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Toilet Repairs - Fill Valve

//greatwhiteninja.com Here I give a product review on the Fluidmaster 400a along with some other tips about fill valves.

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Have you looked inside that black tube, that you wiggle at 3:44 and disassemble? I have a similar fill valve and it takes forever to refill water tank. I found out, inside the tube is a screw-like rubber roll, making water flow go slower and spiral. I don't know the purpose of that rubber, other than controlling the water flow. In my case it took between 4 to 10 minutes to refill the tank. That's why I just took that rubber out and I have no problem since. Check my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nY8W_WxYZY Any plumber, please feel free to give me some explanation on why they put that rubber in there
+skamravec I do not have slow fill times with mine and have never seen that in them. It has been some months since the last time that I bought one, it could be a new addition or do you possibly live in CA? I could see it as a government mandated water restrictor to help conserve water.
so i installed the fluidmaster 400a and it works great. i dont get ghost flushing, but the overflow hose seems to go off quite frequently. is my water level not adjusted correctly or do i not have the unit at the correct height? gonna check the water bill since its been about a month, but i dont remember my old system constantly filling. OR do you think i should probably replace my flapper and seal? i dont think theyre leaking. like i said i dont get ghost flushing. or do i just need to turn the knob on the unit? water level upon initial install was to the line, but when it refills it could go above or below that line so i backed it off so when done filling it wouldnt pour into the overflow tube. i know this is simple and im probably making it harder than it needs to be but something isnt right
Ok, you don't always have to use that clip but sometimes it helps. But looks like you did find the problem so that is great.
+jacob manalang i think i found the culprit. lol the rubber band on the flapper was blocking it from closing all the way. d'oh
+Nathan Cox i didnt use the clip. my overflow tube has a fitting for the hose from the fill valve to fit into
+jacob manalang There could be a couple of things here. It could, of course be your flapper seal leaking. At first I was thinking that is was running down your overflow tube, but your second reply said that it wasn't. Generally there isn't a problem with going over the fill level line as long as it is below the overflow tube and below the flush lever. Did you install the anti-siphon clip that should sit at the end of the hose attaching it to the overflow pipe?
+jacob manalang okay the water level refills above the fill line then sinks below the fill line and the fill valve dumps more water to bring the water level to the correct height. is that my flapper and seal causing the water level to fall and should i replace that? it is not pouring into the overflow tube.do i just need to turn the adjustment screw on the fill valve? or do i need to ajust the height?once the fill valve replenishes the water, it should not drain if the flapper seal is nice and tight correct? i have no water leaking outside of the toilet. the seal on the fill valve stem is good and no leaks
i installed the same one in my toilet but it wont refill i have to push on it to refill . can u help me out ?
Well, I can try, but without seeing it I have no idea what is going wrong there. Can you take a short video showing me what happens and what you have to do to make it work?

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Ideal Standard? But the "Ideal" part of the name can't be seen, only Standard. If I know it well this brand produced in america too and later became American Standard. So do you mean that the same happened with this in England?
Its good to see a Standard toilet,I dont see many of these and of course the left handed handle! Nice toilet.Glad you got one to put up from your trip.
Yeah when I saw it I knew I have to film it :)
That's a syphon flush, a british design!
Thank you for the information :)
good video nice toilet

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