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How to save iracing replay Videos

How-To: Saving and Uploading Replays

One of the greatest ways to share your iRacing experience with friends is by saving a replay and uploading onto the web. In this how-to, our host will explain the ...

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Fraps is much more slower. In-game render can make frames without need to display with a normal framerate (like for Fraps) - for example, render 5 min FullHD replay with max quality and 60-120 fps can take about 10-20 minutes. And this is not a lot of work - render exist in game, just save frames in file, not to a screen.
The problem is not with a codec. With Fraps, sometimes you have to lower in-game options to have a normal video framerate (disable special effects, etc) - that's where in-game render can be much better, because doesn't depend on in-game framerate.
Have Fraps, but agree it would be nice to do without 3rd party. Would also like it to be easier to catch 3 screen (typically requires changing settings before/after recording video).
Just dont do it like Dirt 3 or showdown 'upload to youtube' which only saves 30 seconds and takes a month to upload! I only use replay to figure out 'Whodunnit' :)
Just use Fraps like everyone else. For iRacing to implement this themselves is a load of work that could go into more important features.
With fraps you can use veedub with the Xvid encoder to compress the videos without loosing quality, it is an extra step but worth it
Why iRacing can't render replays to videos without 3rd-party software? Even arcades like Trackmania have this feature
Too bad there was no explanation about the ever existing iRacing Branding in Replays.
Good idea, that feature has not been implemented yet.
5:15 hey look, short track racer
Do more how tos please....
Great video guys
Thx. Very helpful
Super helpful

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eitah vontade de correr ai também hehehe.. mas por enquanto o orçamento ta curto kkkkkkkk
quando der correremos juntos, vai ver.
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