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25 weeks pregnant twins pictures Videos


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each pregnancy is different for sure! You look great! #ytmm
+Jones Family Travels Thank you!
Please don't worry about your hip pain spoiling your plans for a vaginal birth. Having been a midwifery assistant, I can assure you that most women with severe hip pain go on to have successful vaginal births without complications from the hip pain. If it does get severe, if you can have an epidural (not recommended for women who have scoliosis in the lower back), that will usually solve the issue.
Oh my gosh I hear horror stories about it. I did get very lucky.
+Strive2Dream I'm glad you've found a good OB. They're not always easy to find.
+SuperMissblueeyes Yes I have done lots of research regarding that. The business of being born is one of my favorite documentaries about it. Thankfully though, my OB is the sweetest woman on the planet. She does whatever she can do abide by my birth plan no questions asked with a smile on her face. I'm confident that if she ever sends me in for a C-section it will be for good reason.
+Strive2Dream You're welcome. The thing is that having a vaginal birth is such a big issue that women get concerned it won't happen. Sadly this is because birth has become over-medicalised & doctors are too quick to recommend c-sections. However, if you're having a hospital birth, having a doula can help you avoid an unnecessary c-section. More often than not, there are ways round issues surrounding birth that women aren't always aware of. And I've seen videos where good midwives have managed to avoid c-sections on women whose babies have become lodged behind the pelvic bone by using techniques. These midwives are often in birthing centres where they can handle most situations. And it's really homely there. I would be most happy having my own birth either at home or in a birthing centre.
+SuperMissblueeyes You always make me feel better <3 Thanks so much!
Breast pumps need a power source?? That sounds scary. I want to see this thing...
+BrittleProductions XD omg I love you. Yes they plug in! Lol. Im going to have to figure out a way to awkwardly tour my breast pump hahaha
No two pregnancies are the same... :) I have had three children and each one was completely different than the others... Do some self pampering here and there.. Take a nice, relaxing bath... Listen to upbeat music.. That's the craziness with being pregnancies --- your emotions are all over the place. *hugs*
+pamom1980 Thanks! I havent cried in 3 whole days! XD

25 week pregnancy update

Not your average young mom :) I'm Jessie, a 21 year old stay at home mom. I try and stay as "crunchy" as I can. I'm all about cloth diapering, eating healthy and ...

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You must have such a tiny frame compared with me to start with! I'm 5'4" and at nearly 16 weeks I am measuring 38inches already! If you look at my vlog you can see I'm big for 16 weeks but I am definitely not showing like you are (obviously) so you must be so tiny :)
Girl you are seriously all belly!! 

25 and 26 Weeks Pregnant (Part 1)

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The daddy pillow is so cute! How hard for you guy to be apart right now! My husband traveled 80% of the time the last three years while I had our daughter and she was little and is now thankfully down to about 30% this time around, thank goodness, it is hard to be doing it alone!

Some pictures during my pregnancy

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What a beautiful video:-)
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