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Tbogt how to save cars Videos

GTA 4 / TBOGT: The Evolved Car Pack

Version 3.0 of the 'Essential/Extended Car Pack' for GTA IV with all cars replaced, vans, helis, TBOGT pack (, EPM support, added cars extra pack... but ...

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I get a fatal error everytime i play the game and then crashes. I NEED HELP! PLEASE!
+zZiL341yRj736 Taxi bug could happen even replacing a single car. So, this is the intention of this pack: When using with a taxi-bug fix, the low filesize of vehicles.img could help to not cause the missing textures problem. In fact, it worked for many people, but every pc is different.I recommend using this pack with RILBudgeted or Chikamru's Real Traffic or a tweaked TrafficLoad (carspercycle=12 or less).
Is there missing textures, taxi bug, same car spawning, memory issues due to too many hi poly cars appearing?
+MultiMonkey34 If you got a working modified gta4, the pack will work if you replace the files correctly. If yet not modded, there are files (tools) for official patches or in the 'extras' folder (not use them if you have already working scripthook, xlive, etc.). Of course for new users, better read some tutorials first.For EFLC remember to update it to patch to get the files decrypted.
Please answer i know this vid is old but pls answer
um please reply. im a newbie and i have gta IV but i have no clue what mod to use or how to use it. like where can i buy it and stuff. i never used mods in my life i have heard of it and seen some but how can i get one for xbox 360 offline
Can't on console
i did all things like what you said to do and when im playing i can see only taxi's and police cars help me please .. thanks
That's normal. It's the common 'taxi bug'. You need trafficLoad or chikamru's real traffic or any other traffic script mod.
Sorry For My bad English..and sorry for disturbing.. how to install extra cars..please help ..sorry for disturbing bro.. and one more thing r u playing gta eflc now also..if yes can we play together? in multiplayer?
Search tutorials online, i won't write a full readme here. The added extra pack were thought for GTA 4 and TLAD only.

Unique Cars from Drug Wars (TBoGT)

Some of the unique color schemes you can only* see in Drug Wars * 2 of the 3 Buffaloes are not from Drug Wars (the Red is Mori's and the Green in from the ...

GTA TBoGT - 3x Custom Races - Hyper/Sports Cars Pack + Stunt Speedway Park!

So last night, me, Leni, Mercy and BJN installed that (private!) mod pack, so we could test it. The tracks are from my 31st August event, just the added cars and ...

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I wonder if someone made a mod for the TVR Cerbera Speed-12...; a demonically powerful 'ultra car' with a 800+hp V12 engine so large, it had to be mounted sideways in the compartment just to fit...it clocked 0-60mph in 2.4 and would've taken the Guinness record for fastest production car if not for a damaged intake grille during the 1st run...even it's =own creator= admitted he'd overdone it...only 1 known drivable model is known to be left....
It does? If you could toss me a link, I'd appreciate it...I'll still look in the meantime! :)
hey mega u need to take the race with the Camaro and use that track in events
hey Mega is the nos at the beginning a mod!
It already exists for San Andreas.
Yeeah esta excelente la pista.
Dat Nitro LOL
last one
its awsome!

GTA TBoGT - Well That's One Way To Check What's Inside Your Cars Trunk

Was just driving down the street and noticed this guy..

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Wow same thing happened 2 me and I uploaded the same type of glitch . Same vehicle also.
He was actually trying to do cocaine, not actually looking in his truck. LOL!!
You killed a person just beacuse of his strange way to check his car trunk :'(
u forgot to park your truck lol -rolls down hill-
Surprised it didn't breeek. He fatty.
Hey he said what I was gonna say lol
Do some lcpdfr please
i have a fat face
GTA logic :D
R.I.P. lol

GTA 4 TBoGT: Some Car Mods

Follow us on twitch! //www.twitch.tv/GFNPodcast Twitter: //www.twitter.com/geirbiscohn //www.twitter.com/GFNPodcast Site: ...

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So there was this crazy party at my ESTATE last night, which was located next to a TERMINAL, in AFGHAN, just 10 miles from a local QUARRY. Everyone was totally wasted. The place was like a SCRAPYARD. There was this girl that said she wanted to DERAIL me. So i went to a RUNDOWN hotel in FAVELA, there was RUST everywhere. I felt her KARACHI, it was bare like a WASTELAND. The feeling gave me a HIGHRISE. I then entered her UNDERPASS, went so deep i hit her SUB BASE. She loved the INVASION...
I own Gta 4 and I have almost 70 percent of my cars modded. The problem with the camaro that you are having is fixable. Instead of using the camaro as sabre you can use it as any car you want. the only thing you have to do is change the file names of the car mods to the car you want it to be. And when you mod cars don't just change image files change handling and vehicle id files as well unless the mod doesn't have them(located in: program files/ gta 4 / common / data)
Man in GTA 4 you can apply mods only when you have lower patch than the newest. In GTA San Andreas tere are SHITLOAD of mods. Scrip mods are awesome, in gta 4 there allmost no script mods giving you some new abilities in the game. The way you install the cars is correct but you are right the game is buggy so allways make a copy of files you replace.
@gotagatgat01 Low prices FTW! I've noticed that now that I've started looking at PC games. Pretty much if it's not a multiplayer game I'll play with my friends (like MAG or CoD) I'll get it for PC. Like Fallout New Vegas I'll probably get for PC...other games like that I will too.
hey, are you running steam? and fraps is hands down the best, other than the souce recorder for source games, but its far too confusing. i dont know what to tell you about the spawning issue. if you are on steam please get back to me on that.
make sure you dont put too many mods and you have a good computer. i learned that the hard way in gta sa. i had a downgrader, car mods, spawn mods, clothing mods, gun mods, car spawn mods, it eventually just crashed my computer :P
@L3Z99 1st off, thats an awesome card, however you might want to upgrade your processor, because that processor is weak and will handicap you from playing newer games. i dont know what resolution you'll be able to play on though.
it wasn't me my account was hacked and i haven't even had my account in-till earlier because my internet was getting change and i lost my account so none of that argument was me, so sorry. :)
@DARKZERO216psn yea i wanna know that too, i mean whats the whole purpose for a flash drive fitting in a playstation 3 if you can`t download stuff from the flashdrive to the ps3...lol
You retarded kid? He asked if eh can get this specific mod on Xbox 360 and I said you can't..... There are mods for Xbox and PS3 but there shit anyways and piss off kid......
@dimebag209 Yeah I know that, but everything I've gotten so far just won't work. Any links to one you know of that works and is easy to install? Message me em if you do
@dimebag209 To change handling and id you can use notepad. But first you have to take the file out of gta 4 directory enable to change the file.
@DARKZERO216psn I wanna know that to whats the whole purpose for a flash dive fitting in a ps3 if you cant download stuff from it to the ps3
@Espadazorz I've had the settings down to medium and it will still drop right down from ~75 fps to about 15. Idk what's up
@L3Z99 Looks like it should. Just do a google search and you should find some reviews and benchmarks for it
@geirbiscohn ok, that makes it so much easier for mods. ps: whats your steam, or is it a secret?
i know you cant get some mods for xbox but i have them now from what that guy said so piss off
@loco408hotmailcom Oh I just downloaded files. I don't know how to actually make the mods lol
How did u get them cars on gta balled I can't send me a message back please help me!!
A way to spawn any car is to get a trainer ( simple native trainer v6.0 ).
Oh and Fraps is the best recording program. It records the best quality.
Hey can you make more gta videos?There awesome :D your in my top
Modding and low prices are the reasons i want to PC games

GTA 4 - Custom Game Mode: "Busted!" x5 Rounds [TBoGT] [BGF Event]

Just making the title "Custom Game Mode" If new people is watching the video and is all confused. This event was organized on www.officeriotforums.com My ...

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the only thing then im hearing is wuiuiuiu crach , gaaaaaaaaa , spach , wuiwuiuwiuiaa , tuuuuuuuuuuu , cranck , haaaaaaaa , wuiuiuiui, iuu aa waaa kaw grahbainu , scpasc and more shit .
@matt53378 Mod - like simple native trainer is only used to spawn cars and such, then its just up for the crook to do his best to escape.
4:26 Lol the fire hidrent saved gussi at the fall TRANSALTION FOR IDIOTS 4:26 The fire hidrent got hit by gussi and broke his fall
4:25 is the best. It just rains down cops haha. And probably did quite a bit of damage to them helping out the criminal :p
we have tons of events everyday for ps3 too, yes.. Go to officeriotforums com - register and sign up for an event!
the first thing if your a cop when your chasing someone u pit em' or box them in you guys are just reckless.
thanks for recommending me to watch these videos i subscribed about 2 or 3 days ago by the way awesome vids
Yo Gussi111, Im about to get this game on the pc. Lemme join yall next time yall doin this shit? :)
3:35 epic...and i like the guy who was flipped and no one flip him back for like 30 seconds lol
Nice man but i my GTA IV is slow does someone know why my gta iv s laaaggg and slow? Help me
sh*tload of cops chasing one criminal? ...just a typical day in liberty city,nothing special
if anyone on ps3 wants to do this game mode add me narcis-11 and i will upload to youtube :)
How come i dont have those extra radio stations like independence and slam ram (i think)?
Does this still keep on going? or did they stop like is there more events still running?
Do you have this on ps3 if u do add dooderf908 i would like too play with you some time.
where do i register for "busted" on ps3 ?? please respond , i really wanna play
I cant believe the 2nd guy couldn't get away in a vigero, its mean at drifting
dude your videos ar4e awesome and by the way is it possible to not get busted?
it may be your ram or your graphics and stuff are too high on your gta game
Please guys can you tell me how to get the police car and jersey for the cop
where do you find the cop version of the FIB Buffalo??????????????????
would of toss the sanchel charge on that dicks car for my revenge ^_^
Yes I already did graphics and it helped me hha but still thanks ::P

Grand Theft Auto TBOGT Gameplay With Modded Cars

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Dude upload more gta vids of u n ur buddy playing big fan of all youre car vids love seeing you work on them doing the job rite well i hope you respond to me but a big big fan of youre vids and please upload more grand theft auto vids please thanks :]
ohh so, im not even mentioned in this video even though im in it?
I didn't mention myself? lol
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