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How to save rdf file Videos

Convert RDF to Excel file

how to convert RDF filr to Excel file.

Apache jena tutorial - Create RDF file using FOAF ontology

In this tutorial we will create a RDF file using the FOAF ontology and foaf a matic service, we will add this file into our project folder in Eclipse so we can use jena ...

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Hi, How can i used jena to write xml file to rdf format. Regards abbey
This is so useful for me! Thanks a lot

How to make Fasterfox compatible with Firefox 3.6 Tutorial

I AM THE ORIGINAL UPLOADER OF THIS VIDEO/THE SUBJECT MATTER OF IT. Thieves of my content: -none currently Number of offenders removed for ToS ...

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I have it installed but its not workin as advertised. In fact when I looked at my task manager in the process tab, firefox on average its running over a 100 k, When I open Explorer or chrome its under 30 k. What gives? Only when I erase all my cookies, is when I see a dramatic improvement on firefox but after I did that it erased my igoogle page. Which I love so much. I,m afraid to say this but I might just a use different browser after using ff for so long. Fukc Explorer though.
Nah dude I didnt say it made it slower. It just didnt make it any fatesr. In fact it feels slightly faster when loading pages while I,m on line but when I 1st open up ff thats when it takes like 30 secs. A bit irritating. but no worries. I like ff over explorer any day. Thanks for tutorial video though. I learned something. (hifive borat)
oh, i see that. i wouldn't call it official, someone just did the same thing i did but uploaded it to mozilla. the username who uploaded it on the add-on website is different from the person who did it originally. mine is just as legit as theirs, if not more-so since mine came first.
doesn't matter if they're recognized files, they aren't for anybody else either so don't worry about that. just drag it into the URL bar like i did in the vid and clikc the green arrow to "go" to the file location so that firefox wll install it
Wow, my browser now flies. Thanks a lot man! I have a question, though. My firefox updates automatically from time to time, does that mean I have to do the "changing the version" trick everytime the browser gets updated?
some one stole my video too and claimed that I stole his video too ... and more ... Just ignore them I finally found out that they just want to make you mad or grab attention ignore them they are just too jealous ...
i don't think that it does. no way mozilla would risk its repuatation like that. and even if it was the case my anti-virus programs would have detected that sort of thing. you have nothing to worry about from 3.0.5
i'm sorry u deleted ur cookies and that happened? and that ur FF uses a lot of memory? feel free to uninstall fasterfox, lol. not like u can't reinstall ff or just uninstall the addon if u think that's what did it
@darkbry23 yea, apparently they changed the site cuz I was gonna try customizing a theme, but I got that message when trying to download with another browser. if anyone knows a way around this hollar at me too.
i know, personally i don't feel that it makes noticeably faster, but i like the page time loader and if it says it makes some minor tweaks that help improve ff in some areas, then hey that's cool too
i did all of it, and then draged it to the firefox window, pressed install now, but it said is wasnt able to install still....is it because i have vista? idk, but its pissing me off, lol
but here they are cuz ur special ;o Songs used: Soulja Boy - Señorita Colby O'Donis - What You Got (Feat. Akon) Young Buck - Hip Hop Can't Save Me which 1 were u referring to?
Nice video.. i was thinking of getting firefox 2 since firefox 3 didnt had fasterfox.. but when i was searching for it on youtube i found your video.. really good help.. thnks
I used the one where you had to register, how do I apply the other one? Do I have to make all the steps explained in the video again or just give it a go? Thanks in advance!
used the one where you had to register, how do I apply the other one? Do I have to make all the steps explained in the video again or just give it a go? Thanks in advance!
firefox 3.0.3 i am using fasterfox when 3 version comes here lot's of people making vids all unknows simpel i download fasterfox and working well anyone need msg me
nope, i just checked the official add-on site. still nothing. anything you see out on the web concerning fasterfox that works with firefox 3 is "unofficial"

Saving files on Windows 7.

Make sure you can find your documents and other files by successfully saving them in familiar locations.

Minecraft: Redstone powered 3D Printer (Release video)

Twitter - //twitter.com/#!/shrogg The RDF website - //therdf.net/ Schematic file: //www.mediafire.com/?z28txzxm2kd81ji Thanks to the RDF for the help ...

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You're an absolute idiot. There is NO such thing as a completely logical based random number generator. It doesn't work that way. It will always follow a set pattern. ALL programs that generate "random" numbers are in fact psuedo-random. They appear to be random, but they do follow a set pattern. Idc how many languages you know, you obviously don't understand basic concepts. I'd LOVE to see you give me code that is purely logic based AND fully random. You would be the first human being to do so.
And yet you don't seem to know shit about what is "random". True random number generators have always been analog, requiring the computer to read amplified physical states such as thermal noise and he like. All purely logical "random number generators" still follow an algorithm that, knowing how it works, can ultimately be predicted. Even the new(ish) Intel design, though digital, isn't a purely logical random number generator, requiring two overloaded inverters to 'break' the pattern.
Uhm are you really that retarded? Don't answer the because I know the answer is yes. If you make program that is going to flip a coin. It will not be random. Lets say you have 999999999 numbers. And half of them equals heads and the other half equals tail. If you tell the program to pick one of them everytime. It will be a random selection!
Wow you are about 3 months late. Talk about being stupid. I code in over 10 different languages. Ofc things are random. IF YOU MAKE THEM! Have you ever heard of a so called a online or computer based randomizer? Or maybe a coin flipper? They are programmed to be just that. RANDOM! Idiot...
@Neiv Gabay it's custom able,but to customize it u have to be a redstone pro like this guy (this tons of redstone got my eyes so I can never make something like this thingy O.o
Sethblings better because you need to do more things to control it but your ones are still pretty awesome so i am not telling you to delete it all Thanks thecharlottebobby
This is the most retarded red stone contraption ever. It is completely stupid. Just have pistons push the picture you want. Only a damn retard could complicate that
ActennisacACs like 10-20 years younger than this guy and has a printer that your makes it so what ever order u put things in a chest it will print it in that order
*sigh, he means that in the version of minecraft he had, The creative mode, you can still die in, but you can fly and you have noclip. Does that make sense?
To everyone saying things about size, efficiency and speed. Take note that this was made over 2 years ago. A lot has happened to minecraft since then :)
Yes it would be random. And if you cant realize that then you know nothing about programming. Myself though have 2 computer science degrees.
THIS. Everyone says that like... ACTennisAC is a redstone genius and so is SethBling, but THIS is where it's at. YOU are better than them.
it took him like 4 monnths to make a creeper face it could have took me 30 sec and i really really want to blow that up
You could fly on survival mode before creative mode was made? Sorry, I'm kinda new to Minecraft and am a bit curious.
Dear newfag, looks like, you haven't played minecraft in the good old days, there wasn't creative, go and play lego.
It's not random. Go make a program and give me the code. I'd love to see it. You'd be the first person in the world
Are you the biggest noob in minecraft? Your someone who doesn't even know what minecraft was like before 1.8 beta.
You are the biggest noob EVER and he isnt even a noob. Can you build this redstone thing? NO. So HE is not a noob.

Apache Jena tutorial - write models in different formats with jena RDF,TURTLE,JSON)

In this video tutorial we are going to retrieve the previously loaded data in FOAF ontology(with RDF/XML format) and load it into a jena object called "model", this ...

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How do you query that model in sparql a d say for example get a resource uri? 

My finished Word Processor in Minecraft

DOWNLOAD LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION! My first word processor :D. This machine has 10 screens, and up to 40 different characters. Due to its simplicity, ...

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De gele decoder is om de Binaire code van een letter, te converteren naar een individuele letterbank. Hierdoor kan je zeggen als U de code 01101 heeft, de juiste letterbank wordt gekozen
thank you. But you do not delete your link. I cant download it now. I will try gt later. Thank you very much again
Do you have mine craft for mobile phone? If you have please share me :O I'm using Samsung galaxy y
Waarom heeft dit niet meer vieuws? Super goed gedaan gast Instant subscribe en like
Waarom dit niet meer vieuws heb, geen idee XD. En natuurlijk bedankt voor sub man!
Dus het gele ding zit gekoppeld aan de groene lijnen
ey fking epic man thumbs up voor jouw :p
already yet but must game for mobile :D
Waarvoor is de gele decorder
Eey thanks man!

Apache Spark on Mesos running on CoreOS and using EMC ECS HDFS storage

See post at: //www.recorditblog.com/post/apache-spark-on-mesos-running-on-coreos-and-using-emc-ecs-hdfs-storage/ This recording demonstrates how to ...

Create an Elastic RDF Store in Amazon's EC2

Your future knowledge store will be a collection of inter-related triple-stores federated into an ever-changing whole. Scaling your application in Amazon's EC2 is ...
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