no one has ever explained to me why dial-up has to make that sound
+pattick busche the sound was essentially an encoded password that lets you onto the internet. Smart people muted it so it didn't run through the speakers.
I remember that dial up sound when I was really young. You could never sneak onto the computer at night cause that sound would give you away. Funny :)
+Novusod Like I said, I was about 8 or 9 years old and technology was foreign at the time. Thanks for the comment, you sound like a miserable cunt! =)
+Jade Smart people knew how to mute the sound.
A one-way pager is just perfect for those opportunities where you want to message someone without them replying. Such as swearing at someone, telling them off, or needing someone dispensable to do a job for you. That way after they're done you can just stop messaging them and use someone else to hide the bodies.
Oh my bad, did I say bodies? I meant trash.
I was born in 1998 so I dont remember much of the 90's but I do remember dail up internet, floppy disks, and also those big tapes instead of cds lol Also i still ask strangers for directions sometimes is that weird?
+Reyhaneh Rahimi LOOOL, btw assuming from your name youre arab?I'm arab, nice meeting you, and hey id rather stay without internet than having to hear that god forsaken sound again
+MegaAzzazzin omfg yesssss u had to disconnect the internet if someone wanted to use the phone!!! Lol hahhaaaa and that sound was the absolute WORST!
same, I even still have the big video tapes, like alot of em with old movies and stuff, and that dial up internet, 64kbps, annoying sound, and if your parents Want to use the phone, you gotta disconnect it, floppy disks were retarded IMO, we had a lot of em but never really used anyLOL but the most irritating thing is the dial up sound
Can someone explain to me what's happening to people's sub boxes? Mine isn't any different :/
If you're on mobile (idk what it's like on computer) then the new update changed the formatting in the subscriptions section. Now all the videos you get in your box are presented bigger. They used to be skinnier.
also VHS, Walkman, Discman, and many more... in few years everybody laughs of our current technology ;)
+WindowsSoftwareDe That's eighties tech
Don't you hate those people who ask for random likes for no reason when they comment? Like if you agree
+Barney Purple I see what you did there.
+pokehope666 Emulators lol

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"Maybe I should have done an air above the boat" lmao what a beast
Olha a frieza que ele desvia do barco
Boost the boat!
Sketchy man!
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