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Coumadin diet corn Videos

What you eat can affect the medication your taking

Shop along with the "Wise Guys" as they learn what foods you can and can not eat when taking medication.

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I'm glad you enjoyed our "Wise Guys" and very important information on medication and food interactions.

Himalaya Bresol (60 Tablets)

Bresol Indian Himalaya is effective dietary supplement recommended for different types of chronic respiratory disorders. Relieve allergic conditions, relieving ...

Stop Rat Poison: Dying Rat

Stop Rat Poison!!! One night while walking in the kitchen I found a rat that did not move even by my presence. I thought that it was sleeping so I started filming it.

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i think u shoulnt kill poor animals ur dogs carry dirt and fleas ticks and things that are really annoying to deal with ut it wasnt a rat it was a mouse rat are bigger and dont have pink noses.i hope this helps u and dont kill them protect and help them if there hurt u should give it to a pet store first clea it so it not so dirty and say its ur pet so it can get as much food it wants.i love all animals im 11 an male whos mom helps any little or big creature help and protect those little guys they need u. they might have germ and diases so get fucking cloves and take them out side to be free and wonder to get food . love u bye.
+Jayden Rodriguez We cannot alllow rodents in the house.
Why would u scare him away At least let him die in peace I think it barbaric to use poison or lethal traps Just cover ur food and clean ur house and the rats wouldn't come! If they do, trap them and release them far from ur house! They're only looking for food!
That is not true. ..
Who cares, its a rodent, they carry diseases and crap and piss everywhere, they spoil your food and get you sick, you wouldn't be complaining if it gave you a disease, little devils helped spread the black plague...
well said
well said
you wanna see cruel? i set out glue traps and once ive got a mouse i cut fresh onion and place it infront of it about an inch away, they dont cry from it though... also i drip drops of ht sauce in their eyes even though theyre blind i know its gotta hurt MUHAHAHAHAAHHAHA
Poison works good too, they dry up and turn solid as a rock haha
that is cool.. better you drop some sulfuric acid on its eye..muhahahahaaha
R.I.P cutest ever living animal in the world :(
Ugliest most terrible **
+rodrigo soriano Yep, very cute, especially when it destroys half of your house and kills/ injuries your pets.I love animals, but really... No real reasons to pity that rat. Yes, it is wrong it had to suffer that much. No animal should be killed that way. But you probably never had the "pleasure" to live near them. If you had, you'd most likely stop pitying them, soon. They steal your food, destroy most of things and they attack your pets, like cats, chicken and dogs. And since I own all of those above... Nope. No pity, even though I deeply love most of the animals in the world.
You wanna see cruel? Mix cement powder with powdered sugar, next time they drink some water thy'l have a rock in their gut.
+Fleece “B00ty Warrior” Johnson Thanks fleece I like this hard way
Gonna literally do this next time j find one
that's even more cruel you're absolutely right...

Commercial Spoof for Glucophage

School project on Diabetes Mellitus.
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