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Lasik surgery amarillo tx Videos

Los Angeles LASIK Surgeon Having LASIK

Arthur Benjamin, MD undergoing All-laser Intralase LASIK with Wavefront Allegretto.

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Ok. dr. had dones lasik, how do we know how he really sees now? Is he honest about his vision, no halo no glare, crisp and clear vision even at night? Maybe some doctors do this procedure for marketing purposes, even if there is a risk of poor nightvision. MAybe it's ok to sacrifice some wuality of vision for huge amounts of money? I dunno, I can't see good after this procedure.
I'm having this done in two weeks. I have a very strong astigmatism... but they corrected me in office down to 20/10. I'm still very very VERY nervous even after watching this video.
@karatemomma Do they put any water drops while its happening or do your eyes get dry really quick?
My daughter son and daughter in law done it and super happy
I got it done - and LOVE it!

Lasik Surgery -- With the Allegretto Excimer Laser system

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LASIK done for local Camarillo patient with Microkeratome

Lasik Surgery in Camarillo, Dr. Paul Dougherty performs LASIK surgery in Camarillo on a local patient with Microkeratome. You'll watch a live LASIK surgery ...

My Custom Wavefront-Guided Lasik Procedure

Performed by Dr. Pepose at the Pepose Vision Institute using a VISX Star S4 Laser. Pepose Vision Institute, P.C. 1815 Clarkson Road Chesterfield, Missouri ...

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I thought the machine creates the flap, this is done by hand and I am completely freaked out now....
Did they do the wavescans to get aberration maps for your eyes before they did this procedure?

20/20 The LASIK Experience

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Texas Eye - Lasik

Why Our Dad Needs Lasik! Ethan Anderson Hoopes Vision 2011

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