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Sterling plumbing sink clip Videos

How to Attach a Sink to a Countertop

Subscribe to our Channel and Like our Video! How to Attach a Sink to a Countertop with Sink Clips Leah from See Jane Drill demonstrates how to attach a sink ...

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Thank you Jane, A friend wants help with installing a counter top with sink installation I always thought I needed a router to cut laminate. You make the job a lot easier .Your the first vid to pop up. Happy it was from someone with experience
+Koi 1971 Glad to help and good luck with the project.
Well done
+Carl Patterson thanks!
Thank you! I couldn't figure that clip out either.
+Ken Nickels you're welcome, Ken, glad to be of help. :)
You save me a lot of time of web searching with your simple explanation of the sink clips. Gracias!
+Luis Jorge Lopez de nada :)
great video! thanks!
+Toluene you're very welcome!
Seejanedrill she's so patient, and thorough in her explanation. (Just like a woman.). I feel confident mine is just plywood that goes on countertop b4 granite is placed.
+Sheila Bowers thanks, Sheila!
love the videos! I took the countertop, cabinets, sink etc out of the kitchen. I am cutting the countertop (Laminate) today and installing a new sink and garbage disposal. I've been changing out toilets and drywall for years this is my first attempt at a countertop. I think the pull out of the kitchen was harder than I expected but with the help of your videos the countertop may be easier than I thought! Thanks!
+rachel malcolm Hi Rachel, sounds like a great project! If you care to share pictures with us when you are done, we would love to post them on the Community Corner section of our website, where we share photos from people "who did it!". I'll in-box you my email address. Good luck!

How to fit the sink into the new laminate bench top installation

How to install a new laminate benchtop on a carcass installation or your new DIY kitchen or laundry.

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There is no way of getting this exact other than what you have done but by real easing the gland nut on the s trap holding the pvc pipe to the drain, there is some play in this . Pull the pipe in or out slightly and retighten the gland nut. This should do the trick.
Nice video ruined by stupid, puerile, moronic, background sound. Why, oh why do people add background sound?
How small can one make the front margin of countertop to increase ergonomics when using sink please?
job finished now go collect $3500 dollars ! enjoy beers till all goes fuzzy........ 
nice. but can u add a video with undertmount sink/laminate countertop
use flexible pipe connections

How Do I Replace Bathroom Sink Faucet Handles? : Bathroom Cleaning & More

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My handle just snapped in half cleanly. I am going to try to glue it back and then reinstall it. One thing to note for others, I have a small washer that goes between the screw and the handle. Without the washer the screw will not tighten the handle. This video does not show the washer for this faucet style. 
thanks for this! inside the right knob of my sink, about 200 tiny ants are living and storing sugar. Unfortunately, the screw is rusted and destroyed, so I can't open it! so i wrapped the knob with clear wrap and rubber bands, so hopefully the ants will suffocate.
Ok, my old handles slip and one stopped turning altogether, just spins.....apparently the knurl is worn out. Anything I can try w/out replacing everything? Thanks!
Thanks! My faucets are like this are were super crummy ... I never knew the top popped off to reveal the screw. Now they're sparkly clean!
I just wanted to know how to clean inside those knobs, but this helps! Thank you(s)! ;)
I also wanted to know how to clean the knobs, lol. Thank you very much!
you dont need to turn off the main for this? so anyone can do it?
What is the most common reason to change a faucet handle?
Thanks..It really helped..

Faucet Repair : How to Repair a Loose Kitchen Faucet

A loose kitchen faucet will need to be repaired quickly to avoid leaking water. Learn how to repair a loose kitchen faucet with help from a longtime plumber in this ...

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Perfect instructions and also introduced me to the "basin wrench" however my lock nuts are located in a horribly tight area (hard to get at) and until I acquire the basin wrench I cant get it tight enough. In other words, easier said than done.
My faucet base is loose, and underneath the faucet there isn't a nut or screw to tighten it. What can I do?
It worked great. $12.00 for the tool. 1 minute of work. Saved $75.00 in plumber charges. Thanks.
At least show how you do the one nut faucet. Not helpful for me
when did louis ck start fixing sinks
Thanks Terry!
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