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25 weeks pregnant cloudy pee Videos

CONTRACTIONS!! - 4/25/14

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!! :) Thanks for watching Travis and I got married on July 11th 2009 and had our beautiful daughter Alaina Charlotte on August 5th, 2011!

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I'm sick right now and my husband took my daughter out to dinner last night, so I was able to enjoy the house to myself and it was sooo nice! I watched a chick flick and ate pizza! :-)
its such a weird feeling having no one in the house.  Usually when Trav is gone i have alaina or when Alaina is gone Trav is home… its never both together.  I almost felt like i didn't know what to do… or i wanted to do so much i didn't know where to start. lol
Elaina is so sweet;smart;communicates so well and has great manners!!!! you and Travis are great at raising children!!
Thanks much for the 1 +
I have been having minor contractions like that. I didn't know you could get contractions because of dehydration. I sure don't drink enough water. I'm having a c section may 1st!!! Wish you a safe ,fast, easy delivery. 
Good luck! Hope u and ur baby are ok, and wish u a speedy recovery :)

I Survived iOS7

Tweet this video!: //clicktotweet.com/n0H7J Follow me! @KristinFenchak Kristin never expected to find herself amidst what seemed like the impending ...

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Omg if you have like imaginary kids you must tell them this story but you hate kids but this will be the thing. "Mom, let me have my iPhone21 Back! I was grounded for a week!" and then BOOM be like "BE QUIET I SURVIVED iOS7 YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT I BEEN THROUGH MORE THAN YOU WITH INTERNET PROBLEMS! WAH"
Wow, already a few people saying this is the best video I've done, that really means a lot. I haven't forgotten my FenCheeks fan creeps, I am just very busy! Thank you for your unending support because otherwise I would have given up a long time ago. Stay tuned for more in the future :)
I legitimately spent 5 hours trying to download and install it.. It crashed twice when it was almost done downloading ;-;
The realization that there is only one FenCheeks, makes every dude who watches her videos very depressed.
Lol iOS7 then had 2 updates.. But it deffinitely has changed our lives from one day to another.
Dang what penn state campus is that, I at least know its not penn state Altoona campus
i use to watch "i survived..." all the time..great parody Kristen ! keep it up ! xD
I saw you on seventeen magazine and started freaking out. I love your videos :)
I have a iPod, and I hate when I have to upgrade my apps.its feels weird have
To have stuff different, I am lucky I don't have a iPhone well I do won't one
You are funny, beautiful and your channel is so underrated it's unreal.
HILARIOUS! Thank you for documenting this tragic day in our lives! ha.
Lol beating up on the black kid wow... really funny though!
You are hilarious, I wish more people knew about you. :P
best wishes from iraq your video is rock keep going !

VLOGMAS Day 13 | Guilty or Innocent Tag!

Questions for this tag: 1. Saying you are letting a dish "soak" when in reality you just don't feel like washing it 2. Restart dryer to avoid folding 3. Hide when eating ...

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I love your honesty! And btw, I also thought your hair looked great before you said anything :)
Why thank ya :)
Your hair looked gorgeous! I'd love for mine to air dry looking like that. 
Thank you but I think the camera made it look better than what it really is. Lol. It looks like dry hay. Ha!
Before you said anything I was thinking that your hair looked great!
Why thank ya! I think I got lucky and the camera didn't pick up on how dried out it is. Lol

Kitty Love Bites! - May 05, 2014 - Daily Vlogs

WATCH IN *HD* looks much prettier! ;D Thanks so much for watching y'al! Please *LIKE* and *SUBSCRIBE* if you haven't already ((: xoxo .

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Btw for scars & pimples you should try out witch hazel & a cotton ball. Or a natural way, Squeeze a lemon & lightly put the lemon juice over the area. 
I've heard of lemon! Well I saw on Pinterest it said to put honey on a lemon then rub on your face i think? But I will give the lemon a try :)) do you sort of rinse off the lemon juice eventually or wipe with a damp rag after a few minutes? or just let it absorb and leave as is? and I hear great things about witch hazel but I cannot stand the smell :(( I honestly will suck it up though if it'll help with scars/acne! lol +JKenipela 
Hi! I was trying to comment on your previous post but the comments are disabled lol. But yeah what part of Texas are you guys from? I'm moving to Fort bliss this August since my husband is stationed there :)
disabled?? really?? But we are from Ft Hood, Texas area :)) 
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