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My exhaust on the International 9400 has been asking for an upgrade. The surgery took place at Stadium International in Watertown, NY this Monday, May 21st.

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Looks good, sounds good. I don't see a downside. 2 thumbs up!
I started going crazy after 1 month, and ended up putting a flowmaster in. other than that - no downside ;)
Hoping to get this done on an International 4300 used for local delivery, exhaust looks just like that, part of it was replaced with cheaper pipe and is rusted worse than stock, has holes already. The truck has a 5" stack but that's the part that's rusted worse. I'd like to remove the heavy bracket and stack, paint the exhaust up to the muffler, then dump it. It has a same side in/out so that a stack can be used, so it'll need a u-bend then turndown next to the muffler. I'd like to straight pipe it, but we use it in residential neighborhoods and that'd probably be too loud. Just getting rid of the heavy bracket and stack would be nice, reduce a bit of weight and backpressure but keep it quiet, stock muffler still in great shape.
+Sergei Dratchev You also drive a lot more miles, this truck we have delivers wood flooring around town, longest trip it ever does is 4 hours one-way and that's very rare. Like I said, probably going to try to patch the exhaust the best we can with the stock muffler, but being a straight truck I want to get rid of the stack. Upgrading to a high flow muffler or straight pipe would be nice, but getting rid of 12 feet of pipe and brackets would still help.
+snakesonaplane2 After a couple of months with this straight pipe, I started going crazy from the noise, so I installed a custom Flowmaster muffler, which quieted things down quite a bit but the exhaust still had a strong powerful and nice note. search my videos with 'flowmaster'.
Love the way the turbo spools down AFTER he shuts the engine off, no oil pressure to it! Not Good!
At idle the turbine is barely spinning and the wastegate is open so there's no pressure, and even with no oil pressure since the engine is shut off, the lack of pressure prevents serious damage, the turbine may have some resistance but without exhaust flowing to it, the resistance itself will stop it quickly. He may have shut the engine off before the rpm fully dropped to idle speed, I've noticed with straight pipe you can hear the spool down a bit but not much and it's very short.

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Dangerous venting garage unit heater CALGARY 403 815 6507

Some dummy installed this venting wrong and almost burnt down this guys house. If you need a gasfitter to do it right call Josh 403 815 6507 ...

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6.21.3 from the CSA B149.10 gas code. Except as specified in Clause 7.22.3, a corrugated metal gas connector certified to ANSI Z21.24/CSA 6.10 may be used to connect (b) a suspended appliance to piping or tubing, provided that the gas connector length does not exceed 2 ft (600 mm);
Birds nest was not an act of god, it was a bird who did it. Single wall 30 gauge venting however isn't quite to code, my bet would be manufacturer requires stainless steel z vent with wall thimble...then again what are rules for with all these acts of god.
Rossinonate: you hope it shuts off on limit. Chad, you're the idiot, you seriously think the venting and the gas line in this is legal? If you're in the gas trade in any way, please quit.
Well I dunno eh, what that birds nest is all aboot? All I knew is that I need heat in my garooge eh.
I see the venting as a "hack job" but why no flex gas line? Or was it because it was pulled tight?
Jk, good vid.
Your an idiot

My apartment toilet. Request by Johntoilet.

This is the Toilet I am using in my apartment. This is Russian made toilet. We installed it few months back, when our old one broke, when I was changing the ...

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+Vytautas Poška I just watched them.
No, You didn't understand, I want the K of K to post the videos of his toilets that he uses in his house :D and also, I uploaded three new videos, if you want you could check it out :)
+Vytautas Poška I already did.
Thanks :) Can you upload the videos of the toilets you are using in your house? Thanks :)
I have the same video going up on my channel :-)

How to Repair a Dripping Showerhead

//www.handymanmatters.com/ Repair a Dripping Showerhead - Andy Bell of Handyman Matters takes us inside a shower and shows us what we will need to ...

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@etherpierce I repeat, zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz. Next time cut your reply down to a couple of sentences or so. No one is impressed with your lengthy long-winded tiny-fisted tirade.
i am having the same problem and i am ready to throw in the towel/money!!!!!!: ( i changed the stems and seats on both h/c and still have the dribble.... anyone have any suggestions????
@BubbaLight84 just accept your love for a nice firm dong up your butt...it's actually kind of badass if you think about it man there's nothing to be ashamed of.
Thanks for posting this. Really helpful. I'm inspired now to go take care of this in my master bathroom. Really appreciate it.
lmao he also started fingering the hole at the end as well this guy really likes plumbing lol
I think this is exaclty what is wrong with my shower in the lower level of my house.
this is helpful, but mine has separate hot and cold knobs. Same idea I imagine.
I feel like Paul Thomas Anderson should shoot a remake of this video.
2008 video tech lol helpful though - cheers!
i use a condom ring to repair mine
i love how he strokes the shower

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