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25 weeks pregnant viability Videos

25 Week premature baby

My little miracle was born at 25w1d gestation. He was1 lb 12oz at birth. He is such a fighter.

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I'm now 25 weeks into my pregnancy with a little girl and I'm terrified of having her this early I have been having contractions and my doctor tells me this is normal and not to worry My husband urges me to go to the hospital and to ignore my doctor as something could be wrong
my son was born @25 .6 weeks he was 1lb 13oz now he is 1 yr
Beautiful baby, lively and lovely story

Premature baby born at 25 weeks

Tom was born at 25 weeks gestation. Of the 1100 pics i took in his time in the NICU, here is a slideshow that illustrates his amazing progress. He is home since ...

premature at 25 weeks

our little angel here at 25 weeks premature.

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Amazing what they do in the NICU. My daughter was born at 28 weeks. She had problems with her iron and she still somewhat has some lung issues. She had an MRI done and it has shown some changes on her lungs due to being premature and having a history of apnea. She is almost 6 months old and she is healthy, but hopefully we can get a follow up appointment very soon with a pulmonary specialist to see if there is anything we need to be concerned about.
we just went through a 25 weeker birth for our first she was 1lb 12 oz as well and stayed 83 days in the nicu in toronto and has been home alil over a month sure is special wht dr's can do now as she was our first baby but now at almost 4 months old is 7 lbs and growin everyday thank you for ur stories
You have a beautiful baby! Our daughter was also a 25-weeker... She's been in the hosp for 8.5 weeks now~~ still have awhile to go~~ hope your little one is doing well!
My baby was born at 26 weeks, he is doing well all though he has some blood issues.
Love to see your little sweetheart now...hope everything has been wonderful....
Its amazing that what hospitals can do with something so little and precious
i lost mine today a 17 weeker
what a beautiful baby
Love her

Campaign for healthy babies: Reducing premature births and infant deaths

CINCINNATI (Angela Ingram) -- Babies need a healthy start and a new campaign to help expectant mothers is launching in Avondale.Start Strong is a ...
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